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Gun Control Proposal Essay

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​The National Rifle Association (NRA) along with the gun industry has donated “between $20 million and $52.6 million” to American politicians (Hickey). The gun industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the USA. The NRA, gun shops, and other gun-related industries are the reason why many congressional members are against strict gun control policies. [Needs a bit of a transition here. Try talking about how this impacts the politicians’ vote and their creation of laws related to guns] However, as a citizen who cares about the well-being of society, we need to stand with those who are thinking about the people instead of their own business. Due to the increase in gun crime, US citizens should elect congressional members who will pass necessary laws on gun regulation.

American history has strong interconnection with guns, and this relationship starts during the period of the first settlers. The ancient people used guns for hunting protection from large predators and hostile native peoples. Shooting skills were a necessity for survival in the days and acquiring those skills was considered a rite of passage for young men. If a boy could shoot well, he would be ready to start a family of his own. He would be able to hunt and provide food and protection from wild animals. Nowadays defining the purpose of gun is not easy as the ancient time. Sports, self-defense, and hunting are on the top list of gun purposes at the current time. However, most of the statistics that is shown recently show that guns are being used more to kill people than they are used for hunting purposes.

The guns which are used in the present time are more lethal than the ancient time. In 1364 the first firearm “matchlock” was introduced to America. This firearm is used only by the militia. The matchlock has powder inside a little pan where the rope will be burned. It is not fun to use this material during rain. Then comes wheel lock which is easier to use but expensive to produce. “Flintlock” solved a long-standing problem. Sometimes in the late 1500s, a lid was added to the flash pan design around 1750. Dueling pistols are the first real firearm that is closer to the modern firearm. The first multi-shoot firearm was developed by Samuel Colt. This gun was more reliable, accurate, and way cheaper than other guns. Then Spencer repeating is used during the civil war and could fire 17 shots in 5 seconds. This gun was approved by President Lincoln, his approval lead to a high sales of the gun. Since then till now guns were being updated from time to time. The time they take to re-shot and the material they are made up of make it preferable to kill. The industry of firearms is also increasing, as well as the crime rate (“Gun Timeline”).

America has the highest crime rate compared to other developed countries. “According to one with a firearm in 2011. In the same year, data collected by the FBI show that firearms were used in 68 percent of murders, 41 percent of robbery offenses, and 21 percent of aggravated assaults nationwide.” Why is gun violent crime high in America? The accessibility of gun and the design of gun that is being developed lately can be the factor for the increasing crime rate in America. I remember in one of the talks show a guy from the FBI office mentioned gun numbers exceeding the population number.

Middle and late adulthood in America is characterized by high depression and suicide. “Most homicides in the United States are committed with firearms, especially handguns. Homicides committed with firearms peaked in 1993 at 17,075, after which the figure steadily fell, reaching a low of 10,117 in 1999. Gun-related homicides increased slightly after that to a higher percentage of 11,547 in 2006” ( Selgatdoe). The reason for the pick of gun crime is the availability of guns in the wrong people’s hands. If America has a strong policy to regulate the owners of the gun, the crime rate will change. Firearm private sellers are legal sellers, however, the fact that they are not regulated is causing a big problem. Since they are not regulated they are good choices for the criminals. “85% of all guns used in crimes and then recovered by law-enforcement agencies have been sold at least once by private parties.” One of the most reckless and unimportant types of gun shops is the online one. To make this idea strong we can investigate the Florida school shooting incident. The suspect who commuted this crime purchased the gun in a legal way and he also passed the background check. This boy was 18 when he bought the gun which is very legal however he needs to be 21 to buy a handgun. The state regulation of Florida state indicates that individuals who are 18 and above can buy any type of gun. Before shooting at the school, he wrote on social media that he is going to be a professional school shooter. If there was a strict background check, they wouldn’t have a hard time determining who the criminal is and they will be able to trace what the suspect had been posting on social media before it happens. However, those people who care about their own business claim that a background check will take a long time, and will result in damage to their business. They also mentioned that the individual being threatened will be exposed to crime until they will get the gun. This sentence is giving discard to the benefit of police officers.

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Violence is everywhere in the world; in every country, city, town, and village there is some form of violence. In my lifetime, there have been countless deaths and injuries due to gun violence. We happen to live in a country where gun violence is among the most prevalent in the world: The United States of America. Today, gun control and gun violence have become a controversial issue in America. The issue of gun control has been debated for a long time, probably ever since they were invented. It is a small, yet extremely dangerous factor in our lives. The 'right to keep and bear arms' could be beneficial and problematic at the same time. While many believe that the second amendment, 'the right to keep and bear arms' provides security and self-defense, I believe that gun ownership leads to deaths, violent crimes, suicide, and homicide outside or inside homes. People committing crimes have nothing to do with gun control; in fact, gun control laws have made it easier for them to kill, injure or hurt helpless citizens who abide by the laws of our state.

The Second Amendment “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” (Mr. Riyan) This amendment was proposed by James Madison and ratified in 1791. The purpose of this constitution is to provide power to state militias or national guards. Starting from the moment when this amendment was ratified until now there was endless argument raised by different parties. In the past time the argument was between the federalist which support the amendment vs the anti-federalist which support states having more power. The meaning and interpretation of this constitution are raising arguments even in the current time. When one side of the group say it is intended to protect individual right the other half group will say it is ratified to protect the people's right.

Teenagers who are fighting for the safety of other schools which didn’t face mass shootings were called with discussing names. For example, David Hogg is a survivor of a massacre and he is an icon of children's crusade appearing on many tv shows. He had been targeted by nasty conspiracy theories just because he is fighting for the safety of the people. He was called an actor with his own crisis. The elders were supposed to be leaders of this movement. However thanks to NRF and other congressional members the kids were exposed to double trauma from the incident.

Unfortunately, violent public shootings are commonplace in America. According to the CDC, 'One person is killed by firearms every 17 minutes, 87 people are killed during an average day, and 609 are killed every week” (RAND Corporation). This is one example to prove that gun violence is out of control. In fact, there's been an increase in mass murders occurring everywhere due to guns. Which has brought our attention to the gun violence in our nation. They say guns are for protection, but in reality, there seems to be more murder associated with them. There's a controversy that it's the people's right to bear arms, but others argue that there needs to be greater gun control. As author Pascal Emmanuel Gobry stated both sides are wrong in the gun debate. Here's why,“ Liberals declare that if only we regulated and banned guns like Europe does, there wouldn't be any more gun violence. Conservatives insist that the solution to gun violence is more guns, and just more guns” (Gobry). I am writing to you because I believe gun violence needs to come to an end. So, I propose that the right to bear arms needs to be taken away, and the U.S. needs to ban gun ownership. Since guns do no good for our nation other than kill the innocent. Gun violence has been increasing in our nation, as many innocent people had been killed.

The effect of gun ownership on crime is theoretically ambiguous. It could either be the case that gun ownership increases the cost of crimes and thus discourage potential criminals, or it could also be that gun ownership rates make it easier for criminals to obtain guns, and thus causes more lethal crimes to occur. Today we need to step in and help teens and young adults who are suffering from dual trauma. They are being bullied just for standing up for their right.

In conclusion, gun control in the United States is essential because of security reasons. Handguns given to civilians have sparked a debate in recent decades due to mass shootings that have taken place. Therefore, from the recent incidents, there could be serious negative implications in the future if gun control measures could not be effectively handled. There are those who support the idea of concealed handguns and those who challenge it for security reasons. Since the number of public shootings has increased in the past years, the government should establish laws necessary to prevent these scenarios to gain public confidence and avoid future catastrophes.

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