Why Smoking Should Be Banned: Essay

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Should smoking be banned?

Do you want to land in a hospital? Smoking can bring many problems to you. Some are even permanent problems, such as being fed from a feeding tube. Smoking has so many negative effects on you and the people around you. It can cause secondhand smoke-related illness and health risks to the user and it’s totally a waste of money. Others believe that smoking is good, but the negatives outweigh the positives. This is why smoking should be banned.

Do you really want to hurt your close ones?, nobody does, but when you smoke, you are not just hurting yourself, you are also hurting the people surrounding you.” The American Lung Association” has found that “2.5 million died from exposure to secondhand smoke in the year 2017” undoubtedly this is a serious problem. You might not be realizing the damage you caused, but you can also be causing damage to your loved ones such as your children when they breathe in the Smoke they can get sudden infant death syndrome,

respiratory infections, frequent asthma attacks, ear infections, and chronic cough which artist serious symptoms do you really want to ruin your child’s future, well I don’t think so so think twice about smoking and who you smoke around period furthermore there are more negative about smoking that proves why it should be banned such as health problems to the user.

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Do you want to get your legs or arms amputated?, do you want to eat from a feeding tube, well nobody does smoking causes many symptoms and brings many problems did you know smoke contains 7000 chemicals including hundreds that are toxic and about 70 that can cause cancer, cdc.gov has reported more than half a million deaths per year just in the United States smoking can cause many problems to your health such as cancer, cardiovascular issues, respiratory issues and many more, thousands even millions are diagnosed with cancer do to smoking, symptoms of cancer are not feeling hungry feeling weak and even losing body parts or causing lungs to weaken if you smoking and something you should think twice about no one realizes the dangers of smoking but smoking could ruin your life completely it will hurt you mentally and physically it will be a turning point in your life but a very negative one. This is why smoking should be banned.

Smoking is an expensive habit and many times that leaves people in death or just in poverty. Cigarettes contain nicotine which makes you more addicted every time you use it it’s a marketing scheme of companies that make cigarettes to make you want to buy even more they don’t realize the damage they are causing you all they care about is making money. Smokers waste around $10,000 just to buy cigarettes yearly, once you’re in negatively affected by smoking it will cost you much more than this hospital bills cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Smoking also brings many issues that you sometimes don’t realize that cost money and hurt you mentally an example of this is if you’re engaged to someone, but the person disagrees with your addiction the relationship would not work out and you will have to divorce each other which is also a costly procedure. Smoking just brings more and more problems this is why smoking should be banned permanently.

On the other hand, smoking can make you lose weight, but not in a good way it’s going to make you stop eating so you won’t be healthy like before you won’t be getting the nutrients necessary and you will feel weak smoking really warms your body negatively there is no positive about smoking all it does is bring problems and all you will be doing is harming your body and yourself this is why smoking should be banned because it has no positive effects.

To conclude smoking just brings problems such as health problems and it’s a waste of money you are wasting $10,000 and more yearly on something that will harm you and Scar you for the rest of your life you are paying $10,000 for problems because once the effects of smoking start kicking in it will ruin your whole body and cause you to land in the hospital and pay bills that are extremely expensive and it won’t be the same like before your life will change dramatically in a negative way. Some people still debate whether it should be bad or not they say that helps, for example, losing weight but the way you lose weight is causing more problems such as health problems. This is why smoking should be banned.

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