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Cigarette Vs Vape: Compare and Contrast Essay

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Are you familiar with tobacco or cigarette? Do you know what it is? You are inhaling the smoke coming from the burning cigarette or tobacco. What about vaping? You are inhaling the smoke too but coming from the e-cigarette or the burning liquid. liquid. In this essay, I'm going to define the difference between cigarettes and vapes.

A vape is an electronic device that burns the liquid in the cotton to make it smoke. Vape liquids have flavors to satisfy the taste of the user or to make the users more addicted to that electronic device. A cigarette is a thin stick-like tube. It is directly burned by the lighter, unlike an e-cigarette. Cigarettes have only one flavor, which is the menthol flavor.

So, what are the effects of these two on the body? According to Judith Marcin (2017), smoking contains numerous effects on the human body. First, it is the central nervous system. Every cigarette has nicotine. It is a chemical that came from the tobacco plant. It is very harmful and it is highly addictive. If the nicotine reaches your brain, you will be energetic. Second, it is the respiratory system. As you can see, you are inhaling smoke coming from the tobacco. That smoke will pass to the throat, then end up in your lungs, and your lungs are already damaged. If you continue smoking, you will have cancer in your lungs. There are other effects given, such as inflammation in bronchitis, and emphysema. Thirdly, it is the cardiovascular system. Smoking can raise your blood pressure, weakens your blood vessel wall, and blood clots, all of which can lead to a stroke. Also, you will experience heart disease. The fourth one is the integumentary system, or skin, nails, and hair. If you smoke, you will experience skin cancer. Your fingernails and toenails will become fungal infections. Your hair will fall out because of the nicotine that comes from cigarettes. The second to last is the digestive system. Smoking can damage your teeth, your mouth will become mouth cancer, and your internal organs that digest will be damaged too. The last effect is the reproductive system. In men, sexual performance will decrease, and in women, the level of lubrication and the ability in reaching orgasm will decrease. What can be said about the effects of e-cigarettes? According to Melinda Ratini (2019), e-cigarettes use a liquid called ‘e-juice’. E-juice contains also nicotine. It is flavored, and those flavors can kill cells of your blood cells. E-cigarettes are very addictive because it has nicotine. It can also affect your lungs, brain, and immune system, not only tobacco and cigarettes.

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What about the benefits of these two? According to Christopher Wanjek (2011), the benefits or low risks that we can get if we smoke tobacco or cigarettes are knee replacement, Parkinson’s disease, obesity, and death after a heart attack. What about e-cigarettes? According to Alana Biggers (2018), many cigarette or tobacco users helped them quit smoking when they started using e-cigarettes.

I will include the effects on the environment. They are the same that release smoke, but tobacco smoke is dirtier than e-cigarette smoke. They are both affecting or destroying our environment not only if you exhale the smoke, another example is if you smoke, then you throw it everywhere, then it lands in a paper or easy to comes up with fire, it can cause a fire. And the fire will affect the environment.

Why people should stop using one of these two? Or both? We all know that smoking cigarettes is hard to avoid if you are already a user of it. But as soon as we control using those, we can remove or avoid using them. If you started smoking earlier or a few minutes after, start to quit if you don’t want to be one of the people who are suffering from diseases caused by the two.

As for me, I am against smoking either of the two. I don’t want to unclean my internal organs. I don’t want to see other people suffering from diseases caused by smoking those things. I want people to be healthy, not healthy just don’t try smoking. No one will survive in that thing if you smoke. Smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes should be a total ban in every country so that we can live happily ever after.

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