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Essay on What Brotherhood Means to Me

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Brotherhood for me means always being there for each other. Ever since I was born, I have known one thing to be true – my brothers will always be there for me in every situation, and so too I will be there for them in every situation. One who is born with brothers or sisters is born with the mentality of always thinking of their siblings in everything they do. When you are a brother, you simply cannot do everyday tasks without consulting the other, whether it be who gets to use the bathroom first in the morning or who gets to sit in the front seat on the way to school. Brotherhood has taught me many important values in life such as empathy, loyalty, trust, and honesty. Without these four factors, one cannot ensure having a bond that will last them until the end of their days.

Being a triplet can be very frustrating but only once one begins to progress in life will one understand that being a triplet is one of the greatest gifts in the world. One of these frustrating moments is when someone meets you for the first time. Their first reaction when I tell them that we are indeed triplets is one of shock and disbelief, they then go on to say that they cannot tell the difference between us, because of this I have provided visual evidence that we definitely do not look alike. My eldest brother is tall and thin with brown hair, my elder brother is average height and muscular with blonde hair, and finally, I am the shortest with a small build and brown hair. We can be seen wearing a kippah at Friday night Shabbat, which is very close to our hearts, it indicates that our Jewish Israeli heritage is something that will unite us forever.

Being united by a bond that is so strong does not mean that one cannot express their individuality. The most important feature of brotherhood for me is that while brothers can be as close as heat is to fire in their bond, they can be so far apart from each other in their individuality. No brother could get along with the other if he was too similar or too different, one needs the right balance of differences and similarities, and only then will the relationship work. What brotherhood meant for me when I was younger was always having someone to play with, always having someone to go on adventures with, always having someone to be competitive with, and always having someone that will be there for you when no one else is. One of the most important lessons I have learned from being a brother is to never compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and must embody and concentrate on what they think shapes their character. However, when one compares their achievements, it results in sadness, hate, and betrayal. My mom explained to me that this would be a key factor in determining how well my relationship with my brothers would be, and this is why we are so close today.

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How I view brotherhood today is very different from how I viewed it in the past. When I was younger, I used to hate the fact that people couldn’t tell my brothers and me apart – it used to make me feel like I cannot be independent. Now I have learned that instead of similarities being something that I should be upset about, it is something that unites me to a bond that no one can ever destroy. Even though my brothers and I may look similar at first glance, each of us embraces our differences and focus on them. Our differences allow us to be independent, and without them, our relationship would not be the same.

In the past, my brothers and I shared a room until we were twelve years old, this was something that brought us closer together. But now we have our own rooms, our own bathrooms, our own phones, and our own interests. As time moves on, we are slowly being disconnected by our different interests and different lives, which shows that we are all progressing as people.

Brotherhood does not only have to be two males who are connected by blood, but rather a brother is someone who cares for you, is loyal to you, and is willing to do anything to save your relationship if need be. Being a triplet has really made me understand how to form a bond that is unbreakable with people. I am very lucky to say that my blood brothers are not the only brothers I have – I have many friends whom I can go to for advice, and who are reliable, loyal, and trustworthy. I know that I can count on them for anything just like I can with my blood brothers.

Trust is so hard to gain, yet so easy to lose. It requires time and effort, two steps that many people neglect to take in building relationships. However, brotherhood is different, brotherhood relies on trust. Brothers trust one another with their innermost secrets, they trust in each other’s judgment on a range of issues, and they trust each other to 'have one another's back' through thick and thin. Brotherhood stems from unconditional love. Unconditional love means loving someone enough to tell them when they are wrong, loving someone enough to want that person to excel in all of his endeavors, and loving someone enough to sacrifice your own comfort for theirs.

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