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Exploring the World of Biomedical Engineering

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The guest speaker, Engineer Maureen Moral, is a graduate of Adamson University with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering. She took her Master’s degree in Engineering Management at the Collegio de San Juan de Letran and is a professional electronics engineer. Since November 2008, she is a part time faculty member at Lyceum of the Philippines University-Laguna whereas she handles major subjects in Electronics and Communications Engineering. More than that, she is a part time faculty member at Laguna State Polytechnic University San Pablo City whereas she also handles major subjects in Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. In June 2011, she became an Engineering Consultant General Manager at EME Professional Services that handles and offers engineering consultancy in the areas of electronic works: like CCTV, fire detection and alarm systems, communications and broadcasting system, and electronic system under PEZA requirements. PEZA is short for Philippine Economic Zone Authority. PEZA regulates all the proposed installation of fire detection and alarm system (FDAS), CCTV so that it will be in accordance with the national building code and then specified in final inspection.

The speaker first introduced to us biomedical engineering is. According to her, biomedical engineering is the interconnection of branches of sciences and principles of engineering practice to innovate technology for a better society. As her being part of the field, she narrated her experiences and insights. To give us a background of Biomedical Engineering, she first explained to us the branches of science involved in the field, and how they were used. The counterpart of biomedicine is engineering. Ms. Moral also discussed the details concerning the branches of engineering. She then showed us the branches of Electronics engineering, where biomedical engineering is one that is comprised of. What I liked in the seminar is that she explained separately science and engineering, their combination, and their importance when implemented. After the brief background of sciences and engineering, Ms. Moral discussed the different areas in Biomedical Engineering. I learned in the seminar that electronics engineers actually play a crucial role in this field. All the plans, developments, systems, equipment, prototype, designs requires the involvement of electronics engineer. Electronics engineers who pursue biomedical engineering became an important asset in the field as they are the one revolutionizing the devices, equipment used in providing healthcare. For example, the facilities used by dentists are actually built and designed by biomedical engineers. At the same time, electronics engineers are also concerned with giving permits and license to every equipment utilized in the hospitals for example, to ensure the safety and that the equipment is approved in quality of standards. The operation of maintenance of each instrument also requires the participation of electronics engineers. In this part of the seminar, I was excited and amazed of how amazing and excellent biomedical engineers are because of their line of work, may it be designing, building an instrument, developing a system algorithm for analysis and etc. I appreciate the professionals who works in this field as the results they produce widely help the people in the medical industry, and also the patients itself. Consequently, Engr. Moral also discussed the evolution of biomedical engineering technologies up to the present. I learned that even before these field was created, several applications of it was already existing and present in different form. It was actually proved by remains that people performed surgeries and transplants. In terms of the equipment used in performing this procedure, they used the conventional knives or bark of a tree. Today, with the presence of creative engineers, they are applying technology and science to create an instrument or equipment to ease surgeries and health care procedure. In the end of the seminar, Engr. Moral presented to us the opportunities in entering the Biomedical Engineering field. She told us that the opportunities are wide, and she urged us to enter this field as it is not only exciting but also inspiring, uplifting to be part of revolutionizing the healthcare systems.

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In engineering perspective, all the subjects, ideas, concepts and theories are vast and abundant. Likewise in the study of electronics and communications engineering, several principles are formulated, applied, and the field of engineering is wide. With expertise and good foundation, one can practice almost all fields. Biomedical Engineering is one of the subject I personally like because it combines the study that centers with biology, medicine, and engineering. Having this field is exciting and significant because it utilizes the application of engineering to several areas concerning with science like the two subject matters stated above. In the seminar proper, I realized that every subjects we learn at school are coexisting with each other. The applications and solutions they provide are made in harmony, to solve every problem of human beings. Moreover, I understood that in the biomedical engineering field, electronics engineering job is vital in planning, designing, and building plans, systems, development, equipment, and etc. For instance, electronics engineers concerned with building and designing an equipment for medical facility actually creates a revolution as the equipment may be used for the effective and efficient process in providing healthcare for patients in hospital or clinics.

I consider Biomedical Engineering as one of the complex engineering field as background in some science knowledge for the engineer is vital. For example, an electronics engineer who is a biomedical engineer should be equipped with the fundamental concepts in anatomy, physics, biology, physiology, neuroscience and etc. I am actually interested in the study of the brain, how it functions and operates, and the study of neuroscience. As it is my dream to be a neuroscientist or somehow a professional concerned with neuroscience, I tried to interconnect the intersection of my course Bachelor of Electronics Engineering and medicine courses. Thus, I am considering myself to be a biomedical engineer someday as it is possible for me to attain my dream, or be a professional closed to practicing it.

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