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Facebook As Perfect Social Website

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Facebook is the most famous social network website that people can connect across countries and all over the world. Facebook has around 800 million active users. It focuses on social relations among people who can share their common activities, ambitions, interests, and experiences.

But in the last few years, Facebook is found to be losing clients because of security problems as data attacks. It became a source for sharing news than of social network as usual.

In this research, we intend to discuss the reasons of this attack as well as Facebook features.


A social network is a service website which allows users who have similar interests to contact together and share information, photos also videos.

In addition, people use social network in personal endeavor to communicate by many forms of media to contact and show their interests as well as their life events. The most famous social networking websites are Facebook, Google, Twitter.

Also they can use social network for business purposes as marketing. Enterprise can use social networks as their main platforms like Socialcast and Yammer.

Facebook is a famous social network service launched in February 2004, operated and owned by Facebook Inc.


Facebook website founder is Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, and Dustin Moskovitz in 2004 who were students at Harvard University. First, membership was restricted to Harvard College students, during the first month, around half of the undergraduate population was registered on Facebook service.

Mark Zuckerberg and others promoted Facebook website. After that most of United states universities use Facebook.

Day after day, Facebook became an interesting investment for entrepreneurs, Facebook became incorporated in 2004.


Facebook is the most effective social media marketing platform. Here we will discuss reasons of why Facebook is the most effective social media tool:

  1. Facebook is the most famous social network. As there is around 1.4 billion users and visit it around 900 million users per day.
  2. Facebook users encompass all demographics. If the users are trying to reach various types of users from different ages, Facebook is the suitable choice.
  3. Facebook is “sticky.” users spend average 40 minutes per day. As time spent on Facebook means more interaction with business there.
  4. Facebook is growing. Facebook dominate the use of social media as well as it shows no signs of slowing.
  5. Facebook advertisement service is affordable. Facebook advertisements average cost is around 5.99 dollars per thousand impressions. Also users can control the budget so the marketing costs are expected.
  6. Facebook advertisement service is highly targeted. As businessmen can target wide audience range factors as locations, ages, and interests.
  7. Facebook allows reach out to website users. Facebook allows users to show advertisements to people who visited the business website previously.
  8. Facebook allows spreading from Friends to Friends of Friends. If the target customers see Facebook posts and advertisements, Facebook Friends will be able to see them too, addition effectiveness to Facebook market efforts.
  9. Facebook helps measuring results. Facebook Insight tools allow tracking the Facebook market results, as advertisements and posts. Also the user can get detailed information about prospective customers and how to engage him with business at Facebook and number of likes and compare to past measures, engagement type ( comments, shares).


Facebook has around 50 million accounts breached by an unauthorized access harvesting attack. It was expected that around 40 million may compromised so in all 90 million of the users reset their credentials.

This breach attack is the most dangerous in Facebook history and there is a trial to determine if the attackers misused accounts or stole users private information.

The attack origin is still a type of mysteries, but the hacker accessed digital keys of the users and the attacker has full control of accounts of victims, including log in the third-party apps that use Facebook Login. First, the administrators said there is no need for users to change passwords. But users have troubles in log in as some of them forgot their password.


In 2018, was the year of the Facebook biggest terrible events in terms of security and it faced massive data attack breach where millions of users accounts were manipulated by political interests contributing Brexit and US president Donald Trump election; the spiraling of the ‘fake news’ epidemic and Facebook’s initial pooh-poohing of its seriousness as well as fears that Russian hackers have infiltrated Facebook social network.

The breach attack was discovered on 25 September 2018 and 50 million accounts were affected. After that Facebook turn off View As feature as it conducts a thorough review.

The administrators said that the breach exploited complex interaction of many issues in Facebook’s code.

Most users didn’t know they have been affected until they were asked to log in.


Facebook has not been forthcoming with the details. It is hard to know if the administrators have no information about the hackers.

According to an official release, a feature on Facebook called “View as” had a bug and hackers exploited it.

This “View as” feature for users, they can see their Facebook account page just as someone else would see it. Hackers used “View as” feature to log in as account holders.

The administrators say that the breach was because of three bugs that compounded the security flaws in View as feature, so it opens a hole for hackers to steal information. These bugs were faced in 2017 when Facebook changes affect video uploading feature. In the last year, Facebook added a new feature to make it easy for users to post “happy birthday” videos, and this open the hole for security flaws that led to this breach.


Facebook is one of the top three of return on investment (ROI) between all the social networks. By comparison, 63.5 percent of respondents ranked Twitter and 40.1 percent ranked Instagram among the top three ROI drivers.

The start of Facebook was in 2014 with around 60 million users. Then Facebook continue to develop in incredible increasing number of users until the top in the start of 2018 it reaches 220 million users but the drop was at the mid of 2018 when the breach occurs the drop started gradually with around 100 million users.

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Facebook said that there is investigation around the hackers and the problem has been solved. In 2019 there is light increase and we are all waiting for the results of the investigations.


On Facebook, the largest social media platform, news is a common but incidental experience, according to an initiative of Pew Research Center in collaboration with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Half of users of Facebook users -adult, 47%, knew their news from Facebook. This percent is around 30% of Facebook population. Most American adults do not go to Facebook searching for news, instead, the majority of Facebook news users, 78%, get the news when they are on Facebook for other reasons.

