Argumentative Essay on Domestic Violence

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Leaving an abusive relationship is the most dangerous time for victims of domestic violence. Sometimes we don’t know how to support the victims whether we turn a blind eye or pretend it’s not happening (Lori Fanene latest victim of domestic violence in American Samoa). Domestic Violence is not an option. It’s not okay. There needs to be zero tolerance laws and policies on this Island. Protect the victim, and not the predator. Violence impacts us all. It not only affects our homes, but it also affects our economy and our mental health. Domestic violence is a pattern of bullying, and controlling behavior that can include physical abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, sexual abuse, or financial abuse (using money and financial tools to exert control). Some abusers can use complete control over a victim’s every action without ever using violence or only using sensitive threats of violence. Abusive behavior at home is widespread, profoundly instilled and impacts affect ladies' well-being and prosperity. Its proceeded presence is ethically shaky. Its expense to people, to well-being frameworks, and to society is huge. However, no other serious issue of general wellbeing has been so broadly overlooked thus minimal comprehended

Keywords: Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Psychological Abuse, Behavior

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence at home can be described as the power abused by one developed in a relationship to control another. It is the foundation of control and anxiety in a relationship through violence and different types of misuse. This brutality can appear as a physical attack, mental abuse, social abuse, monetary abuse, or rape. The return of the brutality can be on and off, infrequent or constant. Domestic violence at home isn't just an argument. It is an example of bullying control that one person pursues over another. Abusers use physical and sexual brutality, dangers, eager put-through, and financial hardship as an approach to rule their abused people and get their direction (Scheter, 2019)

In American Samoa, Domestic violence occurs when one partner willfully terrifies their close partner to power and control. A logical pattern is used and committed by one close partner against another. Domestic violence can be physical, sexual, emotional, economic, or psychological actions or threats of actions that influence another person. This includes any behaviors that terrify, manipulate, humiliate, isolate, frighten, threaten, blame, hurt, injure, or wound someone (U.S. Department of Justice 2011). However, The term 'domestic violence includes lawful offense or wrongdoing violations of wildness submitted by a present or previous life partner or close assistant of the person in question, by an individual with whom the unfortunate victim shares a child in like manner, by an individual who is cohabitating with or has cohabitated with the injured individual as a mate or right partner, by an individual likewise arranged to a life partner of the unfortunate victim under the household or family brutality laws of the purview accepting award monies, or by some other individual against a mature or youth injured individual who is shielded from that individual's protests under the local or family violence laws of the ward.

Domestic violence at home happens in many family units steadily, and countless occurrences go unreported. Violence in the home influences everybody inside the family, regardless of whether relatives are victims of abuse themselves, and it broadens well past the limits of the home, influencing neighbors, family, companions, agents, and the network on the loose. The sources of domestic violence at home are many, and both the abusers and the unfortunate victim’s experiences have an impact. Throughout the years, (Clusick, 2014) has distributed various articles tending on the complex nature of warm assistant violence.

According to one of the articles on the internet, the defendant is a 45-year-old craftsman from Samoa who lives in Tafuna with his significant other and three small kids. Under an appeal agreement with the administration, he approved to third-degree trap, and the rest of the charges were expelled. He isn’t new to the framework. In 2011 he was indicted for private agreement irritation for something very similar. During the accusation, the respondent apologized to the court and asked for another opportunity to return home (Ausage, 2017). This is why the United States is quite different from us here in American Samoa.

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As indicated by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, hostile behavior at home is the deliberate physical attack, frightening, battery, rape, as well as utilization of other compromising conduct by one individual from a family against another. Different more indirect types of harsh conduct incorporate stalking, the utilization of discouragement looks or signals, endeavors to control the recovering strength of a close accomplice, for instance, declining to utilize contraception during intercourse, and presentation of mental hostility, for example, putting down, mortifying, or secluding a cozy accomplice.

However, in American Samoa, we honor our direction. We don’t change effectively, that is one of our qualities. Indeed, even as the word changes and invention develops, we honor customs and our old culture, and we respect our folks. At once, it should never be misjudged and used wrongly and dishonestly to conceal something awful. Domestic violence at home conflicts with the Samoan way. Fa’asamoa passes on respect and pride, never disgrace.

In case you’re a loss of mistreatment, we need you to be protected and there is help, even government projects or church and charity associations that can ensure you have someplace to go, food, or human services (Clusick, 2014). Try not to give the same or dread a chance to stop you, and don’t give an abuser a chance to persuade you that it’s your shortcoming. Nobody, no family or individual in power, has the option to hit you or hurt you. Talk with somebody you can trust, and change your future. We all know that domestic violence is not a good thing to deal with, we need to stand up for ourselves, especially us women. Let’s stand together as one to decrease the number of domestic violence victims in American Samoa. Let our voices be heard by people who are willing to help us. Domestic violence needs to STOP!

What causes Domestic Violence

The causes of Domestic violence are varied. A lot more individuals are likely pushed peacefully or exposed to non-criminal types of misuse like verbal or psychological mistreatment. The truth of the matter is that a few things cause these numbers of violence to go significantly higher in specific situations. While the conditions underneath don’t make aggressive behavior at home occur (on the grounds that lone an individual’s conduct can perpetrate such damage), the circumstances beneath are demonstrated through investigations to correspond to increments in the power of brutality and misuse. The emphasis is on understanding the relationships so arrangements and help can be even more powerful in attention to the issues (Wolfe, 2016).


Among the challenges faced by a victim, in “leaving an abusive relationship”, is where she should reside and who is going to support her, since the husband is often the family’s breadwinner, says Mona Uli of the American Samoa Alliance Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (Uli, 2019). Domestic violence isn't an alternative. It's not alright. There should be zero-strength laws and arrangements on this island. Ensure the person in question and not the criminal. That is the thing that we need our administration to hear. Also, it's not simply ladies who abused people, it's men, it's kids. Violence impacts all of us. It does not just influence our homes, it influences our economy, and our emotional well-being, including that those in participation and others in the network 'have commitments and obligations to go to bat for the individuals who are feeble, the individuals who are apprehensive and threatened”.

Domestic violence at home is one of the most awful sorts of misuse endured by ladies in our general public today. The visions show that 85 percent of abusive behavior at home abused people are female. Just 15 percent of unfortunate victims are men. Domestic violence can transpire, but it doesn't make a difference in the race, ideology, religion, or remaining in the public eye of the person in question. If the issue of aggressive behavior at home is not managed in a way, which is adequate, at that point this sort of misuse will proceed among all classes of society with no completion. All together for us as the general public to destroy this appalling sort of misuse, we must stand together and make harder laws, which will secure the victims of this.

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