Factors Leading to Gun Violence

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When I think of gun violence the first thing that comes to mind is the recent upsurge of mass shootings in the last 20 years. The first mass shooting that particularly stands out is the columbine high school massacre in 1999. I was in elementary school when that took place and I remember how much it shook this country and all the media coverage it received. It was not something that I had ever heard of before and at my young age I couldn’t understand what drove someone to want to commit something so horrid. However, gun violence is so much bigger than mass shootings. In some cities it is and everyday way of life. Individuals that grow up surrounded by violence become so accustomed to it that the gravity of it doesn’t register anymore and they become desensitized to it.

Downstream factors that can lead to gun violence are those that occur from a direct action of an individual such as irresponsible gun owners. In particular those that leave their guns laid out possible loaded and not properly stored in a firearm safe, lock box or even a cable lock. Also, those with children in their home who have easy access to guns can lead to the misuse of a gun or the accidental discharge of a weapon causing harm to the child handling the gun and/or anyone in their near vicinity.

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Mainstream factors that can lead to gun violence are the relationships that we associate ourselves with. If we grew up in a home where we are introduced to guns and how to operate them at a very young age but lacked proper training of gun safety and responsibility, we probably are not going to second guess ourselves when using firearms for the wrong reasons. Or people fall in with others who participate in elicit activities and may feel pressured to follow in order to feel the need to feel accepted and included.

Upstream factors that can lead to gun violence is that lack of stricter laws that make it more difficult for just anyone to be able to legally obtain a gun. This country seems to have an obsession with their second amendment rights and any suggestion to limit or restrict their ability to exercise their rights is often pointed as unamerican or anti-patriotic. There seems to be a much bigger concern and push to maintain the laws as is in so that the second amendments rights are not violated, but little concern and sense of responsibility with making our country safer by keeping guns out of the hands of people that intent to use them for nefarious actions. Another upstream factor that comes to mind is the active involvement of the NRA in politics. The NRA is a donor to politicians and a powerful gun lobby, they play a big part in the current lack of better gun controls if they are actively working at preventing new bills being proposed that might help pass better gun control laws.

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