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Expository Essay on Cyber Bullying: Case of Amanda Todd

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Ethical behavior is one of the most important things that people need. The business dictionary stated that ethical behavior has a meaning of acting in a certain way that would benefit society and individuals, (“Business Dictionary”). Ethical behavior is good for business and usually helps to demonstrate respect the key to moral principles. Ethical behavior is used in many aspects there is ethical behavior in communication, ethical behavior in using information, and ethical behavior in using technology. It is said by Ruth Mayhew that ethical behavior when communicating with people has a meaning of having responsibility for the messages that are going to be conveyed to other people and taking the consequences that are going with the communication that they give, (“What are The Key Principles of Ethical Communication?”). By communicating, people can be closer to each other and can be more precise with their ideas, but people still use communication in negative actions, such as bullying, etc. That is why ethical behavior is present to prevent the issues from happening. There is also ethical behavior when utilizing information, according to The Collage of Saint Scholastica, ethical behavior when utilizing information is using information ethically. Even with the information, word, materials, and ideas around the world, ideas, and information can still be stolen, (“Understanding and Evaluating EDU Research: Ethical Use of Information”). Utilizing information needs to be something people know, it helps citizens be more accurate with their facts by using information that is present in the real world, but without ethical behavior when utilizing information people can just find information that is not qualified. The last one is Ethical behavior when using technology, Margaret Rouse said that this topic is a study that resolves to understand moral issues that s currently in the environment and are teaching us the practical application of mechanical and electronic technology, (“Technology Ethics”). Having technology in our life has been a game changer, it brought people to meet from around the world it made life easier, but there are still some people who use technology as power by hacking people’s information and cyberbullying, because of the massive impact people should learn more about ethical behavior when using technology. This is why the focused criteria we will be talking about is ethical behavior when using technology.

Technology has been one of the largest things in the world. People use it as work materials or simply entertainment. According to Jessica Baron from Forbes, ethical behavior in technology is how to behave best when using technology, whether it was socializing, utilizing information, or using technology materials (“Tech Ethic Issues We Should All Be Thinking About N 2019”). Ethical behavior in using technology came with many criteria/issues. There are many issues involving ethical behavior when using technology, such as cyberbullying, online harassment, copyright, etc. Cyberbullying has become one of those issues. A stop bullying website called the stated that cyberbullying is the act of bullying that takes place over digital devices, such as cell phones, computers, tablets, etc, (“What is cyberbullying”). A person in the name of Abraham D. also said that cyberbullying means a pain reliever for someone by abusing or harassing the victim, (“What is cyberbullying?”). All the information stated the same point. In general, cyberbullying means the act of abusing someone or bullying someone in the form of technology. cyberbullying can be seen in many forms, perhaps in text form, SMS form, or in social media such as comments, videos, voice mail, email, and many others. Social media has become one of the most popular places to do cyber bullying.

Article 3 of the universal declaration of human rights, is stated to be an act of criminal when breaking someone's right to life, liberty, and personal security. According to the comparitech website of statistical information cyberbullying has become one of the world’s most active actions to do on the internet. There have been more than 100 cases of cyberbullying throughout the year of 2016 to 2019. One of the biggest cases was about Amanda Todd. Amanda Todd is a young girl who got bullied physically and mentally. the people who bullied her were people from around the world. This case has become a world issue people started seeing more of two why do they need to stop cyberbullying? The information on stated this all of this started off with Amanda who was a young 15-year-old girl who is starting school and decided to face time a guy she met on Facebook. They started to get to know each other more, and they were having fun and laughing. While they were talking the guy from Facebook asked her to “flash” for him, Amanda thought it was just a joke and she “flashed” for him without knowing that he recorded her. He used the picture where it showed her breast and blackmailed her by using the picture to get more from her, because she refused the picture started to spread around the internet and she was getting bullied at school and on the internet. Strangers from around the world started bullying her until she has had enough. Amanda decided to commit suicide, by hanging herself at the end of the year 2012.

