Different Hats I Wear

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People tend to describe themselves in a numerous amount of ways. This may include race, gender, or even profession. We all possess a variety of characteristics and by secluding ourselves to just one in particular would be doing a true disservice to the person we have worked so hard to construct. The different ‘hats’ we may wear define us as people and the specific part we play in this thing called life. From time to time, depending on the circumstances you could potentially be wearing more than one hat. In my eighteen years, I have worn a variety of them. Some of these caps were worn fleetingly and have been either set aside until further notice or just simply retired themselves. Others have become a part of me and will contribute to who am I for a lifetime. Although I may not still be wearing all of these hats, they were all experiences that played major roles for the person I have become and still becoming. So, in this essay I will talk about the major hats that have shaped me into the person I am today.

Family is the exposition to most of our lives and the infrastructure of our core existence. The greatest and most important hats I wear are that of being a sister, daughter, and granddaughter. We are all born with two parents, however, everyone isn’t fortunate enough to grow up with both in the household. My parents are the foundation of who I am today. Without them both, I am almost sure I would be a lost puppy trying to find my way. The lessons they have both taught me from birth will be instilled within me for a lifetime and quite honestly have gotten me thorough some really tough situations. I know some of the lectures our parents give aren’t always what we want to hear, but as we move into adulthood these are key components, we are going to need for this difficult world we must live in. Therefore, it is my job as a daughter to just listen, obey, and fully grasp the guidance in which my parents provide. It is my duty to reflect what it is they have indoctrinated in me and overall emulate them as individuals.

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I have always considered my grandmother to be my second set of parents. Yes, parents with an s, plural. My grandmother has been there for my younger sister and me ever since I can remember. Like my parents, she has taught me many valuable lessons that I will endlessly cherish. When my sister and I were younger, she would tell us these folk tales before going to bed and coincidentally the tales would always have a moral or lesson that went along with it. The most important lesson that came out of these stories that I will always remember is that life is what you make it, so make something great of it. As her granddaughter it is my position to display an illuminating spirit, so I always keep that stored in my memory and every day I wake up planning on doing at least one great thing.

One essential and crucial hat I enjoy wearing the most is being a sister to my younger sibling. At a young age, I was taught that with being the oldest comes the youngest looking up and following behind a lot of what we partake in. My sister is truly my best friend and I adore our relationship the most simply because she is the only sibling I have. I tell her just about everything and make it my purpose to give her the best advice possible. By reason of her, I take caution in the things I do around her being that I want her grow up to be a much better version of me.

All in all, I myself wear many hats, but these are just a few of the innumerable amounts. These are the ones I wear most often and for that reason, I strive to create an existence of dignity and one to be admired. Without my role in wearing these specific caps, I might not be the same person. As I look back over my life, things could have turned out a lot differently, so it is important that I continue covering my head with these crowns and be the best me that I can be.

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