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Eleven Important Things To Self-Protect Women's Sexual Health

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In sex, women are more vulnerable than men. Therefore, women should know more about protecting themselves. Therefore, experts summarized sexual knowledge that is good for health. Remind female friends to pay attention to physical health.

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What women’s sexual health knowledge must know?

The knowledge of sexual health that women must know mainly includes the following aspects:

  1. First: Condoms. If you are not planning to become pregnant, our recommendation is to use a condom throughout. Although it is not 100% insured, the risk of pregnancy is much smaller than other methods of contraception.
  2. Second: Security Period. To calculate your safety period, you need to prepare for up to 6-8 months: record the first day of your menstruation every month. Subtract 18 from the shortest cycle time and 11 from the longest cycle time. The day between the two results is your ovulation period. Having sex outside of the ovulation period, the so-called safe period, has a much lower chance of becoming pregnant, even if you do not use contraception.
  3. Third: Masturbation. Without violating your religion, don’t feel guilty or shame for your masturbation. Masturbation is something that most men and women in the world have ever done.
  4. Fourth: Cleaning. No objection to cleaning, but not too often. The lotion should be used with caution. Generally speaking, if the vagina is healthy, it does not need to be washed. Its inner surface mucosa constantly produces secretions. Too frequent washing may damage the vaginal flora imbalance, even during menstruation.
  5. Fifth: Oral contraceptives. You can choose to take it for a long time or afterwards. At present, the medical profession generally believes that women over 35 years of age and women with smoking habits are not suitable for long-term use of contraceptives.
  6. Sixth: Aphrodisiac. Men seem to believe more that there are certain special substances that can enhance people’s sexual desire and sexual function. Many strange things have been considered to have such a function, and it is not recommended to try it easily without knowing the complications it may bring.
  7. Sixth: Oral sex. Whoever does oral sex for whom, it is best to wash the genitals before proceeding. Unhygienic sex organs can not only make your partner feel nauseous, but they can also be susceptible to bacterial infections. If the cleaned male genitals still smell, remind him to go to the hospital for a urological examination.
  8. Seventh: Anal sex. Women generally don’t like this way of entering, but may be asked by men. The tissue in the anal area is very fragile and inelastic, so it easily tears. Anal sex is also considered a high-risk sexual activity.
  9. Eighth: Sex toys. As an extension of sex, use them to enrich your sex life, not to replace it. Sex toys may help you gain a lot in sex, but don’t share it with others, because it may spread bacteria and infectious diseases.
  10. Ninth: Exchange. The most common thing in the Western sexual flooding period is now lurking in the dark corners of China in the form of clubs. Whether from a moral or health standpoint, such sexual invitations should be firmly rejected.
  11. Tenth: Homosexuality. If you really want to have sex with a same-sex person, you need to be reminded that although your penis replacement cannot ejaculate, it is best to wear a condom.
  12. Eleventh: AIDS sexual intercourse. Avoiding contact with body fluids is the only effective way to cut off this route of transmission. The so-called body fluids include blood, semen, milk and vaginal discharge. It is sometimes found in saliva, but the concentration can be so low that it cannot spread. But oral sex transmission is the most important part of sexual intercourse transmission.

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