Stop Child Abuse: Argumentative Essay

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Nowadays, we often heard news on child abuse. Newspaper, television, radios, and many other media platform remind us daily about child abuse. Even our own beloved country, Malaysia is now happened to have a lot of child abuse reports. Sometimes it happens between the victims’ families. These cases scared us the most because we trusted our own family more than any other thing. That is why we need to be more careful each day to avoid bad things happening to us.

Child abuse is defined as when a child had been physically, mentally, or even sexually harassed or neglected in terms of food, shelter, medical, and others (Dr. Irene G., 2016). Child abuse also can be defined as children who look physically or mentally exhausted due to the actions towards them that make them feel a little discouraged. In everyday life, we should observe the environment to see if any children had an injury or are mentally exhausted because they might be the victims of child abuse. If seen, quickly call or contact the responsible or gain help from society. This is to avoid the children from getting any further injuries.

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Some children may have trauma that can affect their future. The effect of trauma can be permanent or sometimes just a pass-by. For children, having trauma at such an early age makes them fear being in public or society in the future. Parents should always ask their children if anything happens because children tend to not share their personal problems with them because it will upset them (Hordvik E., 1997). As a parent, they should not let their children be the victims of child abuse. Frequently, ask them about their daily activity in school, with friends, and when alone. Avoid letting them figure out their own way out because they are just not matured enough to think wisely.

Based on statistics, the number of children in the world population kept decreasing in the past years. These statistics show that the elderly are much more than the youngsters. Statistics also show that even the decreasing number of children but the number of children who were a victim of child abuse increased. Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) states that in the upcoming 10 years, there will be more than 10000 child abuse cases happening in Malaysia (Othman A., May 2012) These numbers kept growing and could become a threat to all Malaysian.

If there is a will, there is a way. That is why the law was created. It is to defend the innocent people who did nothing but were affected the most and to take down the one who has the intention to do bad things. This law will make sure all the victims and their family safe under the protection of the law. Children need safeguard care including appropriate legal protection before and after birth (Kahar R, 2011). This shows that the laws are ready to protect the victims.

Even if there is a law, the family is still the first. Everything starts from home. If the family ignores one another, then there is no solution to their problems. Family members need to communicate often and share thoughts to create a better bonding. A happy family is a family where everyone can rely on each other strongly.


In conclusion, child abuse is a serious matter that should get attention all over the globe. It is not a regular case that should not be taken seriously. The causes and effects that have been discussed show that child abuse can affect their present time and their future which we do not know what will happen. If we going to ignore this habit, I assure you that more victims will suffer from it. The solutions that we discussed tell us that humanity can change. Change to a better person with a better lifestyle. Many people have given a second chance to the child abuser to apologize and regret things they are doing so that they will not do the same bad habits again. Stop harassing and stop child abuse.

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