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Descriptive Essay on Museum of London

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Museum of London


”Created by act of Parliament in 1965, the Museum of London brought together the collections of two well-established museums, the Guildhall Museum and the London Museum. The former, founded by the Corporation of London in 1826, housed many archaeological discoveries of the previous two centuries from Roman and medieval London, the Hanbury Beaufoy collection of tradesmen’s tokens, and material relating to the city guilds and livery companies. The London Museum, which opened in 1912, had been conceived partly as a memorial to Edward VII, and as a result it attracted royal collections. Other acquisitions included the John G. Joicey collection of Chelsea and Bow porcelain and decorative arts, Sir Richard Tangye’s English Civil Wars collection, and more than 400 pieces of English glass amassed by Sir Richard Garton.”

”Museum of London, a museum dedicated to recording and representing the history of the London region from prehistoric times to the present day. Situated at the junction of London Wall and Aldersgate Street in the Barbican district of the City of London, the present building, designed by Philip Powell and Hidalgo Moya, was opened in 1976. It is the largest urban-history museum in the world.”


Source -

Task 1- Assignment Question

The document that it is been found it helps to provide the organization to perform the profile for the Museum of London and the Governors are invaluable contributors and ongoing to commitment to achieve their main goals such as intelligent involvement as this could be defined in many ways of aspects such as The Architectural Competition and The Academic Panel and the exhibitions that makes unique to the organization. The main purpose of this museum it is to work together across a common agenda for London’s culture, education and tourism. Alongside the museum’s objectives, it is to become better known across London City, to reach more people to come over the museum by encouraging schools and students.

Sustainable performance financially it is not doing great as the results can prove that the service it is not reflecting a good wider of trends across the London Museum and the lack of visitors in the market in 2017-2018. The museum of London wants to be in the first place, and they also want Londoners and other public visitors to understand history of London, as one of the goals and ambitions of the museum is to become much better known. The museum of London want to develop plans as the Stakeholders, and partnerships want to stretch thinking of how to bring public to discourse ideas and issues that people haven’t really thought about in London.

They also plan to stand their own to feet such as publicity by being more entrepreneurial by generating more commercials income and having greater sponsorship partners. The important goal of the museum is that they want to achieve and engage the whole of London to share ideas, stories, and objects as the main purpose of this its to give them ideas and conclusions of each Londoner's view of point. The main sources of the annual report can conclude that, “the Museum of London 2018” had so many successes as they programmed exhibitions such as “Fire! Fire!”. Had a story, and it was the 350th anniversary and this hit the target of visits as it had 153,011 visitors.

What are the Objects and Strategies of the London Museum?

  • Reach more people: The strategy it is to encourage the whole of London, deliver compelling programming and grow the museum of London Docklands Brand and also visitors.
  • Become better known: Strategy to strengthen their brand called “ We Are London.”
  • Stretch thinking: The strategy it is to build London Collection.
  • Encourage every school child: Strategy to extend and reach across London to every school child.
  • Stand on their own two feet: To build a strategic imperative to ensure their financial strength.
  • A new museum called “ West Smithfield”: The Strategy it is to create a New Museum for London and to transform society's view of point.
  • Developing assets: The strategy is to run the Museum of London and the Museum of Docklands while delivering a major building project.

What it is the main purpose of the London museum?

Growing audiences: They want to build strong relationships with the audience and alongside they want visitors to return. London museum will also focus about different audiences such as understanding the audience's motivation by connecting with Londoners and their purpose it is to get connections with over 2 Million visitors a year. Broader engagement by connecting with over 100,000 Londoners and the idea of this program it is to know if the population can help the new project as the workers at the Museum of London are asking and engaging Londoners from any range of backgrounds for example Young people who are able to develop skills throughout volunteering and to have work experience alongside. Compelling programmes and embedding digital online exchanges such as learning activities; however London museum aims to call the attention from millions of people by visiting their social media channels. Therefore Dockland's strategy will be to become and to go Cultural destination in East London as their goal it is to inform Londoners the historical story and by getting this in practice London Museum will use different types of programs; so families and other visitors can explore the friendly content. The strategic initiatives it's for transform New Customer Relationships Management and projects as will help to deliver a spectacular impact and value to workout this strategics of the Museum has to provide highly quality innovative programs as this will encourage school children, tourist people, families, and students to visit London Museum.This can be included in projects such as festivals and single weekend free tours as this could help the Museum to have good feedback and reviews by the public. The strategy's also to become more meaningful to Londoner's population as their ambition is big as their vision is bold alongside with partnerships, they work to achieve the big strategic oaks that are made of THREE organizations. They planning to have a New learning centre that will transform schools and communities to offer fundraising opportunities around the Docklands strategy, the main reason of this goal it is to increase their fundraising and commercial relationships and thought that the London museum will raise awareness.

