Environment-, Fire Security- And Health- Related Reasons to Ban Smoking at All Eateries in Malaysia

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Ban smoking at all eateries.

Nowadays smoking become more common in Malaysia, example on the streets, in the restaurants, everywhere have smokers around us. Although a lot of countries will publicize “Smoking is harmful for health”, is also because smoking ban in Malaysia is not strong. It cause more and more second hand smokers. At the point here, the policy of smoking ban in Malaysia has been improving and reforming. The past of Ministry Health, only listed the government buildings, air-conditioned restaurants, public transports and also the park is listed as non smoking area.

On 2018, from month of October, this rule officially implemented. However smokers think that this rule is unreasonable which the Ministry of Health did not take any action towards smoking, and also neglect this rule. Due to smokers that are indifferent, Ministry of Health on 17 December 2018 will officially announced on 1st of January 2019 all domestic restaurants include operation in open air will be completely banned, onlookers will be punished as it should be.

Ministry of Health Lee Wen Cai said, all restaurants must request to set up a smoking area, yet Ministry of Health rejected this request. The operator must operate on their own restaurant business and also paste the non smoking sign on the restaurant billboards, the offenders will be fine RM2500. The size of the billboards cannot less than 40 cm high and 50 cm width. All restaurants are not allowed to set up a smoking area, smokers only can smoke 10 meters away from the restaurant.

The operator is not allowed to provide the smoking facility, such as ashtrays. The offenders will be fine not less than RM3000 or will be imprisoned not less than six months, or will punish both. Smokers who violate the rules will be fine not less than RM10000, will be imprisoned not less than two years or will punish both. Electronic cigarette and hookah in the non smoking area will also be dealt with penalty unless it can be proved that electronic cigarette and hookahs don’t have nicotine and tobacco in it, otherwise action will be taken. Regarding to this rule in the first six months, Ministry of Health will send a warning first and also education. If the smokers are still smoking, the law enforcement officer can directly fine you.

Why do people want to smoke? About this question, scientifically they don’t have the right answer for smoking. However, one of the main reasons maybe it is hookahs may have contain nicotine and also it may let the smokers to be exciting and calm themselves. This two distinct have special effects in it. Smoking may bring some benefits to people, scent of the tobacco products can bring pleasure to the people, maybe it’s one of the interpretation. Furthermore, smoking can release stress, increase attention and intervene other people mood is the main cause of why people smoke. That’s why a lot of people will choose to smoke to numb themselves or escape from reality that gave them the stress.

Why smoking is affected by the people around you? The people around you is from family, friends, staffs, TV drama program etc. Due to family used to smoke, children will have driven by curiosity and try to smoke. Maybe some children can’t stand the friends provocation and embarrassment so that they will want to smoke. Due to people who just start working, they need to socialized with customers, and also they can’t reject or push away the customers request if not will cause them to integrate within this environment. Just because of socializing with the society and must smoke. The first time meeting, offer cigarette to another person is representing respect and courtesy to others, it is possible to shorten the people heart and the distance. Some people might imitate people smoking from TV drama program. They will think it is cool to smoke, but actually it is not.

People always think that smoking is the best way to release stress, but actually it is not. Smoking is bad for health. Maybe is because family have some financial conditions and brought them up some stress. For the children, might be having some stress through studies, environment, family problems, single family, reorganized family and also the last but not least the child might be an orphan so that they have some negative thoughts in their mind and make them want to smoke. For the adults that just start working, they will feel confused is because they can’t find the sense of direction. Also because they can’t find a job and since they don’t have financial ability. They will feel lost so they think smoking can just escape from reality for awhile.

People always think that smoking is cool, they like to show off to their friends or other people. In order to just show themselves in front of others. People who smoke, they will think their appearance is charming and also very attractive. For people who smoke, they think smoking can cover their emotional feelings. In awkward and stressful situations, people will just show off some of their smoking tricks just want to attract other people attentions.

Everyone has good and bad habits. Most people in the current society have bad habits of smoking. Although they all know that smoking can endanger their health, they still go to smoke, which is really puzzling. Although we can see the 'No Smoking' sign in many places, even the words 'Smoking is harmful to health' can be seen on the cigarette case, but people are not paying attention to smoking. Then do they really realize that smoking really causes great harm to the human body, and the harm of smoking is not only as simple as poisoning.

Human blood contains hemoglobin. People who have studied biology know that hemoglobin can bind or separate from oxygen. However, few people know that it can also bind to carbon monoxide, and it has a strong binding ability, which is 200-300 times that of oxygen. The combination is not easy to separate, and people who inhale a large amount of carbon monoxide will die due to lack of oxygen and suffocation. This is the cause of gas poisoning (gas contains carbon monoxide). Symptoms of poisoning occur in humans with a total concentration of carbon monoxide in 0.02 percentage of air for two hours. Cigarette smoke contains hundreds of toxic and harmful substances, including carbon monoxide.

In addition to carbon monoxide, cigarettes also contain nicotine and benzopyrene, which contains a strong carcinogen, dioxin. Some people have used experiments with mice: the smoke of 60 cigarettes is concentrated and the mice are inhaled. As a result, the mice are suffocated and died of poisoning. Some people soaked 400 cigarettes of tobacco in the water. After the water turned black, the water contained in it was evaporated and a lot of black tar was deposited on the bottom of the pot. In addition to tar, these black substances also contain hundreds of harmful substances such as the highly toxic substance nicotine.