The news said that the person who was involved was the culprit who is known as Aydin Coban who is a Dutch citizen and is pledged guilty of having used online harassment on multiple victims. After the death of Amanda Todd, he was captured in 2014, then charged with 11 law-breaking in 2017. Amanda Todd is the victim and the bully. also stated that this issue first started in the year of 2010 when she first met the guy and it started getting even worse because of the bullying. This issue happened in the united states of America the place where she lives. The issue was originally social harassment that the guy was trying to get more from her. It soon grew she was abused verbally from the internet and people have been calling her awful things, such as “slut,” “hoe,” and telling her to kill herself. The global issue that has been spreading around the scenes. has a background story on what started all of this mess. According to the Vancouver Foundation, the issue grew into something much worse because of how many people have joined in bullying her it has made people want to join bullying her from around the world by bullying her through the internet, (“Amanda Todd’s Legacy”).

Another case of cyberbullying is Kyla from Pristin, who was body shamed because of her appearance. Kyla Massie is a South Korean girl group member of the group Pristin is labeled under Pledis Entertainment, one of South Korea’s most popular entertainments. 7 members of Kim Min Gyeong, Kang Kyung Won, Kang Ye Bin, Jung Eun Woo, Zhou Jie Qiong, Sung Yeon, and Lim Na Yeong the group Pristine went through a South Korean survival show Produce 101 season one. After the show two of the members got to become Produce 101 season one’s first girl group, debuting in the name of I.O.I, debuted in 2016 and disbanded in the year of 2017. After the disbanded of I.O.I the entertainment they are contracted to decide to debut Pristin on March 7 on the year of 2017. After realizing two mine albums, Kyla started to gain weight. Netizens also known as people from South Korea started to body shame her, because of the appearance she starts to develop. Because of the comments left by netizens, Kyla started to have a mental illness which brought Pledis to make the decision of having Kyla take a rest and go back to her hometown. Pledis Entertainment decided to disband Pristine, because of the number of members who decide to leave Pledis Entertainment and sign a contract with another label. This whole case happened back in 2017 and is currently still ongoing because of netizens’ opinions. This happened in South Korea. The issue has not been something the police think to be serious, but talking about mental illness it has been really hard for Kyla.

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A K-pop singer-songwriter has also gotten body shame because of her figure, despite being successful on many criteria. Singer, and songwriter in the name of Amy Lee also known as Ailee debuted on February 8, 2012. Ailee moved from Colorado, United States to South Korea back in 2010. She sign her agreement with the YMC agency when she passed her audition. Ailee soon made her successful debut with the song “I will show you”, but despite all the success she still receives many negative comments on her body shape. She has been receiving these comments scenes early 2012. Responding to all of these comments she started taking diets to fulfill her fan's wishes. After losing weight her fans started commenting again saying she looked better with more weight. Reading articles about her fans brought her to tears as to why she is listening to all the comments. Being non-responsive Ailee stayed quiet and did not listen to any of the comments anymore she started to get depressed while reading the comments silently she find herself trying to get a psychologist on all the trouble she has gotten in. Because of her depression, the company is undertaking action on giving her a 3 years hiatus. This all happened back in the South Korean, city of Seoul.

A lot of people did not know of the consequences that a single comment can bring. That is why there should be more people who can consider cyberbullying as a crime they cannot do.

The school has been providing lessons about cyberbullying, but just teaching lessons would not bring any effect on stopping cyberbullying. People need to start acting up and actually do something. Having to tell someone about their problems is really hard for a person who has a mental illness and has been hurt for over a year. That is why the writer has a solution to at least calm one of the sides of the issue. The solution is to block any kind of bad comment that could trigger the person. It helps the bullying to calm the cyberbullying side. Having all of this topic has brought the writer to a conclusion.

In ethical behavior when using technology, it is said that cyberbullying is one of those behavior. It is concluded that cyberbullying is one of the largest criminal activity in the world. One of the major cases is the case of Amanda Todd. The issue has become the eye-opener of cyberbullying. Technology should not be a place to spread hatred it should have been a place where people can share their experiences and knowledge. Teenagers have been very reckless with their actions. Those who are complaining should start acting and speak out to the world about this global issue.

Reflecting on the topic the writer has realized how many times they have commented stuff that might be offensive to other people, but thinking it as a funny joke. Seeing a lot of people doing it made them think that it was ok. In reality, just, a single word can take away someone’s life. It might be a complete stranger but for others, it might not be. Amanda Todd was a happy young girl but because of the mistake she regrets oh so much, the issue grew bigger when the criminal took advantage of her situation and blackmailed her. If He did not blackmail her it could just be a small mistake that can be forgotten. People should have known how big the impact is. That is why cyberbullying should be more known by people around, because if not we would not know how much can be at risk just because of one comment on social media that others might think is a joke.


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