Descriptive Essay on Who I Am

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One of the most challenging things, in my opinion, is explaining oneself. We generally describe ourselves with our surroundings or other people. As a result, I describe myself as a responsible daughter, student, and caring friend.

I have always been a family-oriented person. My family's greatest strength is our ability to be solid and one. They had a major impact on who I am today. They showed me how to express my feelings and how to hold those that are important to me. That is why I have no trouble adapting it to those around me.

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I value my friendships very much. I would say that I am not a sociable individual, which is why I keep my circle small. Though I like meeting new people whose cultural and other backgrounds are diverse because they help mold my personality. But there is always a fine line between being a close friend and an acquaintance. Many people think I am a snobbish lady, but once they get to know me and I have opened to them, they quickly change their perception of me, and that we get along well. Friendship taught me unforgettable life lessons. Some life-changing experiences include learning how to love someone outside of the family. Friendships never trigger hard times; rather, they have the happiest memories to live by. Friendship taught me how to accept and trust others.

Meanwhile, being a student requires hard work and discipline. College life throws a lot of challenges in my way. It taught me how to socialize and shape my own opinions. I began to exercise my free will in education, and as a result, I became more self-assured and composed. But I never lose sight of the fact that I can have fun. I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Advertising and Public Relations because certain skillsets are relevant to my interests. Throughout my life and experiences, I have been intrigued by art and the fact that technology has made it much simpler by providing computer applications and smartphone apps that are used to build and create something fascinating. My mind is still not made up, but with my skillset and favored interests, I have developed a passion for the ever-expanding world of graphic design, which is why I strive to be a graphic designer.

I believe that maturing over time has greatly altered who I am. I have had to see and see a lot of things that I did not get to see or experience as a child. I have already met a lot of interesting people and been to a lot of different places. Any of my viewpoints on people and events have shifted significantly. I have also witnessed significant personal development, which has resulted in a change in my personality. I have since been more decisive with my decisions and interpersonal interactions.

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