Strength their brand will allow them to make a successful transition from the current place as the new museum will draw a high profile change to reposition the museum of London, however, they have partnerships that will help to build their brand such as “London News Agenda” will be making news of London collection and to consent stories which will generate greater impact as those impacts could be seen online news or social media channels. London museum will build anticipation because they want to bring more audience such as “STAKEHOLDERS” on the journey and program.

“ Collecting for London involves casting the changing everyday experience of Londoners such as creative commissioning performance of arts, photography, film and produce products.”

Learning for everyone have a greater impact for young people across London as this will be involved with “ CITY OF LONDON CORPORATION “, the role its to establish “ CULTURE MILE” as London it is leading learning partner. London museum also offers different programs to armed other young people to develop changes, so they can help to improve the creative, technical and interpersonal skills from every employee. Furthermore, the “GLA” contributes by promoting and developing “LONDON’S CURRICULUM and LONDON’S HISTORY DAY”. “The activities will be family festivals from 5 Surrounding boroughs and those are: Tower Hamlets, Newham, Southwark, Greenwich and Lewisham.”

New Trends: In education will be happening as technology and visitors' expectations will be one of the main ones as the ambition it is to double up the number of children to visits the museum as this will benefit young population to engage better with the museum content and expertise.

To increase self- stance and use public funding to generate additional income, the London museum wants to have money so they can give a greater impact as this will be spent on content, collections and commercial activities. Financially London museum has strong management as which allows for balancing their business-as-usual operations and the new transformational museum project, but each encore steam will coordinate a variety of commercial activity such as Retail, Catering and Venue hire income from exhibition as they already make their “Interest Grid of more £10 Million “. However, this also will call attention of partnerships that support the visitors experience.

New trends: ‘Building lifelong relationships over £100 Million will stretch beyond 2023 as donations and grants will build momentum capital camping of raising £70 Million towards the new museum over the next few years. Working with Campaign Ambassadors, people will promote influence and commitment to building a network.

Begging with close partnerships such as the City of London Corporation and GLA are there to achieve the goals of Chairman, Ambassadors, Governors and Executive director as they want to maintain 2 vibrant museums by making fully decisions form Stanton Williams the architect and Asif khan.

“Running the museum of London and the Museum of London Docklands while delivering a major building project.” This includes people, collections, buildings and performances.


How many sustainable development goals, do London museums follow?

One of the 5 key terms it is sustainable development and the main goal to reduce impact and helps to contribute the improvement of London’s environment and these are: MANAGE THE OPERATIONS TO HIGH STANDARDS, PROMOTE AWARENESS FOR STAFF AND VISITORS, FIND WAYS TO IMPROVE THEIR BUILDINGS, CONSIDER THE PROCUREMENT, MONITOR AND REPORT ON KEY CONSUMPTION AREAS.

Include sustainability in conversation with the audience, partners and staff: The content and programming will explore questions as draw connections between the past, present, and future.

The partners and external networks will help to exchange ideas, learning and support; alongside Core organizational behaviors, health and well-being of staff and volunteers.

Look regularly at operations to make them the best that they can be: Compliance with relevant legislation and regulations, however, they are willing to prevent pollution or contamination.

Take care of resources and not be wasteful: Follow different ways to reduce and recycle by putting on practice ethical and local sourcing.

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Find ways to improve how to manage the buildings and care for the collections: This will be a sustainable approach to collections management and refurbishment work and infretresture upgrades alongside managing to improve efficiency.

Realize the aspiration to become a greener museum though the new museum project: This will include implementation, review and approval the sustainability statement.

They are following 10 out of 17 sustainable development goals and those are:

  • Partnership with the goals
  • Good health and wellbeing
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Sustainable Cities and communities
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Quality education
  • Industry innovation and infrastructure
  • Peace justice and strong institutions
  • Climate action
  • Life on land
  • Sustainability

This picture it’s from the following website :

  • Page 17, 22, 23,24 and 25

Stakeholders management

  • Corporate social responsibilities and business ethics research
  • The City of London Corporation, The Mayor of London and Greater London Authority and Arts Council England.
  • GOVERNORS such as Chairman, Directors, executive, and non-executive.
  • Give an example that is specific and which rules are they're putting in place and how they follow.
  • What is the value?
  • What is accountability and balance?

Business ethics and the code of ethics- In this report I find 2 different types of business ethics one of them it is Education and the other one it is the environment. Education because the London museum has to follow the codes, rules and regulations by holding collections in trust on behalf of society as this legislation must be followed as this can breach the law of ethics if the London museum was not keeping this collection safe they were going to be duplications and it could be sell to other museums outside London. In another side, if the London museum was not trusting in another behalf they would of not have been able to focus on public service as visitors would not be able to visit the collections. The advantage of putting on practice this code of ethics it’s that the London museum can encourage visitors to explore collections so which could help visitors to inspire and enjoy themselves.

