Essay on Perseverance in Nursing

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I want to pursue a career where I can make a positive impact in people’s lives whilst appreciating the privilege I will have to be a part of their recovery and journey. I could not imagine any greater joy than using my ever-evolving knowledge and expertise with other like-minded healthcare professionals to alleviate others' pain and suffering whilst providing exceptional quality care. This motivates me to immerse myself in a highly rewarding career in adult nursing.

Being able to work well as part of a team and effective communication are key skills for nurses. Working as a healthcare assistant (HCA) in a residential nursing home, I witnessed how nurses interact with other healthcare professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, and dieticians. For instance, when a new admission arrives at the home the team must work collectively to obtain additional medical and social history to formulate an advanced care plan tailored to the residents' requirements. From this, I have acknowledged that each member's skills and expertise are combined to deliver patient-centered care as part of a multidisciplinary team. Each team member has an active role in promptly reporting any issues and incidents to the appropriate member of staff. Any miscommunication within the team would lead to mistakes and ineffective delivery of care. This illustrates the importance of teamwork as essential for both the welfare and safety of all residents.

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I have demonstrated these skills through weekly mentoring sessions at school to the younger years. My role was to encourage, support, and give students the confidence in tackling problems they may be facing with student life and social well-being. By actively listening and engaging to the specific needs of the students, I focused on exploring coping strategies to suit each student. For nurses, effective communication is fundamental to establishing a strong patient-nurse rapport subsequently increasing patient satisfaction and quality of care. Communication is a part of the six Cs; values essential to compassionate care.

As an HCA, I have gained invaluable insight into caring for individuals who are at their most vulnerable stage in life. Supporting residents with increasing comorbidities and their complex needs such as individuals with varying stages of dementia, Parkinsons' disease, reduced mobility, and frailty. It became apparent to me that these health conditions had a significant impact on the individual's quality of life and mental well-being. With time, I came to realize that the anger, anxiety, and low self-esteem residents displayed were an outward reflection of their inner frustrations battling with the loss of their ability to speak, eat, and mobilize independently.

Having an elder sister who suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke at age 18 has placed me in a better position to empathize with others and increase awareness of my own emotions. Furthermore, volunteering as a response volunteer at Watford General Hospital I witnessed the physical and emotional impact faced by healthcare staff during the first peak of COVID-19 cases. Dealing with COVID patients and their families has allowed me to develop the necessary resilience, temperament, and perseverance required within the nursing profession. I am keen to develop these attributes in my career with exposure to more patients and listening to their personal experiences whilst at the same time being aware of my feelings.

I have truly observed firsthand the determination, dedication, and professionalism it takes to be a nurse. From both personal experiences and knowledge acquired whilst, in my gap year, I have understood the fundamental skills and qualities that will allow me to thrive in this medical field and make a real difference to those in need. I strongly believe that through these experiences, nursing is best suited to my future ambition and aspirations which I look forward to developing throughout my lifelong career.

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