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Federal Government: Ingredient of Catastrophe

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Many Filipinos have been screaming and waiting for a change to happen. It is to have a much better, safer, and stabilized economy for us to live. One of the solutions that President Rodrigo Duterte presented is changing the country’s current form of government into a new constitution – a federal government. However, even though many countries have been known to become successful under this constitution, I don’t think it will be the same in our country, considering that the Philippines started as a unitary government. Instead of making our economy much stronger, it will only make things worse than it should be. I will present to you some of the disadvantages of a federal government that holds a great impact on our current state.

First of all, we can’t really expect that federalism will be successful given the fact that it is planned only within a short span of time. The United States of America took two hundred years to discover and learn its structure and mechanism before everything was put in the right place, as well as the countries such as Austria, Belgium, and Germany who happens to be known as the models of federalism. Additionally, putting up a federal government will cost a huge amount of funding.

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There’s a huge possibility that poor provinces in the country will get poorer. Once the federal system has been carried out, the Philippines will be divided into 18 regional states. These states will acquire greater power than the national government when it comes to raising their own income and creating laws exclusively under their scope. However, not all regional states are capable of giving a huge contribution in terms of national economy. Based on the data released by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) as of April 2019, National Capital region (NCR) remains to have the largest share in the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) along with CALABARZON and Central Luzon. However, that is not the case on other provinces. Many regions are still lagging in much slower pace and are still left behind when it comes to economic growth. The thing about federalism, once our country is already under that constitution, the National Capital Region (NCR) will continue to rise, leaving the others who don’t have the capability to raise higher taxes on their own, thus, creating a larger gap with the other regions and an unequal development.

Even though states have the power to make decisions on their own and even implement laws and policies exclusive only for them where they need not have to rely on central government and get to decide on what’s best for them, the Philippines, as an archipelago, is already divided by geography, added the fact that we are also divided by different cultures, languages, and religion. That’s why, instead of building a better relationship, I do believe that federalism will only make the situations worse. Furthermore, we don’t expect that all Filipinos are willing to study the structure of federalism because there are still doubts whether those who belong to the lower class which happens to occupy majority of our country will participate in the issue.

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