Effect Of Globalization On Sovereignty

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Review
  3. Conclusion
  4. Reference:

In the past the countries from all over the world can contact each other by dealing with them like media, that what called Globalization that is known as an open border on each other, so the question is the Globalization has an effect on sovereignty? , so that the first argument taking about the sovereignty’s External effect on sovereignty and the second argument taking about the internal effect.


For a long time, the countries from all over the world would able have a relation between them by dealing with each other like media, trading and that what it called Globalization, So that Globalization is known as an open border on each other and examine the impact of globalization on the sovereignty of the state, and it appears that Globalization severely limits the sovereignty of a country, it’s also a mixture of politics, economics, and religion (Leonid, G,2013). Although Globalization is really useful, but maybe has negative side effect that could be really dangerous in certain level the first argument will be talking about the internal effect on sovereignty as the example that take place in Iraq in 2003 during the fight between Iraq and America when America fight with Iraq when they thinking that they have a mass destruction weapon ignoring the name of united nation for that sovereignty no longer provides absolute protection , the second argument will be talking about the internal effect as an example When a country opens its borders to a wide range of things like goods, money, viruses, and weapons to globalization, sovereignty will surely decrease, which may lead to drug gangs and traffickers in power in addition, the goods or service need to be re-seen that’s when it enter to the country by border because that will lead to a losing of sovereignty of the country , So that this paper seeks for find an answer for the question and try to find out if the if the Globalization has an effect on the Sovereignty or not, so that the question says is does the Globalization effect on sovereignty and how it will affect?, says as there is maybe a huge effect that’s caused by the Globalization that affects on the sovereignty of the country that can reach to the level that can be deadly for the country.

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Literature Review

There is many writers that are talking about Globalization and how it will affect about sovereignty like (Hudson. A, 2000) and (Kumar. V, 2003) that they said that the Globalization is the axis of the change of world that has a major effect on economic and relation between countries around the world by using data analyzing approach EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis), beside that sovereignty could be strongly and even fatally limited by different factors (Marsonet. M, 2015, page 38), so that the Globalization can affect on the sovereignty (Leonid. G, 2013) that was expressed by drawing a blueprint that the sovereignty can be affected by Globalization as the Globalization will be terrible in a certain level that the head of state could take care of it, War and imperial conquest that can people and citizens could gather in battle field (Held, D, 1999), That’s why the Globalization has a major effect on Sovereignty, so that’s why there is external effect that include goods and service that inter the country by borders and internal effect that include the war between Iraq and America in 2003.

All authors talked about all Globalization types but forget to mention the religious type and how it will affect the sovereignty of any country and lead it to a better level and position by observed the goods that came from and go to the country and get rid of the unlawful goods, in addition, it’s border not to be open for any goods so that’s mean country border is saved and under control of authority ( government), that’s why the religious Globalization more effective and powerful, in addition to that without a careful watching to the goods that came from the borders by the government that may because losing the sovereignty.

AT the beginning of the argument and what authors say about Globalization that will answer the question, As (Hudson. A, 2000, page 272) said about Globalization for a variety of commentators is considered as the best understand the term of change of the importance and the meaning of time ,space, place, border and distance of the spatialities of power and relation, in addition (Giddens 1990; Held, McGrew, Goldblatt and Perraton 1999; Rosenau 1997) said that the border is considered as an important for andy state when they talking about Globalization, As an example if a regime is dictatorial and declare a policy that the law to other country that object with it as what happened in Iraq in 2003 that is a good example for this case as (Giddens 1990; Held, McGrew, Goldblatt and Perraton 1999; Rosenau 1997; Sassen 1997) said that the war between Iraq and America that ignored the name of the United Nation when they thinks that the Iraq has the mass destruction weapons that proved that sovereignty didn’t provide the perfect protection, that proved in certain level there is will be organization like the United Nation that is a result of Globalization can make a trusted deal to be appeared as this country is free and independent but in difficult situation that the gang of this organization presents this deals can’t be trusted(this organization can break this deals for their own business) as it was this deal from the imagination that can extremely damage any sovereignty of any country (Marsonet. M, 2015) , finally this paper still focus on the certain situation of the country to face this news threaten and how it will be responses to this threaten that make any country more independent as the (Held. D, MeGrew. A Goldblatt. D and (Perraton. J, 1999, page 489) said So that Globalization had limited badly the sovereignty of any government that leads it to became more connected with each other ( that’s when the countries rely on each other) that can make and sovereignty of any country weaker than it thought by forced a country to attack another country that might cause a civil war between them in order to intervene to control its resources so that the Globalization will allow the power(force) across the regional borders, on the other hand, the Globalization countries exploiting each other that can reduce the sovereignty and limit it, in addition to this case it might cause fire the spark of war that’s when the country violates a country policy that might me affect on the economy of this county as it takes place in Iraq in 2003 when America entered Iraq and starts to use the country economic resources.

The first argument was talking about the external effect of globalization on sovereignty but the second argument will stay focus the internally effect of globalization on sovereignty, That’s when a country opens it’s borders for the goods ,service , money , weapon for gaining benefit from globalization , So that the sovereignty will be reduced that will lead to the appearance of drug gangs and power traffickers, in addition to that the smuggling will appearance , that will cause a big damage in the societies because of the acceptance of the Globalization as (Marsonet. M, 2015) said, during this situation, the idea of Globalization of Islam and many other religions have a great importance because in this stage the Globalization will be useful insteat of being harmful because of controlled Globalization and not to open it freely for any suspicious or illegal activities that can destroy sovereignty, in addition the state resources can be negatively exploited as an example of selling gasoline to terrorist gangs more that by selling to some companies which could lead a big corruption that affects on both sovereignty and economic of the state or country as (Li. G and Zhou. H, 2015) said , In addition, another issue that maybe rise m which it’s called the problem of inflation, which may rise because of the steady of increase in demand which leads to the withdrawing of demand for the inflation that maybe lead to a recession in the economy, which maybe cause a decrease in the sovereignty of a country or state for both internally and externally because of the decrease of the price as a result of sovereignty, people may be angry and made a revolution against power (authority) causing a decrease of sovereignty as (Held. D, MeGrew. A, Goldblatt. D and Perraton. J, 1999, page 14) said. In conclusion, it is clear that globalization limits sovereignty through some evidence such as terrorism that occurs and the exploitation of state resources. However, it is possible for heads of state to resolve the issue and its sorry consequences.


In the end, this paper supports all authors ideas about Globalization who said that we would suggest that Globalization needs to be re-seen because banning Globalization is considered as something of ignorance, So that we should use it in an effective way because it will be useful and will not affect badly on sovereignty, in addition, the Globalization won’t affect only on the sovereignty it also affects on legitimacy and economy even power and society to make the states more linked with each other that’s lead to the acceptance of all goods and service the come through the borders with is a weak supervise that make it very difficult for the state to reclaim stable sovereignty so that the country must be careful with a perfect watching the goods and services that enter the country, finally it will become limited and Globalization will be very useful when there is a careful regulation that must be included when watching the goods that cross the borders even if its input or output.


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