Environment because this code of ethics can support the protection of the natural and human environment by valuing and protecting the environment against of abuse of scientific, historic or cultural importance. The disadvantage of not following these codes could cause diligence procedures when archaeologists are stealing any collection from nature of another country and this could cause problems and could get a bad reputation like closing the museum and paying paperwork if it was fine or penalty, therefore the advantage of this code of practice its to help and protect the history of the London.

The conclusion of these codes of practice are very important as this helps to provide good integrity, focus objectively, to have excellent accountability and honesty; so they can get a good reputation, good funds and more visitors, the main reason that they need to follow it is that allows visitors to explore and for the museum to provide good professional standards and encourage the recognition of values.

  • Do they get money from some TLD companies?
  • What is Legacy? To have an idea

Shareholders are stakeholders?

“Shareholders are not stakeholders as their investment in a company is very different as Shareholders are always stakeholders in a corporation, but stakeholders are not always shareholders. The difference of each of these roles are that A shareholder owns part of a public company through shares of stock, while a stakeholder has an investment in the performance of the Company for reasons other can stock performance or appreciation.”

  • Source:

Which power do the Stakeholders hold?

”A devotion of a Stakeholder its a group or any individual who affects or it is affected by the performance of an organization.” (FREEMAN,1984)

“ These are stakeholders without whom the organization would cease to exist.” (MENDELOW, 1981)

“Stakeholders powers can supplies and vendors who may rely on the company to revise a consistent revenue stream, owners and shareholders, employees of the company, no holders who may rely on the company to provide a particular good of service and bondholders who own company- issue debt.”

Classify and apply Stakeholders and apply the theory for stakeholders.

  • What interest do they have in the outcome of the project?
  • How does this affect local residents?

This could affect local residents because they may not like the idea as the place will be busy with other tourists and via this problem residents may go into the strike and will make the museum to close. In the other hand if residents make the museum close, tourists and young residents will not been able to see the history of London and they will not be able to visit The Museum of London, The British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural history museum, Science museum and The National Gallery.

What motivates the most for all?

The reason of why they open a new museum it’s because they want Londoners and other tourists to explore and learn the history of London and through this project, public visitors will gain motivation such as learn new topics or even help them with a subject at school, college or university.

In the other side Museum of London and the board of directors are there to help society by making improvements with education and the environment, through this the board of directors who are the Chairman(Clive Bannister), Nonexecutive governors who are ( The Greater of London Authority, City of London, Union workers, Local people and volunteers) and CEO which is (Sharon Ament). They have a big role as as in page 44 and 45 of the article says” That Governors and staff - will be related to by parties that has been untaken any material transactions with the museum, the museum has received £16K and then they make £20K in 2017, with the donations form governors.

What would encourage them to support the project?

To the Chairman “ Clive Bannister- it is a Chief executive of Phoenix Holdings PLC in UK’s closed life fund” and he manage a group of Managing Director of group Insurance and Asset Management at HSBC bank holdings PLC from 2006 until 2010. He it is also a “MA”in politics, philosopher of economics from Exeter College and Oxford University, and through this Clive Bannister will support financially and will encourage young people and other visitors.

Then it comes to the governors as they have two different 19 nonexecutive governors which they are divided by 2 sectors and those are the Greater Authority of London and City of London.”The reason of why they are supporting this project it is because they want to encourage and engage with London's in new way for every Londoner’s life from early age and to contribute international, educational, cultural, economic, and reputation also impetus.”

Finally the Director “Sharon Ament”

Who else maybe be influenced by their options?

Shareholders are long-term with profitability and sustainability, ethical positive company image and deliver excellent service to all stakeholders which could lead:

  • Enhanced customer loyalty and spending.
  • Reduce traffic turnover, and sickness.
  • Reduced chance of industrial action.
  • Reduce the chance of pressure-group action.
  • Positive treatment by the government, media and general public.

Alternative definition

  • (DE WIT and MEYER,2010) “Refer to stakeholders in two different ways and the quotes of each of these philosophers are the same, so DE WIT and MEYER its saying both of these quotes are good as they both have similar meaning but with different written structure.”
  • THE WIDER SENSE: Similar to FREEMAN’S definition.
  • THE NARROW SENSE: Focused on those groups who can immediately affect a firm’s profitability and survival, such as customers, staff and government.
  • (EDEN,C and ACKERMAN, F ,2010) “Making strategy, London; sage publication p233.
  • (Kaplan,2012)” Mendelow’s Matrix (ONLINE) available

The sources for this following picture:

  • Copy and make it like a proper source
  • Codes of ethics link
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