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Democracy Advantages Essay

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Democracy is a system of government. All qualified individuals or members in the country have the opportunity to vote directly on the issues or to send someone to choose to make these decisions on their behalf. This is a government structure, where the government comes from the people, not from the army or the country.

Although this is an option generally associated with the United States, the Declaration of Independence has no record of this term. America's founding fathers were genuinely concerned with the idea of u200bu200ba democratic government. James Madison mentioned in a federalist document that this form of government can lead to chaos, instability and injustice. They worry that a popular government will eventually die, because this happens more often than everyone else in the world. What history does not always remember is that the Roman Empire had a functioning democracy in the early days of its existence. To this day, you can even visit the forum, where you can hold your meetings and vote. Even Vladimir Lenin believed that democracy was the goal of communism, using dictators to control the proletariat until this status was possible. Many people now believe that democracy is the best form of government available today because it gives everyone a voice.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the system to be considered. List of democratic advantages:

Democracy gives people the opportunity to participate in their government personally. Since the government of a democratic country is under the control of the people and their voices, everyone should decide their own destiny. People can choose to vote in any way that morality determines. If they think this is the best way to express their opinions, some people can even give voters the option not to vote. Every vote is an opportunity to express a personal opinion. Regardless of whether this voice reaches a majority or not, democracies agree that unless there is a clear moral objection to the result, the number of votes should be valid.

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The community will not object to the failure of swimming pool tax collection, but if people vote to accept local orders that allow slavery, the court system can intervene. two. The democratic system aims to reduce the problem of exploitation. All government formations are sensitive to exploitation by people who are elected to positions of power, unlike democracy, the distribution of authorities is more even. In this structure, the ruling document establishes a checks and balances mechanism to ensure that no one has the highest authority in the legislative process. Democracy prevents elected officials from ignoring the self-help needs of ordinary people. It challenges them to represent the needs of each community, so that everyone has an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams.

The democratic system promotes equality in a positive way. The democratic system gives equal weight to all votes in elections. This option gives everyone the opportunity to vote without trial when registering for this process, thus demonstrating that they have social or economic status. Regardless of whether you are rich or poor, whether you own land or not, all 'yes' or 'no' must be expressed in a specific way. 'Democracy and socialism have only one word: equality,' said Alexis de Tocqueville. 'But please pay attention to the difference; democracy pursues freedom and equality, while socialism pursues moderation and slavery.'

Democracies generally grow economically faster than other forms of government. The freedom provided in a democratic structure enables ordinary people to seek the results they want. Although there are legal barriers to prevent one from being harmed, this governance structure allows people to freely seek different job opportunities, schools and even places of residence. The choice is in your voice. You have the opportunity to find the things that inspire you in your life. The democratic structure allows everyone to maintain fruitful results in their work because they are always using their own advantages. This is why the gross domestic product of countries that propose constitutional arrangements is usually higher. 5. Democracy has more consistency than other government agencies.

There is greater unity between government procedures and democracy, because ordinary people have the right to vote on resolutions. Different styles of this arrangement can be used, but the result is usually the same. Everyone has the opportunity to express their opinions by voting. This process allows each community to continue looking for specific results that are useful to them, or they can change direction and try new things. The democratic structure makes it possible for everyone to form a society in a way that is useful to almost everyone and therefore to unite.

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