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This report is on commodity shoes and the aspects and stakeholders of the shoe industry.

Websites such as the western Canadian shoe association and Nike one of the biggest shoe manufacturers at present.

Some issues such as environmental and social issues are mentioned and also there is a brief description of the issue of child labor and stakeholder and the authorities who are responsible for the care of this issue.

News and Highlights

Harmful effects of sneakers on our environment

Sneakers are made up of harmful chemicals which are usually disposed of in landfills by the methods of incineration and dumping with which our environment is affected so badly. Sneakers are made up of three parts: the leather upper, the elastic midsole, and an abrasion-resistant sole. The bright white color of the sneakers is because of titanium oxide and dyes on the white logo are made of heavy metal, laces shoes are made up of nonrecycled polyester. Isocyanates are used to make the foamy midsole of the shoes which is the reason for various health hazards like irritation to the eyes, mucous membranes, asthma or bronchitis, and also bad lung functioning. Where the production of sneakers is harmful the same page improper disposal of sneakers is even more harmful as sneakers are non-biodegradable so their parts are left in the landfills even after destroying them and the harmful chemicals from this are destroying our surroundings. (Chelsey Schwab, 2008)

Why women's shoes are so painful

Unluckily when it comes to my shoes, the only thing we can think of “ will these shoes cause my shoes to dribble blood all over my open-plan office'? Every time women's shoes are always so painful compared to men's shoes because women's shoes are designed to make women's feet as slim as possible. Wearing such shoes does not mean professionalism. The reason for this rising problem is online shopping. Because if you buy any pair of shoes and you don't know how it's going to fit your foot. Instead of this if you are buying shoes from a shop you can go to the shop and change it. (khazan,n.d)

Unwrinkle leather shoes with iron

All of us used to wear leather shoes. with time our shoes got wrinkled when we usually bend our feet regularly. These wrinkles on shoes look pretty ugly. We can remove these wrinkles with the help of a steam iron. Normally we iron our clothes only to rid of wrinkles but now we can do this with our shoes also. You just have to get your shoes and warp it will the wet cotton cloth and then put a steam iron on them for some time. When you will do it all the wrinkles from your leather shoes will be gone. (Klosowski, T,2014)

Shoes a fashion statement for all

IN TODAY'S WORLD SHOES ARE IMPORTANT FO THE FASHION PART FOR MOST OF THE WOMEN. NO MATTER if you are staying at home or you are going somewhere like an office, party, running, shopping or anywhere you need shoes of any kind.

Shoes that won't blister your feet are really important in today's business world. Women like to wear tennis shoes if they are going out shopping or cleaning or doing any kind of work. While attending some party or any occasion they like to wear high heels which match their dress or are in contrast with the dress.

Sandals with straps are really good for the summer. In contrast, boots are the best option for the winter. Women can wear long boots with mid-length skirts and short-length boots with long skirts. This can be a really good styling statement.

Shoes are also a big part of fashion just like clothing as shoes show your style sense. (

A simple guide on dress shoes

If you are a man you should know the importance of a good pair of shoes. no matter if you are wearing a really expensive and good-looking suit, it will not matter if you are not wearing a good pair of shoes with this. With shoes, we should only think of quality.

There are a few basic things to look for to check the quality:

The shoes should be made of pure leather and have leather soles also.

Well-made shoes are always stitched not glued.

Stitching should be near and clean.

So next time whenever you are wearing shoes always check if these are looking good for your day, it is suitable for work or a party wherever you are going. Always check if it needs shinning or not.

Remember your shoes can make or destroy your look so be very particular about your shoes the next time. (Reeves, 2014)

Websites for shoes

Western Canadian Shoe Association

About - For over fifty years the Western Canadian Shoe Association has been transferral along with consumers and sellers within the footwear and connected businesses. The WCSA is managed by an associate degree government of officers and administrators all presently operating within the shoe sales business. The volunteer board promotes and organizes regional shopping for markets for membership which is also a good thing about the western retail community. additionally, to trade exhibition activity, they tend to act in coordinating charity and fundraising


  1. Board of directors -President Bret Marbry, Directors - Anthony Hanna, Terry Mar
  2. Employees -a talented and experienced staff which drive to achieve goals and ambitions


Two ten foundation Each year in Canada over 40000 women, men, and youngsters receive new shoes due to the efforts of the 2 10 Foundation, an industry charity. The two ten foundations saying 'shoe people serving to shoe people' expands to our community wherever the WCSA volunteers work year spherical sorting and delivering new shoes to those in want. over thirty recognized charities within the railroad line Vancouver space square measure the recipients of generous donations from business retailers, makers, and distributors.

The Two 10 Foundation of Canada could be a registered non-profit charitable foundation that provides services and support for members of the footwear business. Since starting its annual SOS Footwear Drive in 1993, the inspiration has distributed 500000 pairs of the latest shoes to Canadians in want. ('Western Canadian Shoe Association: Western Canadian Shoe Association')


Nike - Nike's mission is what drives America to try and do everything the potential to expand human potential. we tend to do this by making groundbreaking sports innovations, creating our merchandise additional sustainably, building an inventive and various world team, and creating a positive impact in communities wherever we tend to live and work.

