My Shoes Are a Reflection of Who I Am

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I’m going to let you in on a secret. I have a shoe obsession. All of my friends seem to misunderstand the statement a pair of shoes can make. But for me, the shoes I wear are not merely just to protect, comfort, or even cover my feet, but they are a reflection of who I am.

Now, you may wonder, who am I? You should look down at my feet. I could be wearing my Nike Air Max 97’s which is my confidence, my leadership, my ‘I’m trying to look cooler than I really am’ shoes. My feet are comfortable in my laceless sneakers and can wiggle at will. Very similar to my feet in my laceless sneakers, I’m not a fan of being constrained. I have a surplus of energy that must not go to waste. I might even be wearing my moccasins. I’ll wear these on bitter winter nights when I’m next to the fireplace and spending time with my family. My moccasins are my gentle side. I wear them and I can listen to my friend’s problems and help them overcome their issues. But my favorite pair of shoes has to be my cream-white Nike blazers. They’re my uniqueness, my courage, my adventurous side. Not one person I know has them. However, when I feel like dialing it down and not drawing attention to my sneakers, or myself, I’ll wear my gym shoes. These sneakers allow me to blend in with others and therefore allow me to be independent. I’ll wear them on a run, tracking through the woods, late-night intense workouts, or even when I jump in the local reservoir. My hiking boots demonstrate my love for adventure and fishing. Beat up and formed to the shape of my foot, when wearing them I feel a deep connection to nature.

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During college, I plan to add to my collection with another shelf full of outlandish sneakers. For each piece of my personality, I find or enhance through my college experiences, I will come across a pair of sneakers to reflect it. Maybe a pair of sandals for long trips to the beach with new friends or a professional pair of dress shoes for my business classes. As I begin to understand myself and my aspirations become clearer, my collection will expand.

When I am finished with college, I’ll be prepared. I’ll be ready for a change. I suspect I’ll only need one pair after college. The shoes will be unique and comfortable, I will be able to wear them at work and when I’m home. A mix of every shoe on my shelf, this single pair will represent each piece of my personality every step along the way. I won’t have a separate pair for each trait or quality. This one pair will be universal. They will portray my independence and maturity. I’ll keep a few of the shoes from my old collection. Maybe I’ll throw on the old blazers when I’m feeling crazy, when I remember that young surge of energy and recall the boy who once wore them, a young ignorant boy eager to learn with potential to grow.

I am entering college inexperienced, a bundle of excitement, independence, and motivation. My shelf full of shoes demonstrates my variety of interests, as well as my inability to choose one interest that will entertain me for life. I want to graduate college with a plan, having identified an interest to pursue that will add character and meaning to my life.

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