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The first thing I learned from this activity was the difference between the portrayed stereotypes of Muslims in contrast to what their religion and community are really like. From this activity, I was able to learn about the different stereotypes that social media, the news, and the film industry created to portray Muslims and their religion. Before this activity, I wasn’t aware of how and why Muslims were negatively stereotyped, but after this activity, I learned that they were stereotyped negatively because of the way social media, the news, and the film industry portray them. I learned that social media, news, and films show Muslims and the religion of Islam as a threat to all people and that all Muslims are terrorists or evil people who are inhumane.

The second thing I learned from this activity is the multiple perspectives of the Islam religion and Muslims. I was able to widen my worldview and understand more about Muslims and how they are portrayed in the media. This assignment allowed me to learn more about Islam and Muslims and the different views they have. In addition to this, I was able to investigate the perspectives of other people about the religion and community. I also explored the perspective of people on social media who are part of hate groups. I learned what people in these hate groups believe about Muslims and their religion and how they stereotype them. I learned that people who are part of hate groups believe that all Muslims are a tremendous threat to everyone and that they are evil, inhumane people who don’t care about anyone. Along with this, I also explored the adverse perspective of people who don’t believe this stereotype. It was interesting and eye-opening to see these different perspectives on the same matter.

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The third thing I learned from this activity was that stereotypes are not always true. In this assignment, I learned about many stereotypes of Muslims and Islam and looked into whether or not these stereotypes were true. I was able to find that these stereotypes are not true and that in general, stereotypes don’t apply to many people. One of the stereotypes that I explored in this assignment was that Islam is an extremely violent religion, when in reality that is not true. All religions have a spectrum of attitudes and behavior that can be misinterpreted by some leading to extremism. There have been Muslims who have committed acts of violence and due to this, the media portrays all Muslims as violent people which is untrue. A vast majority of Muslims are not violent people and renounce this violence. The religion of Islam encourages its followers to live a life that is in the best manner possible, strive for good, and acquire a worldly view. The media focuses on the negative acts that were perpetrated by Muslims to stereotype the entire population even though these stereotypes are untrue. This activity helped me learn that not all stereotypes are true and that it is important to do more research to find out what is true.

One possible way to answer the question “What does it mean to live a good life?” according to the Islam religion is to do righteous deeds, be spiritually centered, submit to God (Allah), and care for others. Doing these things will allow you to gain inner peace and salvation. This is one possible way to answer the question because doing these things will help you live a good life.

Another possible way to answer the question “What does it mean to live a good life?” is not to stereotype massive populations. Stereotypes often create a negative reflection of a specific community that can affect their education, housing, and work opportunities. Not believing or making decisions based on stereotypes right away and doing your research can help you live a good life because you will be able to treat everyone equally and help you become happier, which will lead to living a good life. To live a good life according to Islam is to be worldly, do righteous deeds, be spiritually centered, and submit to their God, and to do so stereotypes can get in the way of this because you will not be able to be worldly, do righteous deeds, or be spiritually centered.

From what I have learned, I understand that social media, news outlets, the film industry, and individuals create stereotypes and portray certain people and communities in a negative light that can have detrimental effects on that person/community. I would like to know why people do this because I do not understand why people stereotype a huge community of people based on the actions of one person that is part of that community.   

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