Who I Am and What My Personality Is

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The Mini-IPIP is a 20-item scale. Each item is a phrase describing a person's behavior whether you are very inaccurate, moderately inaccurate, neither inaccurate nor accurate, moderately accurate, and very accurate for. I'll rate it 1-5 every item and then in scoring will be adding the items that should be put together to find out if I belong to openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. I think the result of this 20- item scale was accurate to me because I am an imaginative person, curious about things that I don't know yet, a hard worker, I usually follow the rules or I fear ‘offend rules’, and of course everything is done on time as much as possible especially when it comes to submitting activities and other things, I think those behaviors belongs in 'openness and conscientiousness'. In 'extraversion and agreeableness' it's sometimes true or it might not work for me at all, because I'm not talkative, outgoing. I just being talkative when I feel comfortable with the person, I'm with. In other words, I am not sociable. And in the end, I am a shy and conscious person, I think that is part of the 'neuroticism'.

Every person has an inborn personality, and, yes, I believe personality changes through time. As we age, we can change our personality, based on our experiences and based on people we meet. For example, When I was young, I was talkative and friendly, everyone I meet was I immediately talked to and made friends with, but now that I'm in middle age I've changed my personality before, for now I've become shy, not immediately talk to stranger, and in other words I'm not as friendly as before. And one example, it's easy for me to trust when I know you or consider you as a friend. But when I found out that you don't consider me a real friend, I'll changed my personality, I don't trust anyone immediately and I think my personality has changed based on my experience.

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Personality is a regular way of thinking, feelings and behavior that makes both men and women unique. Everyone wants to be happy with and attractive to others. For me, having the right personality can be more important and can be attractive than appearance. With an accurate personality, we need to develop our personality to make others attracted to us. We must to become a better version of ourselves, be a great person, be a better listener and a better conversationalist and have the right lucrative attitude. Be respectful and treat people with kindness and respect too.

Personality is how people externalize themselves. It is made up of a series of thoughts, feelings, and behavioral characteristics that can make a person unique. While self is defined of who you are. The existence of a person distinguishes him/her from others, especially as an object of reflective behavior.

‘Who am I?’ is a question that will determine who we really are or what kind of personality we have. To answer this question, I'm going to address my feelings, thoughts, relationships, and values. I think this type of my answer, someone or a person can identify me as an individual.

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