Critical Thinking: Ethical Issue Essay

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Awareness of my Learning Patterns, skills, and experiences can help me be successful in my degree program and beyond by expanding my knowledge, recognizing the benefits I am able to obtain, and progressing from my prior abilities. Discovering my learning patterns and developing management of them correctly can help me in my academic and professional life immensely. Academically it will help me create and pertain customized techniques that will lead me to achieving better scores in my classes, set off my learning potential maximize my comprehension levels, and boost my confidence to overcome any impediment that might become an obstacle. Professionally it will prepare me to manage teams effectively and responsibly, guide me to maintaining an orderly structure on my requirements, and use my learning from participating in a respected supremacy converted to becoming a respected leader. Acknowledging my soft skills is essential in helping me succeed in my future career and more. Expressing my soft skills will exhibit my motivation to learn increase my intelligence, align my ambition to dedicate my time and efforts towards acquiring wisdom in my areas of specialty, and display my commitment to denote initiative in surpassing and exceeding necessary requirements instructed. Implying the vital skills for future success including being capable of working as a team collaboratively, manifesting effective communication, and sustaining a strong work ethic will advance my understanding and compose development in my education, professional life, and future career. Utilizing my experiences will guide me toward future success in my career and beyond by distributing key tips that will be carried out throughout my entire life. Creating my own dynamic in learning, exploring diverse career paths that interest me, and taking advantage of engaging with all the accessible opportunities that will contribute a substantial impact on my future progression. Practicing my skills will succor my disabilities and secure my focus on managing and developing the most principal soft skills that will prompt me to succeed.

Based on my future goals, the five soft skills that I believe will be the most critical to my future success are interpersonal communication, comprehensive patience, open-mindedness, leadership presence, and strong work ethic. Interpersonal communication skills are my primary selection because it is the first requirement to obtain when becoming a professional psychologist which is my career of choice. When working with patients, they must feel understood and comfortable by assuring they are being interpreted thoroughly during their session. It consists of communicating about their feelings, monitoring their language, and accurately exchanging information. They apply their reliance on their psychologist expecting them to comprehend their emotional barriers, viewpoints, and intentions of their visit. The second soft skill I believe will be most critical to my future career is comprehensive patience, it is another indispensable soft skill to obtain. Comprehensive patience is critical thinking evolution for patient care and detailed research, each individual patient requires continuous comprehensive patience because it takes more than just a few sessions to assist them in the development of healing depending on their situation. Psychologists must remain active in pertaining to patience until the advancement of each patient’s progression and the result of their recovery is fulfilled. The third soft skill I believe is essential to my future success in my career is open-mindedness. Acquiring open-mindedness is very necessary in this field because it entails tolerance of a diversity of cultural identities, different varieties of traditions and beliefs, and positive alternatives for the patient’s status. Procuring this soft skill uncovers new approaches and research that will revise their strategies while disputing their knowledge about assisting a patient’s needs. It extends their abilities to create distinctive solutions and seek contemporary techniques that will act as therapeutic restoration to each patient’s life. The fourth soft skill I believe will help me secure s successful career path is leadership presence. This specific skill prerequisite counseling patients into recuperation and instructing them on how to manage to encounter hardships and transfiguring them into propitious outcomes. This skill serves as encouragement for the patient to ameliorate their own motivation while presenting an inspiring leadership persona to generate an exhilarating foresight for the patient's ensuing destiny. Uplifting their patients to establish productive determinations and formulate imperative alterations, after recognizing their errors, and appertaining more effective deliverance towards circumstances. The final soft skill I selected as being crucial to my future is developing a strong work ethic. Thriving in a strong work ethic is salient in succeeding in my future because it enforces organization to accomplish my goals constructively. The predominant elements of maintaining a strong work ethic involve the value of my production, awareness of my obligations, self-discipline, and integrity. Concentrating on these five soft skills will allow me to prosper in my future career, ascending my diligence within my occupation, and ultimately triumphing as an honored factor in my profession. In order to requisite actual skills, practicing my critical thinking is necessary, there are developmental stages that demand extensive interpretation in order to improve as a critical thinker.

