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Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

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Artificial intelligence (AI) became a topic of interest these days. AI is a broad area of computer science that makes machine. In simple words, AI refers to systems or devices that simulate human intelligence to perform tasks [1]. Nowadays, due to the world’s improvements and to our abilities in teaching machines to act like humans, artificial intelligence applications can be seen in many areas such as health, education and business . AI is used in a variety of day to day activities such as social media, email communications and digital assistants. Collecting data from emails, social media and web is called AI marketing. In this literature review, examples of AI marketing will be mentioned , in addition to the impact of using AI on marketers.

According to henry Schuck , CEO of DiscoverOrg: “Any part of the marketing world where a marketer has to read data and make decisions based on that data will be affected by AI in one way or another in the near future” [2]. Marketing teams spend most of their time on drafting social media updates, preparing reports, personalizing emails and managing paid media spent. These tasks are considered repetitive and complex, and they could be done more efficiently by using AI. AI technology helps to ensure that your consumers are only receiving the most relevant, valuable and personalized content. Several consumers won't interact and may ignore non-personalized marketing. According to A report by management consulting firm Accenture ,over 40% of customers switched brands due to the absence trust and poor personalization [3]. with AI, marketers will be able to understand and know exactly what consumers are thinking, saying, and feeling about the brand. For instance, when you log in to Netflix or amazon you will find a list of suggestions and recommendations based on what you watched recently, this application was able to uses predictive technology to offer recommendations on the basis of your reaction and interests.

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one of the important applications of AI in the realms of content marketing is speech recognition. If you are using apple devices then you will definitely know Siri. Siri is a virtual assistant that uses AI and it is available in all apple devices. once your request is received, your microphone will record your voice and it will be translated to a code. Furthermore, Siri is designed to offer you smooth way of interacting with your devices. You can ask her to show you something or issue her with commands, hands-free. She can, text, suggest nearby places and has the access to all other application on your apple device. In addition, you can ask her to carry out a task just by saying hey Siri. Another example is Amazon’s Alexa, a virtual assistant that uses AI too. However, in compare to apple’s Siri, Alexa is a device, it is not a voice assistant only. It can perform a variety of tasks such as playing music or setting an alarm, and controlling a smart home by locking doors or dimming the lights. These are just two of more than 70,000 skills that Alexa can perform. Recently there are more than 28,000 smart home devices that work with Alexa[3].some companies uses Alexa to schedule their meetings and to join conference calls as well.

As a marketer, technology is here to enhance your role and simplify your tasks. Many fear that AI will take over the need for marketers. AI will transform and improve the life of marketers, but will never replace them [5]. In fact, AI will change the way marketers work by helping them to be more precise and efficient as it forces them to be more data driven. On the other hand, by automating the complex tasks, humans who work in the marketing sector will have the opportunity to concentrate more on other important key components of marketing such as advertising, customer services and creativity. According to [6], when humans and machines worked together, companies achieved powerful developments and improvements. This confirms the positive impact of humans working with machines in marketing.

The reviewed literatures suggest that artificial intelligence can have an effective impact on marketing field without replacing humans. Whereas humans working with machines will increase the productivity and creativity. To add on that ,AI and humans will enhance each other’s strengths and most of companies takes full advantage of this collaboration.


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