Essay on the Importance of Heritage

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According to the Cambridge Dictionary, heritage is features belonging to the culture of a particular society, such as traditions, languages, or buildings, which were created in the past and still have historical significance. Heritage plays a very important role because it is our identity, our personal history, it creates diversity in human society.

I believe that individuality and our identity are shaped by our cultural heritage. A human’s descendants can pass down their culture and heritage for generations if continuously practiced. If it is passed down for generations, it provides humans with a sense of identity and belonging. Being a part of a community or group within a culture allows people to feel a sense of reliability amongst other people. Culture can allow for inclusion and the feeling of belonging. The feeling of a community of culture, religion, and much more can give a sense for those to relate to in a much deeper meaning.

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Technology has advanced so much that we have websites where you can track your family tree down. For example, and 23andMe allow people to see physically on a map where they are genetically from and on a tree with other information gathered through inputting what they know. Knowing the history of your family can be helpful to understand and connect with each other.

Heritage is very important as it also provides diversity within human society. Diversity allows humans to learn and experience other people’s ways of life and history. Growing up when my grandmother was living with us, she would make authentic Polish dishes for my family and friends. Her parents immigrated here from Poland, so she speaks both Polish and English. She taught my mom and aunt to speak both languages and all the different types of food to make. My grandmother taught me a lot about Poland and some words in Polish, though I forget because I don’t practice enough with her. When she was staying with us and I had friends over, she would teach them how to make her special cheese pierogies. This is an example that if you teach others, different cultures can be learned through others, even if they don’t associate with it. If every human had the same culture and heritage, the world would be a bland and vanilla place.

In summary, heritage plays a very important role, mostly in preserving culture and creating and creating diversity in human society. As a modern generation, we have a responsibility to preserve our cultural heritage, for example by telling stories through generations or by using advanced technology like companies that are similar to and 23andMe. Through all these things I think that would guarantee the protection of our culture and heritage.

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