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Attractiveness of Video Games

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In 1972, a game named ‘Pong’ has been developed and ignited attention of people for ball-and-paddle arcade video game. It has sold over 8000 arcade machines in a same year. The success of ‘Pong’ has found a new video game industry. Nowadays, this industry has increased sharply every year. In 2017, Americans spent $36 billion on video games, which was only $17.5 billion in 2010. People play games at any age. For example, according to the IAB, in 2014, 33.5 million of game players aged 8-74 in Great Britain, and the average time spent playing games was 14 hours a day. Video games have become a great way to entertain and communicate with others, but it also come with a huge problem when people get addicted. Just like drug addiction, game addiction can make gamers play for days, disrupt sleep patterns, play at work, avoid communicate with other people. Video games are very easy to be addicted, but the problem is just a few people know why.

First of all, the reason why people cannot resist the attractiveness of video games is because it has several of types, so it can satisfy every human in the world. If you want to kill monsters, survive in a zombie world, or just fighting with friends, you will definitely love action games. This type will force players to do some missions, which gameplay will depend on the subgenre. For instance, platformers focus on jumping and climbing to avoid obstacles and enemies, while shooter and stealth games has a main purpose of kill the enemy in every possible way. Fighting games is a subgenre that center on close-range combat typically against computer or another person. If you love to solve puzzle by talking with other characters or interact with the environment, the adventure game is for you. Normally, this type of game will let gamers choose between multiple choices and depend on that might lead to a different ending. The third type of video game is role-playing games (also known as RPG), in which you can be one or many adventurers who has a set of skills while processing through a storyline. There is a genre in video game that can let you be what you ever desire. That is simulator games. For example, you want to be a constructor or manager, there is construction and management simulation games for you; you want to drive a car or flight a plane, you can play vehicle simulation; etc. This list can literally endless. If you can think of it, programmers can make a simulation game out of it. The next video game type is strategy games. This focus on thinking and planning in order to achieve victory. The last genre is sport games. Like its name, this simulate sports, which the other team can be controlled by another person or artificial intelligent.

The second reason is because of the excitement while playing games. In the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the third level of human needs is belonging and acceptable in a social group whether it is large or small. Video games can provide that need to any person. For instance, when you play a MMO (massive multiplayer online) game, you can make friends in game, participate in a guild, and do some quests alongside them, or if you play a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game, you must work with 2 or 4 other players to destroy other side towers and get victory. In video games, there are always something for players to do. Gamers can train their character so that they can level up, do some quests, fight harder enemies, or even just sit down and enjoy the soundtrack, which in some games such as: ‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind’, or ‘Skyrim’, is made by talented musicians. The last thing why game is excitement when play is the challenge. Normally, a game will have 3 levels of difficult, if players feel it is too easy while play, they can always upper it, some games even have the mode which is so hard that only a few people can finish. For example, the survival mode in ‘Fallout 4’ force players to save only when they put the character to sleep, they cannot travel instance, which is terrible because the map is huge, and they have to face tons of harder feature vs normal mode.

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The best thing about video games is that gamers can explore many new things inside a game. When players play adventure games, there always a lot of ending that is waiting to be revealed, some games even have ‘Easter egg’, which is some details that hidden in the game, or have to link with other occasions in real life. If they finish the original game, there is always an update for the game typically will include new locations, new outfit for them to find out. In open-world games, players can literally live in another world. Players can do anything inside the game such as do some side quests, kill unwanted monsters, or just drive motorcycle to everywhere, and with the virtual reality technology has completed every day, the day that people can enjoy a new life while they still survive is closer than ever.

Lastly, video games cost a lot of time if gamers want to enjoy it probably. Everything you do in game need time. If it is an offline game, players have to spend hours to do quests, to solve puzzles, or to make money to buy some useful objects inside games. For instance, in order to have ‘Hylian shield’ in ‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind’, players have to go to a specific location, defeat a mini boss, and get the item, but this shield is breakable, so when it broke, they must get 3000 rupees (money in the game), which pretty rare, to buy it from a man that only appear after complete a side quest which also need tons of time. In online game, it even needs more time because games will have to perfect their skills so that they can compete with other players in the game.

In conclusion, video games are attractive in many ways and for a lot of reasons. They have every type that players can enjoy, have the satisfaction when play, have the infinite for them to dig in, and consume time to make gamers get used to. Games sometimes are not free. Players have to buy game, buy DLC (downloadable content) when the game is update, or buy some costumes, weapons. Because of that, gamers really need to control themselves, and play games in an appropriate of time so they will not be addicted.

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