Based in Beaverton, Oregon, NIKE, Inc. includes the Nike, Converse, Hurley, and Jordan brands. Nike is a family of brands.

On this website, they explained that at NIKE, Inc., they tend to believe in greatness everywhere: on the sphere, on the court, on the beach, and on the road. That's why the family of brands embodies Jordan, Hurley, and Converse. we tend to might not look or act identical, however, we tend to all share identical drives for greatness. that's the backbone of the Greek deity family.


Nike is getting more than 16 million kids active in playing games, and sports by organizing “Marathon kids” and “Nike school innovation fund”

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  1. Mr. Knight, director and founder of the company. He is a certified public accountant.
  2. Mark Parker, CEO, and President of the company

Corporate governance

These guidelines replicate the Board's commitment to watch the effectiveness of policy and deciding each at the Board and senior management level, intending to enhance long-run shareowner worth and company purpose, together with company responsibility, property, human rights, world community and social impact, and variety and inclusion. These guidelines are going to be reviewed annually by the company Responsibility, property & Governance Committee, and also the Board, and are subject to modification from time to time by the Board. Waivers of those pointers could also be created solely by the company.

  • The Board
  • Board conferences
  • Committee Matters
  • Management Review and Succession


In their information, Current shareholders or new upcoming investors may purchase Nike Class B Common Stock via a computer share Investment Plan administered by Computer share

Sustainable innovation

The purpose of NIKE is to unite the world through sport to have a healthy, wealthy planet, communities, and equality among all. ('Nike. Just Do It)


There are always issues sins every industry no matter what it produces and creates has a negative impact somewhere and to someone, the following issue has been looked up in this commodity.


With regards to every stage of making a shoe, there are many environmental harms and concerns for the first stage when the shoes are being manufactured in the factories a lot of fuel and energy are used up to them.

And these manufacturing are usually done in third nations and for this, even more, fuel for transportation and shipping of the product is used up which directly harms the water bodies.

Now for the manufacturing activities, there are a lot of chemicals and adhesives used in making these such as Chlorinated phenols, tribromphenol, chlorinated paraffin, dimethyl fumarate, etc. that are used to preserve the leather and the material of the shoes which can easily get leaked in the environment such as air, rivers.

The last and most dangerous part is the disposal of the shoes that don't decompose fast because of the chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process. Also, the chemicals and adhesives get dissolved into the soil, and water bodies get in touch with contaminating it and making it worse for the poor animals. ('Environmental Impact')


As we stated before in the environmental issue about the manufacturing being done in the third nations these suppliers and factories pay the workers 45-65 % fewer wages then than the 'living wage' the workers don't get any incentives and benefits of working there and they cannot afford and have a good standard of life. The families and the children are getting suffered and they face illiteracy and the inability to merge into this high-tech world now. (Tiwari RR, 2005)


The world’s most producing countries are China and India Vietnam, and Bangladesh. This industry needs labor more than machines are the reason for the outsourcing of these labor-intensive countries.

And these countries are still developing and poor in economics. And this leads to child labor and exploitation. In Bhairab, Bangladesh. Over 3,200 children work for long hours in small shoe factories, under poor working conditions and ventilation in the rooms. The children have also reported that the employers make them sleep in the factories and not let them go home which leads to the birth of forced labor in that situation and to make it worse the employers have also sexually abused them. (popi, n.d.)



The consumer and users of the shoes are the stakeholders their choice and awareness of the industry can change the demand and supply of this commodity.


The government of every country that has a link to the supply chain and consumption is connected to this.


All the organizations that fight for the rights of labor laws and child rights are directly connected as their actions can cause harm to the manufacturer on a very big scale.


Unions and social groups in the country or are if the manufacturing can persuade the owner to agree with the points and wishes they need in the working.

Employees and workers

The employees in the corporate sector and the workers in the factories are big stakeholders because this whole industry is running.


Suppliers of the raw materials and the transportation links are also affected by any decisions taken by this industry.

Evidence of CSR

Nike the company we found has a good and innovative CSR by reusing old shoes and all the stuff that is being used, they grind it and use that in tennis ball grounds for the floor. They also address the environmental issues of manufacturing in their sustainability report and their report is being checked

  • Pwc assurance report
  • Global reporting initiative index (GRI) index (Nike, 'Reports')

Significant issue

The significant issue that we have analyzed is child labor and abuse done by factory owners and employers. This issue involves children who are the future of this world. And according to us, it is the responsibility of the government and the business companies whose contracts these manufacturers are holding to ensure that these practices are not being done under their concerned area and business.

Other stakeholders are

The consumers: These are the ones who should take moment and take the initiative to know what shoes they are wearing are produced by these innocent children under harsh circumstances.

Media: The media has already given good coverage to this problem but it can be improved the companies and government practices after their commitments to taking initiatives to reduce this.

Competitors: All other competitors in the industry are confronted by this issue.


The key learnings and experience, we gain from this report as a manager are that being managers and entrepreneurs of vast companies gives you more power and responsibility to asses and do what is good for the society, environment, and stakeholders in very well-distributed ratios.

Also how and why keeping an eye on the supply chain is important and to what extent our decisions and outsourcing can cause damage and contribution to societal damage.


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