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Factors Distributing To Road Accidents

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According to Noorliyana Omar, Joewono Prasetijo, Basil David Daniel, and Mohd Asrul Effendi Abdullah (2016) road accidents occur when traffic conflicts between vehicular movements which can cause delay and traffic congestion. In addition, it has major impacts on the society, economy and progress of a country. Traditional considerations of road safety focus on physical environment, vehicle and road user (Cardamone et al., 2014).

Road transportation is a requirement seems it give a lot of benefit to a country and individual especially in access improving for workplace, economic resources, educational facilities and health center. Behind the importance of transportation to the community, it also gives negative effect which is road accident like fatal accidents. An injury caused by road accident is one of main killer in the world after a chronic disease such as heart disease, stroke, and lung infection and hard in breathing (Mohd Khairul Amri Kamarudin1,2*, Noorjima Abd Wahab2, Roslan Umar2, Ahmad Shakir Mohd Saudi3, Muhammad Hafiz Md Saad2,4, Nik Rozaireen Nik Rosdi1, Sarah Alisa Abdul Razak1, Muhamad Murtadha Merzuki1, Abdul Salam Abdullah1, Siti Amirah1, Asyraff Mohd Ridzuan1, 2018). For decades, road accident has become one of the leading causes of traumatic mortality and long-term disability. The majority of deaths was caused by traumatic brain injury, which is the most severe type among all forms of injuries (Majdan et al., 2012, Rosén et al., 2011, Rosén and Sander, 2009, Jiang et al., 2019).

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With a continuously growing number of motor vehicles, increase in urban population and access to health care, it was necessary to better understand the patterns of TBI involved in road accident in recent years (Antona-Makoshi, Mikami, Lindkvist, Davidsson, & Schick, 2018). Rohani mentioned that human error, traffic, vehicle and road conditions, and the surrounding environment have been determined as key factors that influence driving behaviour, which can in turn contribute to road accidents. Human factors have a relevant impact on accident severity (Noorliyana Omar, Joewono Prasetijo, Basil David Daniel, and Mohd Asrul Effendi Abdullah, 2016). For this reason, many authors also focus on driving behavior, attitude and experience of car drivers, especially in the last few years where using mobile while driving and speeding driving behavior have become usual behavior among people, particularly among young people (Machado-León et al., 2016; Cardamone et al., 2016; Cardamone et al., 2017; Choudhary and Velaga, 2017).

Empirical evidence on the adverse effects of rainfall on accident frequency is abundant (Theofilatos and Yannis, 2014, Bergel-Hayat et al., 2013, Koetse and Rietveld, 2009, Brijs et al., 2008, Eisenberg, 2004, Edwards, 1996, Fridstrøm et al., 1995, Shankar et al., 1995). However, there are a few factors contributing to road accidents that have been highlighted by researcher which is drunk driver, careless driving and poor road condition.

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