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Green Technology - a Key to Eco Friendly Environment

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Green technology, also known as Environmetal technology or Clean technology, is the application of one or more of environmental science, green chemistry, environment monitoring and electronic devices to monitor, model and conserve the natural environment and resources, and to curb the negative impacts of human involvement. It uses the National R&D (Research & Developement) projects to minimise the effects of human activity on the environment. Without showing any hazardous effect on the environment, a better nation can be developed. It can help in the sustainable developement of agriculture, eco-socio aspects, communication technology. To the researchers in various areas like engineering, manufacturing, material science, chemical engineering and environmental science Green technology has become an attraction. Green technology mainly focuses on the aspect of ‘Go Green’. This paper explains how Green technology contributes in the developement of an eco-friendly environment.

As the name suggests,’Green technology’ has an environmentally friendly energy, health and safety issues which serves a ‘green’ purpose. Technology discipline focused on applying art and science, scientific knowledge to realistic and practical issues. It is a process of combining, changing processes, knowing resources, controlling structures and devices to solve the problem of manipulated outcomes. When environmental pollution and the depletion of resources become serious social issues, technology is gradually seen as a primary cause of pollution and destruction of the environment. Only one technological innovation and environmental protection are closely integrated the introduction of green technological innovation. It’s the fundamental way to achieve sustainable socio-economic growth.

Green technology’s overall goal is to use information and communication technology to generate systematic effects that lead to improved environmental efficiency and empower people to think about it. 10GT is a way of bringing environmetal science knowledge into practice in order to protect the natural environment and resources. Any technology should be in accordance with the values of nature and environment. Green technology is usable in a particular way to help farmers. Research, innovation and sector expansion responses should be related to agriculture in order to generate innovations, Indian agriculture’s sustainable growth and developement through interfacing education, research and expansion initiatives with efficient and effective institutions.

Green Technology is expected to pledge to complement the efficiency and profitability of the farm while dipping destruction of the ecosystem and protecting natural resources. GT (Green Technologies) is known to be forward-looking, long-term and sustainable technologies that do not produce trail when used for various applications and procedures. There is a connection between reducing poverty and increasing productivity in agriculture.

Productivity can be increased by combining farmers’ experience with GT’s enhancement to meet specific agricultural conditions. Due to progress and growth in GT, desert irrigation is increasing from marginal lands with low to higher productivity lands in India. Green Technology covers a wide range of innovations for production and consumption. The implementation and use of green technologies includes the use of environmental engineering for monitoring and measurement, emissions prevention and control, and remediation and restoration. Monitoring and measurement tools are used to calculate and monitor environmental conditions, including introduction of green technologies. In the current state-of-the-art Technology and connectivity, Green Technology is evolving as a therapeutic Technology for the ecosystem that minimizes environmental improvements to make life more comfortable.

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Green Technology usually avoids any kind of environmental degradation. Since it does not affect the environment and leads to the formation of a footprint, it is in the process of avoiding environmental poverty. In the current social media scenario, the rise of higher education as a new platform to raise awareness among academics and students about environmental sustainability. The multiplicity of social media in the Technology provides opportunities for higher education to choose the most effective means of communicating a better quality of life message through the use of social media.

Green Technology in building is an effective way of using capital that can produce energy efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainable structural evolution. Today, a wide variety of green construction technologies are available that can directly affect how well building works. In general, green Technology can be deduced to be more expensive compared to any other Technology its replacement as it accounts for most carbon costs that can be reflected in many traditional innovations. Although green Technology is relatively new and recent, the dynamism in development and the cost of implementation will make it even more costly compared to older Technology. The use of ‘green’ Technology in building construction is an important component of the ‘smart hotel’ concept being introduced. The studies carried out allow us to infer that the general principles of sustainable economic growth are also becoming more common in building construction and operation.

Applications of green Technology can contribute from many aspects to safe and sustainable pavements. Applying energy harvesting techniques in pavements will produce continuous self-contained and clean power to enable sensors in situ monitoring and illuminate traffic lights and signals. GT is known as a Technology to both mitigate negative environmental effects and enhance environmental quality]. GT was also considered synonymous with environmentally friendly and clean Technology. GT is based on the concept of green innovation. Therefore, green development literature is also the source of the concept of GT. Green innovation will develop new Technology for energy conservation, waste reduction, emissions reduction, green design and development and corporate environmental conservation. Green Technology goods that use renewable and recyclable materials also publicize their participation in recycling initiatives; customers may want to ask about specific models that use recycled materials while shopping for a new mobile phone or laptop. Green innovations are therefore also environmentally friendly technologies-energy efficiency, recycling, health and safety issues, renewable resources, and more.

Market demand for products with green Technology is on the rise. Government consumers are gradually required to buy green where possible, and there is a growing range of goods protected by these requirements. When business customers show a financial return in green products, demand will eventuate. For goods that reduce global consumption, the biggest prospects are here. Nonetheless, it can be predicted that an increasing number of business customers will be driven by nothing more than the urge to be regarded as promoting sustainable development. That’s how change comes. In the R&D process, the green Technology products are being installed. Products are reconfigured to use less hazardous substances, need less shipping content, run on less electricity, and encourage recycling at the end of life. The Technology companies are promoting change in terms of environmental sustainability.

Green Technology is the only way to ensure a healthier, safer and cleaner world for future generations. We need to be mindful of the future generation and the Green Education Program will assist in this. Conservation and sustainability must be part of our university and college education programme. The Green Training program seems to be the only way for a future generation to grow or create awareness. This knowledge is achievable through Green Technology education and promotion. Students will play a major role in bringing their institute and universities’ policies and decisions. We can do this by means of university resolution. For sustainability and a better life for the next generation, the bridge around community and educational institution can be evolved.

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