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Strengths of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution

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Someone's Fourth Amendment right ensures that citizens are driven into improper search and seizure and are not searched without possible causes. In the wake of 9/11, the government overcame the American Patriot Act, which caused controversy over civil liberties. The law passed several provisions before it was finalized in 2015. Later, the US Freedom Law was enacted, expanding the civil liberties of society.

Since 9/11, the 4th amendment has been compromised in various ways. The US Patriot Act section expands police powers, strengthens the use of 'stealth and peep', allows court warrants to search for warrants, and provides actual cross-examination of potential homes and offices. Made possible. Since then, the Department of Homeland Security has organized several states in the United States with the latest surveillance cameras. Similar to the Road Safety Administration's upgraded putdown and full body test equipment. It sees the fourth amendment as a 'form of protection' and liberation from illegal search as a spectacular form. In the war on terror, the immediate challenge is to understand who the dealer is. On a regular basis, like 9/11, terrorists are often identified for possible causes of confidence when an attack occurs. Surveillance of international calls, all diagnosed as terrorist agents, is a reasonably rational way to obtain the necessary records.

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Meanwhile, the fourth amendment became controversial. While the 4th Amendment has become controversial within the wake of 9/11, this paper will object that the 4th Amendment remains within the simplest interests of usa citizens. When the Bill of Rights was established there was a separate Bill of Rights that was only established for enforcement. This was mentioned because the enforcement Bill of Rights. The enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights is predicted to protect American law authorization personnel like from examination and arraignment emerging from direct during legitimate execution of their obligations, and provides them advantages enthusiastic to fair treatment extra to those normally provided to people. Aside from that the Fourth Amendment gives people the right to be secure with their personal items, their houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizure. Warrants will just tend with reasonable justification, upheld by Oath or assertion.

From this instance one could argue that the 4th Amendment is within the simplest interests of usa citizens because it protects U.S. citizen’s privacy, dignity and security from unreasonable search and seizure. This may be demonstrated by analyzing the history behind the 4th amendment, how the Black Lives Matter movement changed the views of citizens, cases during which it represents the 4th amendment, and thus the crucial aspects of the criminal justice process; searches and seizures, arrest and interrogation on both little and enormous scales and therefore the way those are all factors of the 4th amendment.

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