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Informative Essay on Verbal Bullying

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Bullying is the term used when a person or group of people brutally subjugates another person or group of people. Bullying has been a problem throughout education for many years, and it affects people’s whole lives. Overall, it almost always tends to affect their education. This is because bullying more often than not happens or starts at a school age. When people think of the word ‘bullying’, they always only think of physical bullying. Pushing, kicking, hitting, pinching, other forms of violence and threatening behavior. However, unfortunately, this is not the only form of bullying. Another, no less popular form is verbal bullying, which will be analyzed in this essay.

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Verbal bullying is when someone is bullying someone with words. It’s usually done between people that tend to know each other. A bully will spread rumors about a person, he will deliberately upset him with name-calling, constant jokes, talking about someone behind their back, etc. Verbal bullying can also be mistaken for teasing. But teasing is between two people that find it funny and are in the joke together, whereas verbal bullying is the complete opposite and is towards someone that does not agree with the taunting and is very upset by it. Verbal bullying can have many effects on a child. One of them is becoming angry, just like their bully. They start to use anger and aggression to bring their emotions out. They can also turn aggressive towards themselves. Self-harming is something that victims do to cry out for help silently. They take the pain out on themselves because they don’t want to talk to others about it. Sometimes they feel like they are a burden. Their self-esteem and confidence will shatter, and they may become a complete shell of who they were. Words can really hurt someone, and sometimes cut deeper than physical bullying. Especially when other people are involved. Like I said before, verbal bullying tends to be between people that are in the same environment, such as a school classroom. The bully may know the victim, and the victim will become embarrassed when a rumor is going round about him. School is hard enough at the best of times with the teenaged hormones, etc., without adding bullies to the mix. Self-destruction can also turn into substance abuse too. Substance abuse is often done because the person wants to forget about what is happening. Again, this will have a major effect on their education when they don’t turn up to class.

Bullying is a serious problem. In whatever form it manifests itself, it has a huge impact on the child’s lifestyle. No amount of bullying makes a child happy. Despite the popular belief that physical bullying is the worst, I believe that words can sometimes hurt just as much. Mental health problems, increased stress and serious anxiety problems are just some of the possible consequences.

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