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Geographical Stereotypes In Croatia

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Croatia has many different regions and there are many stereotypes attached to each region. Also throughout the history many people left a tiny bit of an influence on Croatian culture, language and habits. So Croatia has a really great background for making all kinds of stereotypes and jokes. Some of them are quite rude but most of them are really funny.


Dalmatia is full of stereotypes, of course, the funny ones. The first things that comes to my mind when I think of Dalmatians is that they don’t really care about the work. They are very easy going people. Their favourite thing to do is drinking coffee, talking, gossiping and complaining. The complaining part is very important part of their life. They complain about the weather, tourists, salaries, crowds and so on and so on. Furthermore, they are temperamental and proud people.


Zagorje is a beautiful and idyllic place with lots of historic heritage and vineyards. People of Zagorje love wine. Actually they love every kind of alcoholic drink. No, they are not considered alcoholics, but they really know how to enjoy and throw a big party. However they are very hardworking, organized and kind people. One thing that is associated with the people of Zagorje is their taste in decorations. Their gardens look like circus sometimes with lots of colours and decorations but they don’t really care about it.

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The people of Zagreb, or so called ‘Zagrepčani’ are full of stereotypes. As Zagreb is a centre of the cultural and economic life people can behave different. One of the biggest stereotypes about the people of Zagreb is that they are rude and snobbish, but that is definitely not true. Moreover the fact that they consider people who are living outside city wild and crazy is complete nonsense. However, I see the people of Zagreb as very kind and busy, hardworking people always ready to help so most of the stereotypes you hear about ‘Zagrepčani’ are wrong.


Stereotypes applying to the people of Slavonia are almost the same as for the people of Zagorje. The only different fact is that they love to eat more than to drink. They are considered as fun, kind, warm and openhearted people. They throw very big parties with a lot of food when there is some occasion going on and welcome anybody to join them.


It is hard to make a comparison between the Dutch and Croatians but I think every country has its own reasons why those stereotypes were made. But there is one big similarity between these two people. Dutch people are more straightforward and liberal while, we, Croatians are more disingenuous and conservative.

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