To Be American Means Rights And Rules

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There are over 300,000,000 Americans in the United States, and every single one of them are different. No one is ever the exact same, but what is one commonality that they all have? They all are American! An American has freedom, rights, privileges. We have things that not every country has. That’s why people will move across the world just to have the same things we do.

Yet, America is far from perfect and there are a lot of problems here, we are allowed to be who we are, believe what we want, and all have opportunities for our lives. America is mainly known for its freedom. The Bill of Rights, enforces our freedom and rights. Like I said, no one in America is the same, but we are protected by law to express our differences. Things such as our religion, race, and beliefs.

It's not all just easy fun and games. You have duties, responsibilities and rights. Which is how our country is as stable as it is, and without these I highly doubt that we would all be where we are today. With our duties, responsibilities and rights most of the US Citizens are able to have and due things you can't in other countries.

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We obey the law, pay taxes, and to serve arm forces. If we had no laws or we didn't have to follow them, the criminal rate would go up drastically and people most likely wouldn't feel as safe as they do with laws. We pay taxes to the state so they can use that money for public schools, police men, firefighters and even pay for our roads being fixed. So imagine if we didn't have taxes, some believe that's a good thing but personally how would our everyday life benefit from that? Most children go to public school, so imagine not being able to or having a lesser education.

Responsibilities are common and simple things to do, you are not forced to do so but it is highly recommended. Things such as voting, be informed, respect others beliefs, participate in your local community, etc. These are all basic common sense, and somewhat even tie into each other. Such as be informed and voting, you would need to know who you are voting for and there future plans and even there past to vote for them. You will need to informed on who they are as people, because who wants an awful person being apart of our government? Also, participating in your local community with things like volunteering and helping others, you would need to respect them and who they are as people.

Lastly, our rights are one of the reasons that immigrants come to the United States, because we are allowed things such as right to vote, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom to worship as you wish, etc. There are various rights that Americans have which is what a lot of people love about America, although some rights are different depending on the state you live in. People will move all around just to have certain rights on things that they believe in, which i think is great. So without our rights we would have to hold back who we are, and be forced to be brought against it. Everyone is there own person and think differently, so we should not be expected to all be,act, and believe the same.

As a result of being an American, you have to follow some rules and recommendations to continue our ways of the United States as they add more rules and duties. Just like it isn't free to just live anywhere and there are rules everywhere you go, these were some simple ones that the US expects out of us as citizens.

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