Courage And Perseverance

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“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.” Meaning you have the opportunity to have the courage to do something so great, no matter if it’s selfless. It can either open new opportunities or it can go south. Either way true courage comes with perseverance. It takes dedication and motivation. Have the bravery, what it takes to have courage.

In the future, all books begin to go extinct. There was all lost hope for books. Firefighters jobs weren’t to save lives from fires, their jobs were to burn any books in sight or that were found. The government felt that they were threats, by that meaning mind openers. Everyone who attended school were all the same. They didn’t teach everyone how to be different, or understand what they read. A specific man named Guy Montag thought otherwise. He actually been keeping books on the low. He is a fireman. He’s doing the opposite of his job. Montag personally thinks, what’s so bad about books? So he went to go tell professor Faber about the books. Montag told Faber he couldn’t tell anyone. The reasoning for all of this happening is because everyone is under the government control. They’re all brainwashed. Everyone is acting as if they’re robots. Professor Faber reads books and understands them. Without anyone knowing of course. So there’s no risk of him getting caught. Montag asked Faber for help. For the understanding of books obviously. Then Faber reads and discusses The Book of Job from the Bible. As Montag starts understanding books, he starts gaining confidence and courage to bring this fight to the government. As he should, that took bravery.

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Another example of courage and perseverance is Hannah Montana, a big popstar. She rode in limos, had poperoxies, did concerts and all that good stuff. Even though she was a popstar, she also wanted an ordinary life. So she had a wig with a big dream. When the wig was off she was an average girl. Her name was Miley Stewart. She lived at a house by the beach. Had her two best friends. Oliver Oaken and Lily Trescott. As Miley began to get older it began to get a lot tougher to be Hannah. Her love life started to affect it. The fact that she couldn’t be two people at once. So she soon decided that enough was enough. She couldn’t take it anymore. She knew it was time. She showed up for a usual talk show. Before she performed a new song she wrote, Hannah… or should I say Miley revealed her secret. The whole world now knows about her. That took really strong courage of her to do.

There was once a prince in a far away land, he lived in a large shiny castle. He had anything he ever desired. Although he was spoiled and unkind. One snowy night an old beggar women arrived to the castle asking for a place to stay from the bitter cold, and in return she offered a single rose. He turned her down, then she transformed into a beautiful enchantress. She placed a powerful curse on him and the palace for his poor decisions, he turned into a monstrous, ugly beast. There for the curse can’t be broken unless he has true loves kiss. So his beauty has to be found within his heart. He has 21 years until the curse is permanent if its not broken. The petals fall yearly one by one. Belle is a girl who would want nothing more than adventure in her life. Her father is an inventor, they grew up in a small French village. Belle's father Maurice has made his latest invention and was going to be off to the convention fair. As Belle was admiring the heaven like view, the horse her father rode to the fair came hurdling back with fear. Belle asked to take her to him. She arrived at this dusty, old, abandoned castle. Stepping into the castle with curiosity, she looks around to only see darkness. She finds herself walking slowly into a dark tower. She soo. hears her father cry out for her name “Belle.” She turns to him and grabs his hands as they feel cold as ice. She soon tries to get him out but the Beast appears. Belle then tells him that she will replace her fathers place in return for him to get home because he was sick. The Beast agreed but handled it rudely. She despised the Beast for him being selfish and uncaring may the time. He threw her father into a dusty old enchanted carriage that had life. For her to throw away her own life away for her fathers well being, that took a large amount of perseverance and courage.

True courage comes with perseverance. It takes dedication and motivation. Have the bravery, what it takes to have that courage. Just like the three examples ive shown. Hannah Montana, and Montag both had the courage to do what they did. Also Belle had the perseverance to help her father. And most of all the courage.

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