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Smoking accelerates the heart rate, increasing the risk of high blood pressure and vascular occlusion, leading to heart attacks and strokes. The risk of stroke in smokers is 2 to 3.5 times that of non-smokers; if both smoking and high blood pressure are present, the risk of stroke increases by nearly 20 times. Women who are taking birth control pills will increase the risk of developing blood clots and heart disease.

A large number of studies have shown that the incidence of lung cancer in smokers is 20 to 25 times higher than that of the average person, and is positively correlated with the amount of smoking and the length of smoking. Cigarettes burning smoke contain more than a thousand kinds of chemicals, among which the identified carcinogens are 3, 4 - benzopyrene, nicotine, tar and etc. In addition, the radioactive elements 210, carbon - 14, arsenic, nickel, etc also have carcinogenic effects. By reducing the tar content or adding a filter to change the carcinogenic components of tobacco, the histological type of lung cancer can also be changed, which proves that smoking is closely related to the occurrence of lung cancer. When nicotine is inhaled into the human body, it will have adverse effects on tissues such as the heart and blood vessels, causing the sympathetic nerves to be abnormally excited, causing the blood vessels to contract, and the heart has to accelerate, so the blood pressure is also increased. Some scholars have done such a report. If only one or two cigarettes are smoked, the index of blood pressure will change. If a few dozens of packs are taken in a year, the accumulation of such a few decades will definitely have adverse effects.

With further scientific research, smoking will multiply the 'oxidative stress' reaction, produce more free radicals to damage body organs and tissues, aggravate the insulin resistance response, weaken the immune system of the human body, and accelerate the organs and tissues of the human body. Aging (oxidized). Smoking promotes the deterioration and development of oxidative stress diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, gout, etc., so patients with oxidative stress diseases must be absolutely banned from smoking while being treated.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer refers to the gradual mutation of healthy cells in the oral cavity and can occur in a variety of ways. According to the American Society of Oral Cancer, a large proportion of people with oral cancer diagnosed each year are caused by smoking. A study by the University of California showed that 8 out of 10 oral cancer patients were smokers. Whenever inhalation, harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke must pass through the mouth and throat before going to the lungs. With prolonged repeated exposure, these chemicals can cause changes in the mouth of the mouth, leading to oral cancer. Despite this, oral cancer is still a preventable disease. Quitting smoking, removing other high-risk behaviors and visiting dentists regularly for routine oral examinations can prevent oral cancer in the future.

Periodontal (gum) disease

Periodontal disease (infection of the gums and bones around the teeth) is caused by the massive accumulation of harmful bacteria in the mouth, which can lead to the loss of teeth but harmful bacteria are not the only cause of gum disease. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that smokers are more than twice as likely to suffer from gum disease as non-smokers. Smoking can impede the immune system, making it difficult for the body to fight gum infections. In the case of periodontal disease treatment, smokers may not be able to achieve the same successful results as non-smokers because smoking makes the gums difficult to heal.

Bad breath and tooth stains

According to the American Dental Association (ADA) Oral Health website, in addition to being more susceptible to oral cancer and gum disease, smoking can also affect people's taste and smell, as well as prolong the recovery time after tooth extraction or other dental treatment. In addition, tar in cigarette smoke can also contaminate the teeth, causing bad breath problems and discoloring the tongue. Professional scaling cleaning at the dental clinic is a great way to remove these stains.

Second-hand smoke can be fatal. Passive smoking smoke can also cause serious diseases such as lung cancer and other malignant tumors, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart and cerebrovascular diseases, increasing the risk of coronary heart disease in non-smokers by 25% to 30%, and increasing lung cancer risk by 20% to 30%. Second-hand smoke can also cause sudden death syndrome, otitis media and low birth weight, especially for pregnant women, babies and children. In addition, second-hand smoke contains a variety of second-hand smoke that can quickly stimulate and harm the respiratory mucosa. Compounds, therefore, even short-term exposure can cause upper respiratory tract damage, trigger frequent attacks of asthma; increase blood viscosity, damage the intima of the blood vessels, cause insufficient blood supply to the coronary arteries, and increase the risk of heart attack.

Polluted environment

Furthermore, smoking indoors, ash scattered, polluting the air, who is victimized at the scene. Smoking outside, cigarettes everywhere, destroying the cleanliness and sanitation of the environment. Therefore, no matter where you smoke, it is polluting the environment. This has reduced the productivity of the country and caused the mental and economic pain and burden of the deceased's family.

Destroy resources

Many land for growing tobacco cannot be used for other purpose at the same time. This also causes the reduction of other agricultural products. The packaging of cigarettes and the drying of tobacco leaves require wood, and deforestation is used for its use. This not only wastes resources, but also worsen the loss of water and soil in the upper reaches of the river. It has destroyed the entire environment and deepened the extent of the disaster caused by droughts and floods.

Causing fire

Smoking is one of the important causes of human fires. The burning of cigarette butts can lead to burning of houses, explosions in factories and fires in forests, causing major losses in life, property and natural resources, and these losses should be avoided. As long as you don't smoke, you can avoid many fires.

Wasting money

Smoking is addictive, smoking is increasing, and the cost of smoking is increasing. Over time, this has become a big expense. The money that can be used for the right way, such as increasing nutrition, adding clothing, and spending on education, must be reduced, and even abandoned. It is also worse for the farmers, workers or the poor to cause greater economic pressure and physical damage, which is even worse.

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