Critical Analysis of 'Grey’s Anatomy'

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“Knowing is better than wondering, waking is better than sleeping, and even the biggest failure, even the worst, beats the hell out of never trying,” says the fictional character, Meredith Grey. While sitting with a friend, the topic of binge-watching came into the conversation. What is a good binge-worthy show? Grey’s Anatomy has plenty of seasons and episodes, making it a great show to perch on the couch, with some snacks, and maybe a few tissues will come in handy. While Grey’s Anatomy is not only lengthy, making it perfect to binge, it also has relatable day-to-day advice and shows the trial and error many different characters face while trying to achieve success in relationships and careers.

Jordan has found himself binge-watching a show on Netflix, which he found to be incredible, and stupendous. After binge-watching nearly one season, which had eight episodes, he was dealing with heartbreak. The show he was watching ended with such a bang: leaving Jordan at the edge of his seat, questioning what happen next, and begging for more. Sadly, Jordan is going to have to wait weeks or even months for the next season. Luckily, Jordan’s friend suggested Grey’s Anatomy which eliminated that problem. Grey’s Anatomy has close to three hundred, and thirty-eight episodes meaning plenty of streamed playback for those who love binge-watching exciting and suspenseful shows.

Rather many people who claim they “hate” Grey’s Anatomy, also state Shonda Rhimes, a television writer, takes dramatic scenes too far, but it’s that which makes one want to continue to watch more. Jordan began to watch Grey’s Anatomy, only to find out that he began to learn a lot. The “overly-dramatic” scenes give viewers an unrealistic perspective of hospital environments, critics argue. However, Grey’s Anatomy is labeled a medical drama- not a documentary.

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Contrary, Grey’s Anatomy shows a lot of trial and error throughout the seasons. Someone watching this show can apply it to their everyday lives, rather that’s a student, someone in a field or career, or a stay-at-home mom. As the viewer reflects on previously watched episodes, he may realize Alex Karev (surgeon intern in Grey’s Anatomy) failed his board tests which were mandated to continue his internship. Alex did not admit defeat, he asked his colleagues for help with studying techniques and never gave up until he successfully passed. What is being said: failure is inevitable, to never fail is to never try, states an unknown author. Grey’s Anatomy has a lot of plots that can be applied to everyday life. Not to mention, the incredible monologues done by Meredith Grey at the end of every episode filled with advice and inspiring quotes.

Unfortunately, we aren’t all doctors, work in health care, or even are relatively close. Yet, in life, everyone knows what it feels like to be heartbroken rather it be from the death of a loved one, failure or disappointment in a career, or a breakup. In Grey’s Anatomy, there is plenty to go around and the list may go on. Just this itself makes the show more devoted to binging because everyone has felt indistinguishable emotions at some point in their lives, like the characters in Grey’s Anatomy.

After watching Grey’s Anatomy, Jordan and many others can agree that the show does, in fact, make a great show worth binging. Grey’s Anatomy is a prolonged show, with cordial advice, and lots of drama to keep watchers hooked! Interested? Go watch Grey’s Anatomy now, and get your binge on.

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