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Imagine coming home on a Thursday night after a long day of work, school, and/or a sport. You would just want to get in the shower, eat, and relax, right? And as soon as you turn on the TV, you go to ABC and see that a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy is about to air. You get snacks and get cozy in your bed to prepare for another suspenseful episode. You’re excited and ready to see what happens at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital this week. You’re one of the biggest Grey’s fans ever and you’re watching Grey’s, what a perfect way to end the night.

It all started in 2005, with Shonda Rhimes, the creator. They decided on the name Grey’s Anatomy because of a famous medical textbook Gray’s Anatomy and because of the main character, Meredith Grey. Shonda Rhimes is known for producing more than just this popular drama though. She has created other well-known dramas such as Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. But Grey’s Anatomy has been her longest-running show, just recently airing the premiere for season 16. 16 seasons, that’s a lot, and yet they never run out of ways to keep their audience’s attention.

You see when Grey’s Anatomy first began, it focused on the lives of five surgical interns at Seattle Grace Hospital, now Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, one being the main character I mentioned, Meredith Grey, and her peers and bosses. Throughout the whole entire show doctors come, go, and most of the time, die. They face professional and personal obstacles. The workplace is where doctors get overly attached to patients and fall in love with each other. The greatest, most epic love story on Grey’s Anatomy is about Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd, a.k.a., McDreamy. It started out as a one-night stand, and on the next day on her first day of internship, she found out that he was her boss. They went through break-ups, ex-wives, and new partners and still made out on the other side, married, with three kids.

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As I previously stated, lots of doctors at Grey’s die, which hints at the name Grey-Sloan MEMORIAL hospital. The first death that really hit home on the show was a patient, Denny Duquet. One of the interns fell madly in love with him even though he had heart problems. The intern even went to extreme measures to make sure Denny got a donor's heart but in the end, his heart couldn’t take it. The next death was one of the original interns, George O’Malley. He was run over by a bus and dragged down the road until someone noticed him, brutal right? He died a hero though, he only jumped in front of the bus to stop a girl from getting hit instead. And then there was a plane crash, which caused the death of both Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey, that’s where you get the name Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Now, although all of these deaths were very sad, no one was prepared to see this next character go bye-bye. That’s what makes his death one of the saddest deaths of all time. Do you remember when I was talking about Meredith and Derek and their great love? Well, it all ended when Derek got hit by a semi after helping 4 people involved in a car crash. Incompetent surgeons didn’t do what they were supposed to do to save his life, and so he died. Grey’s Anatomy is a very amazing show, it gives you, “all the feels,” as the cast members call it, and makes you cry. As it should, Grey’s isn’t just about doctors and surgeries, if anything it is way different from how hospitals run in real life.

There are six specific reasons why Grey’s Anatomy differs from life as doctors in the real world. One, almost every doctor at Grey’s gets attached to their patients when in reality, it is usually the nurses who get attached and form bonds. Two, a lot of the interns in the show are always competing with each other for things like surgeries. In our world, everyone supports each other. Three, Grey gives the surgeons all the credit and makes it seem as if nurses are involved in no way. Nurses are actually very important to have in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Most of the things that you see the surgeons doing on the show are what nurses would be doing in real life. Four, there are always big, life-risking surgeries performed on Grey’s Anatomy. Surgeons rarely take risks and execute experimental surgeries, they proceed with the safest procedure. Five, in the first season of Grey’s when the main characters were interns, they were always in the OR. Interns and second-year residents would never be in the OR unless there was an emergency surgery, otherwise, they would just be on the surgery floor learning and working with other patients. Six, the show makes working in a hospital seem really exciting, it makes the lives of the people that work in hospitals seem dramatic and thrilling. Just like we come to school every day and memorize our schedule, doctors do too. In reality, nothing is electrifying for them, it is just a simple routine but just look how Grey’s Anatomy is so amazing that it can have you loving the life of a doctor, maybe even inspiring you to become one.

“Don’t analyze everything. Just do it.” A quote from one of the original interns at Grey’s, Alex. I challenge you to watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and then take the advice from the quote. Just go out and be a shark, don’t ever stop fighting for what you believe in. Just go out and spend the day like it’s your last because it could be. For us, just go out and have fun, we’re not gonna be young forever. Grey’s Anatomy has taught me important life lessons like these, it’s a show full of excitement. So one day this week, watch an episode of Grey’s and then go about your day, “Don’t analyze everything, just do it.”

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