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Alexander the Great was an ancient Macedonian ruler of Macedonia and Persia. He is recognized as one of the world’s best leaders. Alexander the Great built the largest and most dominating empire in the world. He was born in Macedonia, Greece in three hundred fifty-six BC. Alexander the Great father was King Philip Two, and his mother’s name was Queen Olympias. His father was a Greek god, which we recognize today as “Zeus.” Alexander the Great succeeded his father at the age of twenty. Alexander followed his father and continued to dominate the world. When his father decided to unite Greece, Alexander had dreams of world conquest. Alexander also tried to conquer the Persian Empire, which was a massive empire during his time. also, Alexander the Great was loyal to his army, and his army would follow him everywhere he went. His army would give life to protect him without hesitation.

Alexander studied with Aristotle for more than three years and had a deep analytical interest in science, so he was good with war tactics. He had great skills and was able to handle his army very effectively. Alexander protected Macedonian’s border even though he had problems with Athens, Thebes, and Sparta. He wants to conquer Darius and the Persian empire. In addition, Alexander spent the last ten years in the Persian empire, and he never came to Macedonia. He was considered a brilliant strategist, and developed the technique called’ phalanx’. In this technique, all men walk on an angled line considered as an ‘echelon’ which is a vertical line.

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In September, 356 BC, King Philip received a message from a general that they had won one of the swindle wars, and his wife gave birth to Alexander. Meanwhile, Macedonia was divided into two regions, which were Upper Macedonia and Lower Macedonia. Upper Macedonia had a continental climate while lower Macedonia had a seasonal climate. There was also a rule in Macedonia that the king could be revoked with the vote of his executives. Alexander grew up in a male-dominated household which had all the drunken feasts and lethal soldiers. His brother Olympian was ‘mama’s boy’ and wouldn’t get along with his brother Alexander. He was a dark and brutal kind of person who used to hold grudges for years and kill people for their misbehavior. During this time Philip was the most powerful ruler in the entire Greece. When Persians conquered Sidon (Egypt) in 345, Philip helped the Egyptians to get rid of them. One time when Philip saw ambition and power to conquer the world in his son’s eyes he was astonished by his rebellious nature. His father advised him to be in touch with the Macedonian dignities. Once Philip had difficulties leading war on the sea, so he led them to land with crook and won over the joint forces of the neighboring countries. Athens and Thebes didn’t accept the proposal of peace, so Philip went to war with them and did a direct attack and won.

When Alexander became the king of Macedonia he managed to eliminate all his enemies except Amyntas and Cananis, Cleopatra's baby. He maintained his father’s principles and gave the position to all his friends who returned from exile and made them court’s executives. People from his empire tried to rebel against his decision but later they cooperated. Thebes and Athens acknowledged Alexander. He trained his soldiers in the valley and planned to enter Europe, but he had one problem Thracians. Later, when he returned to Pella he saw there were no resources for the Macedonian population to run the economy, so he decided to wage a war capture lands, and give his people some benefits. Also, to run an army requires a lot of expenses, so that was the only option he had to go to war. He also collected huge revenue from the people of his kingdom and trained his troops for the war against Darrius. Alexander’s troops contained a lot of scholars, and war technicians which made his army almost unstoppable and he set out to war on Persia involving various deities.

People did not know Alexander’s plan when he attacked Persia. When Alexander won the battle of Glanicus he had access and control over the revenue of the region and he selected the best ministers to manage the office. Meanwhile, he captured Ionia, Lydia, and Aeolid, therefore his kingdom. Afterward, he made his base in Ephesus. New Smyrna city was also built by him. He went to Miletus, but the people of Miletus refused him to change the city. The Macedonians didn’t repeat their past mistakes called the massacre of Thebans. Alexander helped Ada to regain her empire from the enemies and her child was named ‘The Alexander’. The same strategy was followed by Alexander in regaining other empires back too. In the meanwhile, Darius returned to Babylon and proposed to Alexander a settlement. But, he hated Darius and didn’t want any settlement. Darius wanted him to settle at Marathon. Darius wanted his family returned and was willing to move to the west lands of the Hales River. It was Darius who was just defending his territory but now wanted to have a peace treaty with him. But, Alexander wanted to be called the ‘king of Asia’. Darius changed his strategy and made a new plan to enter Europe and trained his soldiers harshly. They were meant to be demons. He supplied the Spartan king and Persian royalties’ ships. With the help of they started to capture some parts of Asia. Darius had no idea that Alexander was willing to sacrifice the entire of Greece and Macedonia to win over the Persian Empire.

