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Essay about the Most Influential Person in My Life

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My older brother has been a critical motivation in my life. I cannot imagine life without my brother. One significant element that sets him apart is his humility. Despite being very successful, humility punctuates my brother’s life. His academic success is not the only point but also his entrepreneurial prowess. A lot of firsts in our family have been courtesy of him.

As mentioned, you cannot discuss my brother and fail to notice or mention his humility. One would expect a professor who has a less mentioned side of entrepreneurship to be a very proud person. When visiting our grandma, I always admire how flawlessly he mingles with the neighbors even better than I do. Maybe he is more sociable. Taking a walk down the street with him, you will notice that they exchange pleasantries with a significant chunk of the people we meet. I always think that the days he grew up contributed to this trait. I hardly talk to anyone who we, for example, went to school with. Socializing seems to have been an ideal trait of humanity then. In the day and age of technology we live in, this is slowly fading.

His generosity and ability to stay young and athletic despite him hitting thirty in the next couple of years is admirable. My brother's outlook and presentation can be mistaken for a younger college guy who plays for the city’s football team. He is a fitness and fashion enthusiast, something that has enabled him to stay ready and have will sculptured body. My brother has a family of two kids and a wife who, by all means, seems to complement his personality and effort. He often mentions that in her, he found a perfect match. It is a common thing to hear him during family gatherings, saying that he cannot imagine a life without the wife and kids. He seems to draw a significant amount of inspiration from his family. He looks happy and contented with the good tidings that have come his way.

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My brother's academic achievements are not a mean fit. He was the first in our family to get a Ph.D. Without any shadow of a doubt, he is a goal standard from whom I draw my motivation to achieve higher in terms of academic excellence. Because Ph.D. is the epitome of education globally, this means that my brother, together with a few other scholars across the globe, go by the title professor. I have always wanted to join this elite class of scholars whose thoughts and opinions are held in high regard. Throughout my life, I have known him as a problem-solver, a man who would take unlimited attempts regardless of the countless failures that he faces. What fascinates me the most is the fact that, eventually, he emerges victorious.

Him being a family man is another inspiring thing about him. We have been brought up in a typical family environment where our father took leadership positions, and the mother was the critical helper. My brother seems to have adopted this model in his family. The number of kids seems to be a convenience, especially whenever they are doing a weekend away from the city. He seems to have just enough time to do his professor roles, be a brother, a husband, an entrepreneur, a son, and a friend. It is hard to imagine how he manages all these roles in what seems like a perfect balance.

My brother grew up in a time when my parents did not have much to spare. Stories are told of his endurance and perseverance through life. I tend to think of him as a person who made the best of life. He was not always the brightest student in school, but today he is higher than most of his peers. Honesty and morality are a thing that continually guides his life. I have, for a long time, known him as a father figure in my life, teaching ways of being a productive member of society. There was an instance in my early high school years when I happened to be among the last students of our year. His approach to addressing these challenges was inspiring. As opposed to being hard and quarrelsome, my brother decided to take a dialogue approach. The incident has always made me feel free and open to discussing some of my deepest-seated secrets and challenges in life.

Right to a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, my brother is a true icon that has and continues shaping my life. Just as he cannot imagine a life without his family, I cannot imagine mine without my brother. His educational achievements can be seen with the Ph.D. His life achievements range from his entrepreneurial success, family success, and his social and philanthropic ventures. Indeed, he stands as an undisputed inspiration in my life. Whether I decide to go scholar way or the entrepreneurial way, I have a formidable figure to turn to for inspiration. Long live, my brother.

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