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The Globalization of Cultural Identity

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This paper aims to survey the recent research on globalization and growth, with an emphasis on research of how cultural globalization occurring around us. To understand cultural globalization, we should first understand what the term actually globalization means. Globalization is the process in which people, ideas and goods spread throughout the world, prodding more interaction and integration between the world's societies, governments and economies.

The term is most much of the time utilized in reference to making a coordinated worldwide economy set apart by organized commerce, the free progression of capital and corporate utilization of outside work markets to expand returns. However, some use the term globalization more broadly, applying it to the movement of people, information and technology across international borders; some also apply it to the free flow of cultural, environmental and political issues.

History of globalization

“Globalization as a term came to prominence in the 1980s. Although many consider this process a relatively new phenomenon, globalization has been going on for centuries. The Roman Empire, for example, spread its economic and governing systems through significant portions of the ancient world for centuries. Similarly, the trade routes of the Silk Road carried merchants, goods and travellers from China through Central Asia and the Middle East to Europe and represented another wave of globalization. “

European countries had critical ventures overseas in the decades before the World War I, provoking a few financial experts to mark the pre-war period as a previous brilliant time of globalization.” “Globalization has ebbed and flowed throughout history, with periods of expansion, as well as retrenchment. The 21st century has witnessed both. Global stock markets plummeted after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States, but rebounded in subsequent years.

Generally, however, the early 21st century has seen a sensational increment in the pace of worldwide combination, driven basically by fast advances in innovation and broadcast communications. In general, money, technology and materials flow more swiftly across national boundaries today than they ever have in the past. The progression of learning, thoughts and societies are streaming with expanding speed too, engaged by the close to immediacy of worldwide web correspondences.

The Impact of Globalisation on Culture

Cultural globalization, which refers to the process by which one culture's experiences, values, and ideas are disseminated throughout the world through various means.

Connections among globalization and culture don't appear to be an on-going marvel. In fact, they constitute, particularly with the influence of globalization on culture, a contention point in the literature as various theoretical standpoints have been developed to examine these interactions. Moved by the productivity or intrigue of remote correspondences, electronic business, mainstream culture, and worldwide travel, globalization has been viewed as a pattern towards homogeneity that will eventually make human experience everywhere essentially the same. This appears, however, to be an overstatement of the phenomenon. Although homogenizing influences do indeed exist, they are far from creating anything akin to a single world culture.

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Globalization has negative and positive effects on social identity. The principle effect of globalization on social identity is the spread of multinational corporations.

This encourages consumer culture and standardizes products and values. Culture has almost become a one-way operating manner of business. Social merchandise and enterprises delivered by rich and amazing nations have attacked all of universes markets, and left with troubles undeveloped nations which are not ready to stand up the challenge. The outcome is that these countries are unable to enter areas of influence occupied by worldwide organizations of developed ones and local products are replaced by mass products. However globalization influences cultural identity also in a good way. A long way from devastating effects, it has the most critical power in making and multiplying cultural identity.

Negative effects of globalization on culture


Huge worldwide organizations advance their items all around, and brands like Coca-Cola, KFC and Nike are predominant over the world. The negative impact of worldwide advertising is that neighbourhood organizations are pushed out of the market and the global organizations force American or European customer drifts on different societies. Similarly, the fast food industry promotes values of production efficiency. As a result, traditional cuisine appears less cost-effective and profitable than fast food, causing traditional food outlets to lose the opportunity to flourish, or even exist.


Some United Nations members claim that globalization increases poverty particularly among young people, the old, women, indigenous peoples and migrants. An increase in poverty has a widespread cultural impact. In poor Asian economies, such as Bangladesh, Vietnam and Cambodia, large numbers of women now have work in garment export factories. Their wages are low by world standards however a lot higher than they would earn in alternative occupations. One way to reduce poverty in these groups is for well off nations to accept more imports from developing countries.


Language is a key expression of cultural diversity. Critics of globalization claim it marginalizes some languages and may even cause some languages to die out. English as become the governing language, across the world. Certainly, English is broadly used as a second or third language, which helps the globalization of trade ; however, if business communities see more benefits in speaking Spanish or Chinese, they learn those instead. Since the world´s economies speak English, other languages have become less significant.

While globalization is by and large viewed as the procedure of worldwide reconciliation including organizations or associations, this trade of world perspectives, societies, and thoughts has dramatically affected training and the manner in which individuals learn dialects.


Cultural globalization simply narrows down the differences between everyone, possibly creating a much more productive environment. One criticism being slapped to cultural globalization is that it leans towards western ideology and other practices. It was increasingly similar to adjusting to the greatest impact, which on account of social globalization, is the United States of America. What appeared to be an interrelated connection of individuals everywhere throughout the world turned into an elective motivation to resemble western nations. Cultural globalization is also marked with some new trends in human relations. Acknowledgment of an overall environmental emergency, the development of worldwide concern about health problems such as AIDS and other diseases , augmentation of the idea of human rights and the making of worldwide vote based developments are a few examples of integration that is taking place between various states.

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