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Arguments For and Against A Bill of Rights for Animals

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Human beings have been around for a rather short period of time; only about 300-200,000 years when compared to animals who have been around for much longer; approx. 500 million years (‘History of Life on Earth’ Smithsonian). Although the difference in years, animals and humans are similar but we as humans have rights, so why not animals? All animals should have rights to protect them, not from the dangers they face as being part of the food chain, but from the dangers humans expose them too.

Animals being granted a bill of rights would protect them further from the cruel and corrupt underworld of animal trafficking, and “implement stricter regulations on factory farms, and on laboratory experimentation” ‘Animals Don’t Need a Bill of Rights’ P.4. I can't think of any humane, right-minded person who would oppose this. Although one argument against it is that a bill of rights for animals 'reduces [humans] to the level of animals or [attempts] to raise them up to ours' according to David Linker (P.6), I argue that animals can't communicate their pain and suffering, their issues or concerns; for their habitat or for their fellow wildlife. This 'bill of rights' for animals would relieve them of the impossible task of rising up and protesting, and establish rights for their own well being and preservation.

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Animals are important not only to preserve nature, but for the well being of their environments, their habitats-the same ones that we as human beings have intruded on, and that have built on. Pollinators are crucial mutualism partners with humans. Without their hard work many of our crops-that we consume on a daily basis-would perish. A bill of rights for animals will secure their well being and the future well-being of our crops. They deserve good, equal treatment for their work. There should be a bill which protects more animals life. The bill will reduce animal deaths and further protect them as previously mentioned. Animals should have a secure chance to continue living in a fast developing environment alongside humans.

Animals have, for so long, been used for the testing of many products that we humans, hence the term ‘lab rat’, a term that resonates with great pain in the hearts of many animal rights activists and although this might seem like an animal activist's biased claim, it is a fact that many animals have died 'for science'. Yes, animal testing has helped to determine the severity of many drugs, but it has diminished withtin the last couple of years becuase we have found newer and better, less harmful ways to test products. Computer-modeling techniques are cheaper and less harmful, much less harmful (Alternatives to Animal Testing). We need to permanently secure the well being of animals, regardless of it meaning that we 'raise them to our level' or “reduce us to their level”. We should respect animals as we do one another and treat them how they should be treated. I firmly believe that animals deserve a bill of rights, for what they have done and for what they will continue to do for the world in future generations for our future generations.

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