Colonization Of Space: Should Humans Colonize Mars?

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The extinction of humanity is imminent, our planet is gradually becoming contaminated and slowly we are approaching the absolute end of existence, unless we expand our borders and move towards space, many scientists consider that the colonization of space is a Desirable and perhaps inevitable step in the future of humanity, Mars is the focus of many serious speculations and studies about possible colonies because it is the easiest planet to reach from Earth being 54 600 000 kilometers away, so why should humanity colonize Mars?

Sooner or later there will be another mass extinction event, caused by humans or not. We must colonize Mars to minimize the risk of humanity's extinction. The depletion of many vital resources for our species as a result of its dilapidation or its destruction, the result of conscious or unconsciously predatory behaviors oriented by the search for particular short-term benefits is one of the most worrisome problems of the current planetary emergency situation. (Brown, 1998; Folch, 1998). Also the world's population will increase by 2000 million people by 2050, according to a new United Nations report. We are only a few years after the ambitious plan to colonize Mars begins. The businessman and scientist Elon Musk, one of the leading experts in space exploration and galactic colonization, has confirmed that everything is being prepared for the project to be successful. The plan is for a community to be formed that will not only be self-sustaining in the climate of Mars itself, but will also be made up of at least one million people. With the increase in interest in Mars and the galactic expansion, more interest is gained if the training of experts who are capable of mastering everything known about astronomy and astrophysics is possible. This could trigger records in specialized masters so that more people prepare for a future in which the Earth will be far from a large number of humans.

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A change for humanity:

For now, we have already traveled to outer space and have even landed on the Moon, but humans are still pending to settle on Mars and extend their presence beyond Earth. The world is waiting to know when the idea of living on another planet will be a reality, an exotic concept, but that seems increasingly real. In 2022, the flights to Mars will begin, where an average of 100 people will be transported in each ship. It will be necessary to leave a space of 26 months between flight and flight, so the colonization will be progressive and the people most necessary to settle the project will travel. A positive aspect that has captivated astronomy experts is that to travel you won't have to be astronauts or have training that lasted for months. Actually we only have to invest a few days in training and we will be ready to embark as part of this particular adventure that will move us directly to the mysterious red planet. The plan is to transfer both tourists and travelers to Mars as well as the professionals who will be in charge of establishing the colony and promoting life on this planet. It will not be a trip, of course, that is accessible to everyone, since the price will be in an average of 100 thousand euros, reaching almost 200 thousand in some cases. Everything will depend on what type of trip the first settlers want to face. Those traveling with reduced luggage will pay less money, while those with more things on Earth will have to pay more. But of course, it will be a justified investment, since it will bring a new life to all those who move to the outside of the Earth.

Under the conditions of travel to Mars that has established the company SpaceX, which is the one that is taking care of the whole project, it will be necessary to invest between 40 and 100 years until the colonization is complete. Gradually the plan is that there are more and more ships that take care of moving travelers, organizing routes that allow the flow of travelers to be constant. For this, the transfer of all types of people and professionals will be enhanced, given that Mars will require practically everything. Although astronomers will be much in demand for their knowledge and for what they will contribute when it comes to operating the planet, other professionals will also be available. Elon Musk has detailed that they will need all kinds of companies and professionals so that the Mars project can be launched immediately. The colonization of the planet will require, as mentioned by the SpaceX executive himself, companies specialized in the smelting of metals, but they will also require the work of companies specialized in gastronomy and food. He sets the best example we can imagine by saying that Mars must have, of course, a pizzeria. Because there could not be a society that did not have a pizzeria serving this delicious Italian dish.

After knowing the intentions of SpaceX and Elon Musk himself, thousands of people are updating their knowledge of Mars, exploring new training options, such as astronomy, and improving their options to become members of the ships that move to the planet.

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