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Why I Am Proud to Be an American: Narrative Essay

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America is stated to be a country, a large piece of land on Earth, but it's more than that America is my home where my great-great-grandparents fought to be here and to have an American life. It's where the founding fathers fought to create a better life. What came as an idea of being free from the British became a reality. It's more than a country, it's the people who make the country. James Madison created the Bill of Rights and outline to protect our people in 1791. Not all people were treated with fairness, though. The people of America fought for a better world, fought for equality, and they are still being fought. I am proud to be an American because we don’t give up, we keep fighting. The important people cases that fought for our rights as Americans were Martin Luther King Jr, Susan B Antony, and Obergefell v. Hodges makes me proud to be an American.

Furthermore, let's discuss Martin Luther King Jr. a man who fought for equality for African Americans. His most memorable moment was the walk-in DC in 1963, with him and crowds of people fighting for the equality of African Americans in hopes to end segregation. Martin Luther King Jr. took a stand and fought for a better America. In 1965, the 15th Amendment was established, which gave African Americans the opportunity to vote. Martin Luther King Jr. is a man to idolize and respect for him not backing down; he was a man who couldn’t be silenced because his passion for justice was needed.

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In addition, another hero of America is Susan B Antony, for reason she fought for women’s right to vote. Her exasperation with the discrimination of being a woman was the spark that helped and led women to fight for their rights. She traveled and held speeches speaking out against sexism in America. If she didn’t speak out for voting rights to be given to women, I wouldn't be able to get the opportunity to vote when I turn eighteen. The 19th amendment happened which gave women the right to vote in 1920 which was what Susan B Antony had pushed for, with her desire for fairness that is what makes a true American.

Also, the case of Obergefell v. Hodges was a case in 2015 that was held in the supreme court which fought for same-sex marriage. Due to this case, anyone in America can marry someone that's their sex. This case was fought for the American people to be free for their choice of marriage, which lets people be open and fall in love with whomever they please. This case gave justice for gay rights to people in America.

This country fights for the rights of the people. The passion and drive for rights and freedom are what make America. Our people are resilient and will keep fighting until we reach full equality. We stand tall for justice. Democracy and liberty give us a fighting chance for our rights to a more equal society.

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