Who I Am and What My Values Are

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When pondering the question, ‘Who am I?’ it can be difficult to identify how to begin one’s analysis of self. I would argue, that the best place to start are those core values, those guiding principles that carry you through life; the values that you cling to through hardship and turmoil, joy and jubilation. For me, the first value I hold dear is honesty. Honesty is the seemingly simple act of presenting the truth, without embellishment or falsehoods. It is sincerity in its most basic form. However, though it may seem simple, honesty is complex and challenging, for many of us struggle with the temptation to lie. Whether out of ease, embarrassment, fear, or a whole multitude of reasons, we, as human beings, often resort to deceit and fib. But I pride myself on honesty, honesty in all its forms. I seek honesty with my friends, my family, my peers, my mentors, my fellow citizens, and myself. It was only recently that I realized I wasn’t upholding this core belief, for I had forgotten to be honest with myself. I was pursuing a degree path that I did not love, but I thought would make my family proud. I lied to myself, and when I realized this self-disservice, I knew it was time for a change. I need to be honest with myself and follow my passions, not the passions of my parents. This revelation and contemplation over what I wanted to major in led to my discovery of another core value.

My second core value is creativity, the act of drawing from life, passion, and imagination to innovate, create, change, and express. Creativity is inherently vague in nature; it is not concrete or fixed, it is fluid and adaptable. Creativity can be expressed in any number of ways, through any number of mediums. For example, I love to write stories. Typically, my stories are historical fiction. I draw from history to help create the backdrop in which my characters’ lives will unfold. I am currently writing about a fictitious member of the Corps of Discovery (the unit led by Lewis and Clark on their cross-country expedition), and the trials and tribulations he goes through on this physical, spiritual, and emotional odyssey. Creativity, for me, is a means of escaping the confines of reality. It allows me to explore the vastness of space and time, it is a tool I use to cope with the stresses of everyday life.

My third core value is determination, the ability to establish a goal and then see it to the end, facing fatigue, hardships, or strife, but still being resolute in one’s purpose. It is the ability to persevere to accomplish one’s goals. Determination is so crucial to who I am, this value has shaped my identity and has completely altered my life. As a young boy, I struggled with severe obesity, it was only when I saw the pain it was causing my mom that I decided I need to actively pursue a healthier lifestyle. My goal was to lose weight and learn how to live a healthy, active life, for myself, and my family. Many-a-time I was tempted to cheat on my diet or take just one more day off from exercising, but I knew this would not help me accomplish my goal. I was motivated and determined to stay on track and that is exactly what I did. I remember this period of my life whenever I am struggling, I remember how dedicated I was to living a healthy life, and that motivates me to overcome my current struggles and persevere through the hardships.

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Another value that I believe is most desirable is peace by means of serenity. The state of being content and free of the negative influences which constantly bombard us. For me, peace is a nice, quiet place. A place surrounded by trees and foliage, where I can hear the soft pitter-patter of a tumbling creek. Often the bright lights, the loud street corners, the bustling, non-stop pace of life violates the sense, overwhelming the body and the mind. I often feel this overwhelming pressure and when possible, I seek solitude in nature. I often drive to Cuyahoga Valley National Park to rest and rehabilitate. To find peace, calm, tranquility, and serenity. Finding peace is another way I cope with stress; it is how I relieve the stress that builds up over time. However, peace does not have to be a physical location, it can be a state of mind, an emotional state, or a caring atmosphere.

Additionally, another value which helps to identify what is important to me is compassion. Compassion is caring, it is showing concern for the plight of another person. Compassion is the ability to sympathize, it is a motivational force. A force of good, which empowers people to help one-another. We witness compassion every day. Just this morning, a fellow student opened the door for me to the PBL building because my hands were full, and he knew that I would have a hard time opening the door on my own. This may not seem significant, but it shows how just a simple act can have such great impact. Simply being kind to someone when they are having a bad day is an act of compassion. Compassion helps us form relationships and bonds, it is a tool for helping others, this is why it is so important.

In conclusion, all the values highlighted above guide me through life and define who I really am.

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