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Essay on Building More Secure Nigeria Using Technology

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The major cankerworm that has eaten deep into the root of Nigeria, is the menace called insecurity. The continuous degradation of security in Nigeria is of concern to each and every one of us, from the youngest to the eldest and every effort must be exerted to conquer this challenge. Adam Oluwadamilola of National Defense Academy Abuja highlighted some of the pertinent questions that should be raised among us is: Can our IT skills and strategy provide 100% of both internal and external security in Nigeria? Do the security agencies have proper information technology infrastructure in place for the purpose of information gathering, sharing and dissemination? Do they have adequate surveillance equipment?

Nigeria should be an exception when listing the countries who have high security threats, and she should not be an exception with the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in the provision of solution to human, social and industrial challenge which other countries had found breakthrough in.

Over the years there have been an alarming increase in levels of crime and Boko Haram terrorist attack especially in the North Eastern Nigeria. Regrettably, this situation is spreading across the other Africa countries, with countries such as Cameron, Chad and Niger who has now been recording disquieting increases in crime levels and attack of Boko-Haram. Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria killed over 681 people as at February 2020 to January 2021 with that adding to the number of killings that have occurred ever since it started in 26 July 2009 is a massive lost to the country in a whole, this is another reason to adopt the use of technology to tackle security issues in Nigeria.

The continuous existence of insecurity has been claiming precious lives of the masses leading to reduction of labor in every economic sector and government have been trying to fight this challenge through the varying menial method such as the use of police, military, vigilante and local hunters and this seems not to improve our security proactiveness in securing a safe environment in each and every part of the country. But if technology can prevail through the use of ICT devices such as the Internet, computer, close circuit television (CCTV), surveillance cameras, social network analysis, biometry surveillance, data mining, mobile phone, satellite imagery, and IP devices, the satellite would definitely produce the desired results. We contend that technology in which we now live is at an exciting tipping point, one in which technology is not only better but also cheaper. It holds the potential to, at once, improve security of Nigeria, if taken seriously.

The Internet Protocol surveillance should be used as a technological solution to insecurity challenges facing the country. The greatest contemporary challenge to national security is the insurgency orchestrated by the Islamic sect called Boko Haram.

A growing body of evidence suggest that we are at the midst of global security crisis, whereby our messiah is not only manpower or other menial methods, but acquiring of technological innovations like good artificial intelligence system and other invention that could change our system in everywhere from the educational aspect to the security aspect in order to help us take out the continuous occurrence of insecurity in the global world.

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Considering the fact that the value of technology is that it reduces costs, creates employment authority and improved living standard for people, even the security at most, would this not be the time to improve on that sector and make sure viable projects are being created and supported? But it has come to a realization that the government has shared the responsibility of ICT between the Ministry of Communication between the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Science and Technology. This was probably done for economic reasons but if there is any sector where money should be implanted, it should be in technology where we can innovate to reduce costs of government operations, supporting businesses and creating new opportunities for the unemployed and not only these but also in improving the security of our nation. So, technology should be put as the bigger part of the economy budget. After a lot of research, I have come to a realization that the major cause of insecurity and insurgency is poverty and unemployment. An adage says: ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’. Have we ever thought that if most of us were employed then no one would have that time to cause threat to others when they have a target to meet up in their various workplace? Two hundred years of breathtaking innovation since the dawn of the industrial age have produced rising living standards for ordinary people in much of the world, with no sharply rising trend for unemployment. Technology can be the tool for eradicating the root to insecurity.

“Security used to be an inconvenience sometimes, but now it’s a necessity all the time”, - Martina Navratilova said. Security is now something we find to be necessary in our daily life where killing, cyber bulling, and other security threats to human being has become rampant, in this 21st century where people find it hard to control their rebellious act and tend to go against rules and regulations that is capable of maiming the lives of the masses. How do we plan on overcoming these struggles when the use of man power had failed us repetitively, technology and innovations can be the light to be found amidst darkness. National security is crucial to everyone in the country starting from the government and to the nation as a whole.

Nelson Mandela said: “Safety and security don't just happen; they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear”. The combination of information technology and emergency management presents notable chances for innovation in the way to control, manage, and respond to threat. Most technologies today are increasingly mobile, highly integrated, and inherently flexible. From social networking sites to geospatial imaging, the nation can take an upperhand of technological innovative tools to address critical security needs by all especially the children who are the most vulnerable.

Even social networking tools has proven to help in connection and sharing of information if used properly, why not start from the lowest of all which can be easily accessible to people, social networking aids connectivity and if that can be reassured then we can use it to reach the member of the society who at mostly connected on the Internet on the World Wide Web and can actively share and create content in their leisure time, these tools can be used by security agent to share news and strategies for reinforcing the security of the masses. people can be educated through entertaining videos and shows, that can be easily shared to different part of the Nation thereby reeducating people in the necessary precautions to be taken and these would make the saying 'police is your friend' to be more believable than being taken for granted. If the police and other agencies can take to use the advantage of social network, then the members would feel more secured and warm, and this make them feel that they could fight for themselves better. It allows members to feel free to add their own commentary about things they feel is not right.

The adoption of intelligent monitoring to buildings and business areas in Nigeria by advancing in technological innovations would lead to a more secured environment to each and every one of us hereby enabling privacy protocols to be more observed and the prevention and reduction of pilfering in the society. Intelligent monitoring from voice recognition, biometrics to swipe card and password recognition should be installed with an intention of improving security of the nation at large.

According to research, there are four major things slowing the growth of technology in Nigeria. First, Nigerians do not understand or trust technology. Second, the government does not value technology as much as they should. Third, the cost of running a technology company is too high. Fourth, it exposes corruption. But I don't believe that these things should be put in the forefront. If we wish to attain a safe Nigeria, our security should be our major priority because security affect every other aspect of life like educational aspect, economic aspect and social aspect in the sense that without a safe resilience environ then going to school to learn would be a problem, and the increasing case of insecurities may also lead to death, which in turn leads to reduction of labor force hereby affecting the economy and in the social aspect, where interaction becomes a problem when people don't feel safe anymore around other people with the fear that everyone has an intention to harm or become a threat to the other and no one will be able to save them. By if all these factors can be eradicated by valuing and recognizing the effect of technology.

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