Is America the Greatest Country in the World: Persuasive Essay

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Some might say that the United States of America is the greatest country in the world because it is leading in many fields, such as defense. This essay will explain why America is not the greatest country in the world. There are many factors that people have to look at before claiming which country is the greatest in the world. Some of these factors might be poverty, healthcare, quality of life, life expectancy, and crime rate. Poverty is a troubling matter for the US concerning the goal of becoming the greatest country in the world. With poverty, the country’s economy is damaged, which later poses greater issues. Healthcare has been an issue in America for a long time; high costs and some people cannot afford it. That means that people can die from an illness before getting to pay for healthcare expenses. Quality of life factors needs to improve to insure the prolonged lives of US citizens. Life expectancy rates are in decline mainly due to higher mortality rates, which are caused by health issues and increasing crime rates. Crime rates are increasing due to increased gun possession, as well as low gun regulations and laws. A utopia is what every person dreams of in a country; an ideal country that is perfect in every factor. America cannot be a utopia, but it can become a country closer to a utopia if the various factors in this essay are resolved.


Poverty, especially child poverty, is an issue that should not exist anywhere in the world. Child poverty can incur irreversible health issues for these children due to a lack of nutrition. These children can also grow into adults without getting the education they need to become adults that contribute to society. Studies show that one out of four children under the age of five are poor. The US has one of the greatest economies in the world, so it should be able to find a solution to this issue. In most developed countries, you would never find a homeless person on the streets, but you can find them anywhere in the US. The homeless might later turn to drug addiction as a way to escape their cruel reality of being homeless and jobless. This also damages the economy of the US.

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Healthcare has been an unsolved issue in the US for a long time. Healthcare in America costs a lot more than in any other developed country in the world. Each person pays 18 cents per dollar for healthcare, which shows the highest healthcare costs in the world. Despite having the highest costs, healthcare in the US has fewer results than any other country’s healthcare. That means that even when you pay high costs for your healthcare bills, your illness is not cured most of the time. US citizens who have incurable illnesses might eventually go bankrupt as they keep paying huge sums of money for medications to maintain their living. Many other countries pay for their citizens’ healthcare, which is eventually paid for by taxes. These countries also have better healthcare than the US because healthcare is taken care of by the governments. There are also countries that offer free healthcare for their citizens as part of their policies towards the citizens.

Quality of Life

Quality of life has been declining a lot in the previous years, mostly due to health-related factors. Some of the main health-related factors are alcohol abuse and depression. Alcohol abuse is a common issue in the US, and it causes health issues that later cause early death. Depression can have many reasons, but it can eventually lead to suicide.

Life Expectancy

Life expectancy has been declining in the US due to many reasons. It mainly connects to health issues like heart disease and cancer. The US had an increased mortality rate these past couple of years, which also cause the life expectancy rate to decrease.

Crime Rates

America has very high crime rates, especially murder crimes. This is mainly because of gun laws that allow anyone to own a gun in the US. These regulations have allowed many tragedies to occur in the last couple of years. Anyone can buy a gun anywhere, which now poses a huge threat to any US citizen. In the past couple of years, school shootings have been rising, causing huge losses all over America. Mass shootings have also been terrorizing and causing many deaths in highly populated areas. Gun violence is rising and threatening public safety all over the US. The public is demanding stricter gun laws and regulations in light of rising mass shootings in many states in America. Some are also demanding a ban on the possession of guns in the US. Owning a gun can of course save you in dangerous situations where you have to protect yourself, but it will still cause many tragedies if guns fall in the wrong hands.


A utopia is an ideal imaginary community that has the best living conditions. As a utopia is imaginary, it can never be reached. A utopia is imaginary, so it might have the best living conditions, a high standard of living, a high quality of life, and many other ideal factors. Everyone dreams of their own utopia, but as the US is progressing, it can never be a utopia.

The Bright Side

In light of these factors, which keep the United States of America from being the greatest country in the world, America still outperforms other countries in many leading factors.

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