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This assignment going to talk about the meaning and importance of ethics and integrity in academic work and the workplace, this word evokes intense emotions not least because it's typically related to negative behavior. (Academic ethics and integrity, 2020)

The assignment is going to show and expand in detail the meaning of integrity and ethics. The discussion is about the issue of cheating, plagiarism, dishonesty, fraud, and other scholarly malpractice in the sense of academic integrity, and how best to avoid such behavior. (Academic ethics and integrity, 2020) .

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Furthermore, this assignment will show some NMC code nurses and midwives must have to preserve integrity and ethics in professional practice.

Academic integrity is a cross-disciplinary concept that forms the basis for all aspects and all levels of education. Academic integrity means working with the beliefs of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility for learning, teaching, and research. It is crucial for students, teachers, researchers, and professional staff to operate in an honest manner, to be accountable for their actions, and to demonstrate fairness in every part of their work. All students and employees must be an example to others of how to behave with integrity in their studies and work. Academic integrity is essential to the credibility of a person and of a school. Academic integrity demands that academic research meets elevated professional standards, including acceptable research design and procedures, adheres to high levels of research ethics, and complies with the criteria provided by technical and regulatory research guidelines and research ethics procedures released in specific areas.

Academic Integrity Concepts and Values A pledge to transparency, accountability, justice, loyalty, obligation, legitimacy, and distribution standards determines academic integrity. (Academic ethics and integrity, 2020)

More in detail academic integrity include Honesty, scientific culture requires intellectual and personal integrity in learning, teaching, and study to advance the quest for truth, information, scholarship, and understanding.

Trust in the academic environment should cultivate an atmosphere of mutual confidence to promote the free exchange of ideas and to allow everyone to achieve their full potential.

Fairness in the academic community should strive to ensure fairness in institutional standards, processes, and procedures as well as fairness in interactions among community members.

Students should cultivate respect among students, staff, and faculty by being punctual, self-esteem, high standards of behavior in studying by requiring mutual accountability among all group members to maintain academic integrity.

The academic community should follow clear legal standards relating to conducting and publishing research, especially in relation to copyright, third-party intellectual property rights, the terms and conditions regulating access to research resources, and libel laws.

The academic work group will strive to make the findings of its work accessible as clearly and as openly as possible (2020, PDF)

Strong ethical decision-making demands that a faculty member be made aware of ethical issues and a tool used to analyze the ethical implications of a decision and be able to weigh up the factors to affect the choice of course of action. (Markkula 2010)

Students in academic ethics have the right to know universal adherence to ethical values is central to the academic business's interest in education and justice. Occidental College believes that students and faculty are subject to a high standard of ethics for academic research.

For all their work, students are conscientious, take responsibility and lend credit where necessary, prevent an unacceptable occurrence even if in question and, if particular actions, communication, or the identification of sources are acceptable, consult the teacher or other competent individual. Students shall also report suspected misconduct and engage, if necessary, in academic disciplinary hearings. (Academic Ethics, 2020)

With education management increasingly complex and moral and ethical questions increasingly challenging, experts stressed that we need more information. (Maxcy, 2008)

For several reasons, academic integrity is essential. First, intellectual honesty ensures teachers have faith in the students and their work.

In addition, confidence is one of a good leader's main characteristics. These students develop a good reputation by, for example, being honest, fair, and positive. Persons who excel in business are mindful of the benefits of honesty. (Academic Honesty, 2020)

To avoid violations of academic integrity Sadly, 'mistakenly' violations of academic integrity may have the same effects as breaches of university integrity policies 'deliberately.'

Here are a few ways to avoid accidental violations: consider what fraud and plagiarism are all about. Read attentively the principles of intellectual integrity and the programme or guidelines for assignments.

Spend enough time reading, writing, and reviewing your documents, do not wait until the last minute to write or prepare for an exam. (Academic Honesty, 2020)

In the workplace, workers are not only there to be themselves, they have a certain position for those who will know what to expect of them in terms of what they can give and how they function. (C Beckett, 2009)

Integrity in a professional work environment is in many ways but applies above all to sound decisions, integrity, reliability, and commitment to excellent qualities and working ethics. Begin responsible for any actions preserving working integrity is important for employees at all levels, but particularly as going up the ladder, so that employees become trustworthy and reliable. The dignity of the workplace helps encourage a transparent and supportive atmosphere and an ethical decision-making process.

In addition to the benefits to businesses of the dignity of the workplace, it also helps individuals gain respect and trust from colleagues and managers

The rules of the Workplace are designed to instruct employees in best practices, from behavior to coding. Employees should make informed decisions according to the principles and goals of the organization in compliance with the company policy.

On the other hand, workers with dignity are willing to go beyond their own jobs and to support others, if the situation so demands. (What is integrity in the workplace? Michael Page, 2020)

Every nurse must preserve the reputation of the profession, this refers to patients and consumers of facilities directly or in other areas such as education, science, or implementation of policies. This also includes actions and activities outside of the workplace (Contributor, 2020)

' Code: Standards of conduct, performance, and ethics for nurses and midwives

Nurses must demonstrate personal and professional dedication to equity and diversity, be blunt, be truthful, and uphold the credibility of their profession with honesty.

The laws of the country you follow must be followed.

When a nurse has been told of a criminal offense, you must contact the NMC.

You will inform every employer with whom you work if your practice is questioned..(2020 nm )

Finally, Ethics and integrity in academic work and the workplace means acting responsibly, honestly, respectfully, trustingly, and with courage in all academic activities and preventing any type of cheating or unhonest action, even when the work is particularly hard, Health care providers have to show their personal and professional dedication to equality and diversity, be honest, be truthful and uphold the profession's integrity with authenticity. Nurses must follow the code of conduct given by the NMC.


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