However, this survey introduced an evidence that Facebook exposes users to news either they want or not. So 38% are the only percent of Facebook news followers who say that Facebook is an important method for them to get news, and 47% among users who follow the news less often. Younger adults are engaged with Facebook news. That far outpaces the 20% that they account for among the users who do not get news on the site.

Younger adults between 18 and 29 year old get their news from Facebook from topics at roughly the same levels as older age groups, turn there as often for breaking news and deem the site as important a source of news.


The main feature in Facebook is the ability to organize newsfeed and contacts. If using personal profile like a marketing tool (that accept all friendship requests) also the user can sort out friends list as family members. Facebook main features are:

  1. Organize Friends List. Open home news feed and under explore tab on the left-hand side you will see friends list through it you can add friends and organize categories.
  2. Groups. The user can utilize groups as part of marketing strategy. Groups are a nice method to grow the interested community for product and services. This allows to connect and provide information to members.
  3. Watch Party. The ability to have a group of streaming videos for your members to view and comment on. The user can share videos on Facebook from different pages. The user can create a watch party, so the post will look like a normal post, but the next step will allow selection of videos. This can be through the following:

    Search – look for related videos on Facebook

    Pages – choose video from page

    Watched – select videos that you have previously watched on Facebook

    Groups – select a posted video in a group

    Live –into the party

    Saved – choose from saved videos

    Suggested – pick video from videos

  4. Notification to members. The user as an admin for the groups has a tool to support Facebook by asking direct question. If members break the group rules, Facebook will notify members about the broken rules and add notes about removed post.
  5. Filter the content. Any member at the group can filter the content he see, and can choose from notified posts, from friends or highlights. Groups became a great place to organize contents, notify members and get real-time value.
  6. Scheduled Posts. The user can schedule contents to be posted by choosing inside Facebook Groups, like Facebook Page options!
  7. Facebook Group Insights. The insights are going to give admins only at this stage, information about the growth of groups as well as membership details.
  8. Messages. The third party application are called Many Chat, so the user will be able to again build list and talk to subscribers in real time using mobile devices. Facebook messenger has a great open rate compared to email marketing. Facebook encourages adding messenger button to the posts and adding a call action to the messenger. This allows making conversions and engagement with fans.
  9. Royalty Free Music. There is no need to worry about posts or videos uploaded to be banned from Facebook because of copyright. Under the publishing tools, there is an ability to find the sound collection. The site contains many tunes available for download, add to our videos and all royalty-free.
  10. Live streaming to multiple pages. Live streaming is the strategy to connect with fans on Facebook. Facebook can encourage users to have live streaming and create their own show. Broadcasting content to your audience increase users expertise and promote engagement. A related feature is the ability to make live streaming to many pages, which is called cross-promoting.
  11. Scrapbooking. The scrapbooking feature allows parents to create photos scrapbook album for children and the parents are only who can tag children and share images in the scrapbook, the parents can customize the privacy settings on photos.


There are lots of things many users wish Facebook do. As stopping political advertisements, because of trying to enforce gamed rules seems to have trouble than it’s worth. We wish Facebook get rid of all the News Feed rankings altogether.

Here we will discuss some changes that Facebook should change as:

  • Add ephemeral controls for News Feed posts

    In the last year, Mark told investors that he thought ephemeral video Stories will become more popular among users than posts in feeds. After that, Mark admitted that Story sharing on Facebook grew slower than expected, and started emphasizing the emergence of a “feed-plus-stories world.” But users think Facebook has one part of the equation right as people want to share ephemerally in News Feed, without trying to persuade them to share more videos instead of text. We as Facebook users love to have the ability to make our posts disappear within 24 hours.

  • Give the option of reporting irrelevant notifications

    If the user is absent for example for three days and he got Facebook emails notification that friends shared a link or posted a new photo so this is disturbing thing as the user can’t take a break from irrelevant notifications. Facebook should give the users the ability to manage what represents irrelevant notifications for them.

  • Share details about time spending on Facebook

    Facebook should join phone makers as Apple on the Facebook mobile app, to allow users see how much time they spent on the app, and allow receiving a push notification when they spent more than desired amount of time.

  • Offer a subscription option in exchange for no ads

    That’s one reasons of Facebook last attacks. Facebook has managed to irritate the group who could affect the company’s operations as lawmakers. Facebook failed to stop Cambridge Analytica from obtaining users data, this put Zuckerberg to be judged in front of Congress for the first time, with lawmakers handing down threats of regulation if Facebook couldn’t make more to protect the privacy of their user.

  • Set ethical advertisements policies for other firms

    Facebook should change the way they address users privacy concerns that might have harmful effects on the rest of the world. Limiting the targeted advertisements as well as giving the users the control over their data are steps towards the right direction.

The creation of Facebook direction should be to respect users privacy by providing features that can enable marketers to deliver targeted advertisements ethically will be a balancing act.


A social network is a service website which allows users who have similar interests to contact together and share information, photos also videos.

Facebook website founder is Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, and Dustin Moskovitz in 2004 who were students at Harvard University. Facebook is the most effective social media marketing platform.

Facebook has around 50 million accounts breached by an unauthorized access harvesting attack. It was expected that around 40 million may compromised so in all 90 million of the users reset their credentials.

This breach attack is the most dangerous in Facebook history and there is a trial to determine if the attackers misused accounts or stole users private information.



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