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Argumentative Essay on Why Bullying Is Bad

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Bullying has become a major problem. Unfortunately, many people do not take this problem seriously because they do not feel that bullying is an issue. As for me, I am convinced that bullying is a serious problem that needs proper attention from society. In this essay, I am going to argue my position on why bullying is so bad.

Bullying is purposely hostile or hurtful behavior that is repeated over time against another person. Verbal bullying, such as mocking, spreading gossip, or name-calling, is the most common type of bullying. Another type of bullying is physical, such as punching, kicking, or vandalizing the property of someone else. There is also non-verbal or non-physical bullying, such as threats and excluding someone from a community.

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My reasons why bullying is bad is that it can lower self-esteem, put too much pressure on the person being bullied, and it can lead him/her to commit suicide. First explanation is that a person who is constantly bullied will develop low self-esteem eventually. Self-esteem is traditionally defined as a person’s view of themselves. How much a person appreciates and enjoys himself/herself can also be calculated. The childhood years of a person are very significant because it is a period that can impact the development of his or her self-esteem. If the child is continually being threatened, whether physically or verbally, then he/she may begin to lose self-confidence, and may even begin to hate him/her for their so-called weak points or imperfections. Second explanation is that the person being bullied is putting too much pressure on him/herself. Times like this may be really hard for middle and high school students. All of these kids are looking for their peers’ recognition and esteem. Often, they isolate themselves, withdraw from school activities, and can show signs of general or particular anxiety when they experience a lack of acceptance. And my third and final explanation for bullying is that it can lead to suicide. Increases in suicide risk in young people who are victims of bullying are associated with bullying. Depression is a significant factor in suicide, along with rises in depression and other suicide-related concerns. Bullying, which can continue into adulthood, has long-term impacts on suicide risk and mental health. After being bullied, if someone is able to go on, then each person needs to learn to adjust after this happens.

These are my reasons why bullying is so bad. I believe that this is a question that should not be adjusted, it should be erased. People, regardless of what type they belong to, should not go through life being victims of bullying. Bullying is taught, so if it is possible to teach someone to bully, then they should be taught not to bully. If the child is taught to treat individuals respectfully, and appreciate empathy at a young age, the child will be part of a potential community that will completely wipe out bullying. Parents and educators should also be interested in this bullying case. It is the responsibility of a parent to protect their children in any way they can, and it is the role of a teacher to protect the child while in their care. Parents and teachers must understand the signs of bullying and maintain an open line of contact with the child so that they can assist if appropriate.

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