Reflections on the Existence of Rules in Today's Society

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Why do we have rules in today’s society in work, school, and even people like you? Ever since the concept of having rules in history. Yet, when people think of ‘right’, they would give many different answers for defining the word' 'rights'. The word right definition is “That which is morally correct, just or honorable” or “A moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way”. Throughout history, many monarchies and governments have created these rules for protecting their people and their interests. As many people explore the world they also bring in their ideologies and rules to keep everything in check, even a country needs to check their colonists. Later on in time as we fought against Great Britain. Ever since the end of the Revolutionary War. We have developed many rules in our society from 1783 to now in today's modern lives around the world. After the founding fathers set a high standard of ideals for this new nation to live up to a back in 1776 during and after the Revolutionary War. Taking a look back in the past in our nation there were some moments in history when this nation has its high and low moments in history for its rules, right and laws throughout history in the workplace, schools, and its people. And yet this nation made it strides towards its long tack towards its bright future as the U.S.

After the war, the founding fathers created the Declaration of Independence. Which over time, we have created the Constitution on September 17, 1787. This leads to creating Congress on March 14, 1789. The first branch of government ever originates by the U.S. Constitution. Its primary objective is to create a national law to regulate and to set limitations to the Constitution. Which leads to creating Congress on September 25, 1789. Congress relay to all of the state’s legislatures 12 proposed amendments to the Constitution. Which the 12 amendments were then later adopted into the Constitution and it became known as the Bill of Rights. It became in force on December 15, 1789. The rest is history.

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Since then, we have developed various rules and regulations to help to substantive our workplaces, schools, and the people in any sovereign nation. Like the rules for workers/workplaces in any part of the world. The most basic reason for the benefits of rules/regulations for businesses/companies is to ensure that they protect the company. By ensuring the employees the protection from the hazard thing and safety measures, which protect the company from lawsuits from the injured or killed employee. The employee must be following the rules/regulations of their company. Which those rules help the workers to understand what is expected of them to do in that situation and what will happen to them if the workers violate the company rules. Rules and regulations are different for each company and business. But in every single business/company have one thing in common, the worker's workplace. Workplace safety is very important for every employee and industry because all the workers desire to work in a safe place and a protective atmosphere. Health/safety is the key factor in all industries to promote wellness for both the employees and employers in any industry to make contracts with business or corporation.

But yet in any country, many people need a job in order to live our life. But before a person can get a job, he/she needs to be educated enough to be able to go to college/university. To be able to have a high occupation position in most cases. But it mostly depends on whether or not that person wants to continue on with their education for that occupation. An yet there are rules in every school anywhere in the world.

One great example is the U.S. schools are basically the most important places for everyone's life and it is essential that a school has rules/regulations because without rules no one can learn. A without learning anything, that person will have a difficult time in life without education. Rules are the most significant part of our lives especially outside of school. Which each state create their own policy in each and every school which these policies are very important to a school because it helps a school establish rules, procedures, expectation, accountability, and equality for all (Side note I'm talking about segregation, which was overturned by the Supreme Court in 1954). And the importance of having rules regulations in schools will enable the class to run smoothly so that everyone can learn and have benefited from what the teacher has to offer to the class. School (rules) also simulate as a workplace (rules) so that the student should be able to follow the rules before they get to adulthood and need to be able to obey the rules so that they can make a living. And also how schools in the U.S. have evolved during the last 80 years to now. Which schools used to have chalkboard but then later being replaced with whiteboards, which is also will be soon slowly replacing it with smart boards in schools. Books/textbooks are also slowly being replaced with computers, laptops, iPads, Androids tablets, and much more (better Tech) in schools.

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