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After reviewing the six developmental stages of critical thinking, I realized I often fall in the process of stage four which is recognizing the necessity of regular practice. Further developing my thinking can enrich one of my many roles including with my spouse, by making it easier to engage in understanding with him because communication is key and it can aid my comprehension of my personal behavior towards a situation, then reflecting on his reactions based on my actions. It will teach me to convey my outlook, enhance my discernment of my spouse’s frame of reference, and establish mutual communion. One behavior that can help further develop my critical thinking is “I form an opinion about the topic based on my own thinking. I list the pros and cons of various views, evaluate the authority of each source, and question each perspective's applicability to real life and ability to see the big picture”. This behavior can expand the origination of my critical thinking skills because forming an opinion about the topic based on my personal thoughts requires extensive insight into the material, forming opinions based on logical accuracy evolves my train of thought to continue seeking information. Listing the pros and cons of various views can expand my critical thinking development by conceptualizing the positive and negative aspects of different views, it leads my thoughts to analyze arguments, and other opinions and how their perspectives reflect with my personal observations. Evaluating the authority of each source can assist in developing critical thinking because it is quite a complex task to complete however grasping its strategies will develop my critical thinking remarkably. It directs me to examine the reliability of the source that is distributing the information, identify the precise facts, and use a spectrum of authority to reach the conclusive point of a debate that contains influences from social, cultural, and personal feelings. Questioning each perspective's applicability to real life and ability to see the big picture progresses my critical thinking by using questions as a form of gaining all the information possible from each perspective's applicability to real life with the purpose of formulating reasonable and logical perspectives to stabilize firm determinations instead of assumptions. The ability to see the bigger picture increases my critical thinking by gaining cognizance of the reasoning behind the purpose of the information allocated, ceasing the intentions of the information, and figuring out the actual idea of the presentation. Implementing behaviors to improve critical thinking also includes honesty, and academic integrity plays a valuable role in critical thinking which consists of acting ethically. Determining the correct form of building an analyzed appraised mindset that supports unwavering moral behaviors, includes writing original context. Making a decision to act with integrity will lead me to accommodate my mindset to absorb what I am understanding, I must articulate my individual interpretations then let them sink in, and then develop an approach towards the requirements. Critical thinking can help me act ethically by also considering my choices, meticulously selecting them, and confirming it bespeaks my authentic qualities by sparing the demanded specifications indispensable to progress.

Throughout this course, I have engaged in learning that guides me on how to direct my mental process exerting word selection, referring to a metacognitive forum that challenged me to think about how I processed the learning. I approached the metacognitive forums with intentional determination, applying my thoughts to what I am learning and creating actual ideas, making a checklist with organized tools, and using my reading comprehension. Becoming aware of my strengths and weaknesses, recognizing the limitations of my knowledgeability, and actively superintending my learning strategies by assessing tasks and requirements with readiness. My approach changed from week to week because I began developing more improved skills that allowed me to plan more constructively, perform my skills more adroitly, and revamp my learning steadily. Using the phases of metacognition will guide me through a task productively, strengthening my capacity to problem solve, overcome challenges, and expand my ability to develop into an intentional learner. Value was added to my learning process by participating in the metacognitive forums by being aware of the way I engage with the different influences that are involved in the process of how I am interpreting what I am learning., using the strategies I employ to obtain the achievement of my learning goal, and optimizing the experience using its applicable variety of reference strategies and demonstrating the values gained by using these metacognition forums. Continuing to complete these reflective sentence starters can enrich my learning by adapting my reflective skills to continuously develop feedback from my learning experiences increase the value of my virtuous learning cycle, amending further improvements through strategies and instruction. Any learning activity that requires reflecting and revisiting improves the status of my learning abilities.

Participating in these past activities that required reflecting, completely changed my expectations of what the delivery of the information learned would be when I began this course. I first thought I would be introduced to new learning techniques that I had already heard of or encountered before, however to my surprise I actually was able to thoroughly analyze and learn about learning patterns, using the patterns intentionally, taking control of my learning, development, using metacognition, and composing an adept mind while living my potential. My expectations were beyond excelled and completed, I received intellectual understanding and advantageous achievement that will provide me with abundant ability to succeed in enterprise tasks that I will encounter. My expectations were met because what I learned, was delivered with preciseness, depth, and strategy, I was able to receive detailed interpretation, methodical approach, and deliberate procedure towards prevailing in achieving understanding. If I could change one thing about this course it would probably be to increase the engagement activity with other peers, including group discussions, collaborative teamwork assignments, and participating in debates based on the difference in perspectives of the material we are all learning. I believe it will strengthen the record of the material knowledge and allow us to develop together while supporting and encouraging one another to interpret the information cautiously and coherently. I would advise anyone who is beginning their journey in this course to focus on their weekly assignments, review their understandings, ensure their interpretations, and arise continuously while advancing their development in their skills. Maximizing their learning experience requires recognition of their learning abilities, empowering their strengths, improving their weaknesses, and revising their prior knowledge to exceed new learning opportunities to progress.

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