Brazil Vs America: Can Brazil Be a World Power Like America

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America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. And Brazil is not a world power but could it be? America and Brazil have a lot of similarities and differences. America is one of the most powerful countries, but Brazil is not. But the US has some limitations as well. However, the US doesn't have as many limitations as Brazil though.

Since the US is far away from anyone else it doesn't have any threat of invasion and since they didn't have to worry about that they had time to grow. The US has had great soil for farmers and in colonial days people in Spain controlled Florida and people in Florida grew tobacco which all the people in Spain love. The US has many rivers in its big landscape people have used the rivers to their advantage and since the landscape is so big, they would use those rivers to get from place to place around the US. For some time, the US was untouchable and no and every other country knew because if they were to come, they would have to transport all the supplies and its neighbor - Mexico - was dry and no river system like the US. And the US also didn't have Canada to worry about, because Canada is quite dry and its climate limit it with farming so it wasn’t easy for them to survive in those type of days. Geography is the main thing that helped the US became a world superpower it helped them farm get around and it helped them socialize with other countries while also being safe from any other threat.

Brazil is one of the most populous places in the world but most people only live on the coastline of the country and the rest is an unhabitable landscape that no one is able to build and farm on. The three major cities, Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, are all close together making a triangle like shape but the area there are in is rather mountainous so that means that the three cities can’t trade and transport goods other cities that are close to each other can so this can limit their trade. When traveling to different cities it takes about 6 hours to get from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo. Since there is no low plain area it's all covered in rough landscape and there is also the process of going through the mountains and then having to go back to other destination which will then take 12 hours to move in that little space. A lot of Brazil is covered by the Amazon rain forest only 1.8% live in that rain forest so almost no one is in the forest except for some lumber company extracting supplies from the trees. Deforestation is another thing hurting Brazil there are trees when cut down they release carbon dioxide which it has been storing as a greenhouse gas so it then releases it which then hurts the pollutes its climate.

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The US has some similarities with Brazil and some differences, but the similarities can be found when you look into the geography and economy of them both. America and Brazil both have leading companies within their country who have huge success and had many stores sent throughout their country and have been here for a long time and said that is the most leading company in the world. Brazil and the US both have rocky landscapes in some areas, but Brazil whole landscape is rocky and in America, the Rocky Mountains are what is in the rocky region on the map. Both Brazil and the US are very populous Brazil has been known to have a lot of people in such a tiny space because most of the area is covered in an area that isn't inhabitable. Brazil and America don't have a lot of similarities and America already is a world power both Brazil and America are big countries but Brazil is not a world power because of all its geography issues are limiting it from expanding. One day Brazil could become a world power because of Brazil and America being allies in certain problems in World War II. Brazil was supplying troops to the allies and they also helped the allies with fighting from over the seas.

America is a world power and one of the most powerful, but Brazil cannot become a world power because Brazil and America are quite different in a lot of ways, including economic standpoints such as Brazil growing fast and the US not growing as fast as Brazil. Brazil has a lot of rainfall but America does not have so much so Brazil’s precipitation is much higher than the US making Brazil’s soil solid and clumpy. The US has a variety of lands in the west has the Rocky Mountains and the rest has low lands but Brazil has mostly rugged and mountain area and it's hard for people to get around in the area of Brazil. America is about a third of the size of Russia and Brazil is just slightly smaller than the US, but Brazil is still one of the biggest countries in the world being ranked 5th of one of the biggest. Brazil has deforestation in its country that destroys and endangers the habitat plants and animals and also has air and water pollution from major oil spills, but the US has high levels of carbon dioxide from the US burning fossil fuels and freshwater needs careful inspection.

America and Brazil have a lot of differences and similarities but that begs the question if Brazil could become a world power or not which is hard to decide especially when so many people have different opinions about it. Brazil has been around for such a long time like any other country but it has been limited from becoming a world power like the US, but the US has had geographical advantages to becoming a world power. Brazil will most likely become a world power but will not be as powerful as other countries like Russia and the US. Brazil’s economy is growing fast way faster than America's economy so it is growing at a really fast rate so it will soon become a world power from its growth. It won't have as much power as other countries because of all of their geography problems such as their hard to follow roads and its soil doesn't grow as many crops as the US. Brazil will probably become a world power soon and will prove itself to other countries.

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