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Traditionally, main characters were easily recognized as either a hero or a villain. Heroes demonstrated selflessness, honesty, devotion, and bravery along with many other qualities. Villains illustrate the deceptive, evil traits that are associated with the features of such a character. For a variety of reasons, recently, another kind of character has become very popular--the anti-hero. He, like the hero, has noble intentions as well as some redeeming qualities. However, he is flawed and, therefore, more relatable, more unpredictable, as well as a more sympathetic character. My character is, in many ways, the very symbol of an anti-hero. He was the son of successful, affluent parents and lived his years, until graduating from college, as a privileged young man. What would society expect from him? Conformity? A symbol of conformity was not my anti-hero, Christopher McCandless, aka Alexander Supertramp, the subject of a nonfiction book, Into the Wild, written by Jon Krakauer. He was certainly not a follower. Rather, this anti-hero found himself working around society. Christopher revealed through actions and words his self-interest, his courage and spirit, as well as his failures.

Christopher put his self-interest ahead of others, including his family, because he was only interested in himself, not the world around him.

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Here you can add some from your paper about some of the things that Christopher did. You must use complete sentences when you add: cutting connections to the outside world, not telling anyone when he was leaving, not letting his family about his travel plans, family was not trying to find him. Add some examples from your paper using complete sentences...academic pressures, father’s other family, and you can include this sentence: He changed his name so that his parents would be unable to find him. Throughout his life Chris was handed everything in life, he wanted to experience life where he could live off the land. For example when chriss was offered and brand-new car he did not want it. Instead, he wanted to keep his car that bearly ran. In some of his communications, he would preach to others that they should give up their materialistic lifestyle. “So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned by a life of security, conformity, and conservatism.” Alexander Supertramp Chris McCandless Although in Christopher’s mind, he was emotionally damaged by his family life, the massive chip on his shoulders and his self-interest prevented him from involving those around him to help solve his problems.

Christopher did exhibit some redeeming features such as courage and spirit although often with a pig-headed approach. Having no experience camping or surviving Chris went in to arguably one of the toughest environments without any experience and tried to survive. donations to a charity, traveling around North America, and hiking in Alaska to live off the land; He read many books by notable writers showing that he wanted to acquire knowledge. Some authors he enjoyed reading about were henery david Thero and Jack London. He also wrote many books expressing his philosophy about natural beauty as well as guidebooks about edible plants. Also, he inspired the people he met on his travels to follow him and to reach for their dreams. He seemed to change every life he touched. “The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure.” I believe this shows how Chris judges a measure of a man. It is said that Chris held his friends to a very high standard which probably contributed to him being a lonerAlthough many of us would not choose his lifestyle, the examples of courage and spirit that Christopher exhibited were to be admired.

Christopher’s overconfidence led to many of his. failures and, finally, to his unnecessary, untimely death. Although the people he met liked him, his arrogance prevented him from accepting the advice of others, including the refusal of a topography map as well as an airline ticket to Fairbanks. When people offered him food, he remarked that he couldn’t take it because that “would be cheating.” Instead, he tried to live on wild game and berries, but the meat spoiled because he did not know how to preserve it. The locals and people who lived in remote Alaska were very annoyed by his irresponsible approach to the harshness of the region. The final failure was Christopher’s decision, against the advice of others, to live in the bus along an Alaskan River. Although near the end, it was thought that he tried to return, he could not because the river had swollen over its banks and prevented him from returning. “I need your help. I am injured, near death, and too weak to hike out of here. I am all alone.” Several months later, his decomposed body was discovered by moose hunters in the area. When in an unfamiliar environment, it is wise to listen to those with knowledge and with more experience. Otherwise, failure is sure to occur.

Why did we relate to and sympathize with Christopher as a self-interested, courageous, spirited loner who was responsible for his failure? His mission was to overcome his loneliness by living “alone.” He thought that living a simple life was the answer. Most of us would seek human comfort, but he was brave enough to follow his dreams and for that, we can admire him. Also, we can certainly relate to someone who has personal struggles. We can also feel saddened when those struggles lead someone to make poor decisions. Christopher was a complicated, complex person who, in his life, did experience joy in God’s creations. We wanted him to succeed!!

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