Alexander captured all the coastal cities with Gaza's submission. Gaza was an important trade center and the key to access Egypt. It was hard for Alexander to penetrate the Gazans it was a strong base. It took him more than a week to reach Pelusium which was in the Nile Delta region. Later, he went to Memphis in total he spent three months in the region of Egypt. He was also called the ‘Patriarch of the Egypt’. He went to Naucratis to ease down the market on the Egypt trade. He decides to build the city of Alexander on the island of Pharos. He went to the Oracle to ensure his prestige. He used to go to them whenever he needed any special advice and was also addressed as “the son of Zeus” or “Ammon”. He used to consider Egypt as his lucky charm. After gaining victory on Gaugamela he was addressed as ‘the king of Asia’. He got so overconfident that the army started to feel low and wanted to go back home to Macedonia. After Gaugamela, he went to Babylon where he was welcomed because he regained the trust of the people by regaining their gods. Sousa became the second capital of Alexander in the winter. Finally, after Philoxenus surrendered he got the throne of Darius. Alexander waged a winter campaign and arrived at the burial place of Achaemenid royalties. When he was in Ecbatana he received a message that Darius was captured by a coup by Bessus and Niaprazines. Bessus declared himself Great King. Alexander wanted Darius alive but instead, he was killed by Bessus. Alexander paid his respect to Darius at Persepolis. The throne of Darius was Alexander’s, but Bessus didn’t want to give up the throne as it was a big part of Alexander’s kingdom.

Alexander restarted his merch back in winter and had to visit southern states before coming to Bessus. He crossed the Hindu Kush in spring, which took seventeen days. The speed by which Alexander's troops moved made Bessus surrender and leave. When he reached Oxus, his soldiers started to leave with the rivals, so he had to give position to the locals. Bessus was captured and was executed publicly. He continued to march and was also injured seriously. He would regain his health meanwhile his armies moved to the Black Sea. India's Geography wasn’t known to him. He massacred seven thousand alive. Alexander divided his army and sent half part through the Khyber Pass with orders to take out and gain control of everything they encountered. The half-part with Alexander would eliminate opposition in the Bajour and Swat regions. He was also a very generous king and was generous to Am Phi. He made his way through India, but he had to stop at the Jhelum River because of the monsoon. He made it seem like his army was waiting at the river while the other half attacked and captured the enemy region. After that, he started to retreat. He thought for some reason that India had a lot of riches because it was called the ‘Golden Sparrow’ but he didn’t get anything from there. When he returned to Greece the disloyal needed to flee as he was a potential threat. So, he received the news that all the people were trying to leave Greece. The monsoon got over so the army waiting at the bank region marched ahead. Two tribes waited for him at the Chenab, but he was indestructible. They captured Chenab but after that, the soldiers who stood by him for eight years were now tired and wanted to go back home.

On the way back home, he got injured during the battle of Citadel. News spread that he died like fire. Harpalus escaped when all the treacherous people fled and stayed away from Alexander but then Neorchus told him on returning that all the people fled to Hormoz. Alexander became restless when he still had to capture the Mediterranean region. When the mass marriage ceremony happened at Susa, Alexander took two wives and one the daughter of Darius. But his marriage wasn’t appreciated by either the Greeks or Persians. In the fall, Harpalus tried to negotiate deals with Alexander and was arrested. But somehow, he managed to escape but was eventually assassinated in Crete. When he went to Ecbatana his commander in chief and his dear friend died so he gave them a proper burial. He received news that his wife Roxanne was pregnant and later gave birth to a son. The child was legally his heir. When his army fled with ships to Babylon from Greece he found out that it was a bad omen, so he stayed outside for a few weeks.

Alexander and Caesar were both considered to be the greatest conquerors of the ancient world while Cicero and Demosthenes are considered to have been its greatest wordsmiths. two of the speakers opposed the two conquerors, raising important moral questions regarding their royalties and freedom. Demosthenes, a great oracle who was cowardly by nature, saw Alexander and his father Philip as cruel and oppressive rulers. On the other hand, Cicero who didn’t know any military tactics tried to fight a verbal war and tried to save the Roman Republic. They were both killed by some tyrants. Many people saw Alexander and Caesar as just troublesome oppressors but Without Alexander, the Greeks would have continued to fight their fiddling wars and Hellenic culture would have remained undiscovered in a small corner of the Mediterranean Sea. But, it was Alexander who made Greece famous. When Ceaser came to power wrongfully there were many riots and public massacres, plots, military tyrants, etc. Writing was considered important in Hellenic culture so, that’s the reason why Plutarch found Alexander and Ceaser important as they were Hotshots. Plutarch’s writing has a unique style that focuses on every character’s traits and displays them with a unique quotation style.

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